20 Songs About Taking It Slow

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Every relationship is different and goes at its own pace. Sometimes, it’s nice to take things slow and not rush into anything. Whether because of past heartbreak or because you’d just like to take your time getting to know someone, you may find yourself in this common situation.

So, we’ve decided to put together 20 songs about taking it slow for you! Every song here differs in genre and message, so you’re sure to find a new favorite to add to your playlist!

1. “Ordinary People” by John Legend

“Ordinary People” by John Legend, first released in 2005 on the album Get Lifted, follows the singer in a romantic relationship as he realizes that his relationship might not work out. He admits that they’re past the newlywed phase. They’re passed the beginning of the relationship.

Something is amiss, but he doesn’t want their romance to end. So, Legend recommends taking it slow. He sings the lyrics, “We’re just ordinary people / We don’t know which way to go / ‘Cause we’re ordinary people / Maybe we should take it slow.”

2. “Slow Dance” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s “Slow Dance” also talks about taking things slow in a relationship! Clarkson opens up by talking about someone she meets, singing, “You do everything too fast / You move like a whiplash / You’re missin’ the romance / And I see through it all.”

She goes on to sing that he won’t be taking her home at the end of the night. However, she will slow dance with him — and take things slow!

This song also happens to be one of the best songs with slow in the title!

3. “Long Way Home” by 5 Seconds of Summer

In “Long Way Home”, 5 Seconds of Summer sings about those that they love and their music career. The group explains that they want to take their time and enjoy their lives, both in their career and in their love lives. They don’t want to rush things! So, instead, they’re going to take things slow!

4. “Who’d Have Known” by Lily Allen

“Who’d Have Known” by Lily Allen is another great song about taking it slow! In this 2009 track, Allen sings about the beginning of her romantic relationship. She admits that she’s not quite sure what they are, as they haven’t defined their relationship.

However, it’s clear that they’re together. They’re just going to take things slow! She sings the lyrics, “You told your friends, they all know / We exist, but we’re taking it slow / Let’s just see how we go.”

5. “48 to Go” by The Fray

In “48 to Go”, The Fray sings about a couple on a road trip. They’re taking their time and going slow, so the band sings, “We’re taking it slow / But for now, we’re two down / And 48 to go.”

The song could also be seen as a way to express a relationship that is going slow and taking its time on the scenic route, so to speak! Instead of speeding through, a couple wants to really enjoy their travels, their time, and getting to know each other!

6. “Nobody’s Fool” by Kenny Loggins

Now, let’s talk about a great 80s track! “Nobody’s Fool” by Kenny Loggins follows the singer as he explains that he’s going to take his time when it comes to love. He’s not going to fall for someone who’s going to make him a fool. Instead, he’ll take things slow!

He sings the lyrics, “Taking it slow / It’s too much for me to analyze / Still all right / Heading into the rhythm of the summer lights.”

7. “Don’t Let Me Down” by Leona Lewis

“Don’t Let Me Down” by Leona Lewis, which appears on her 2009 album Echo, explores a relationship that may be struggling. Lewis sings that she’s so lost. However, she has hope that her partner will be there beside her and help her figure out these issues.

Of course, she doesn’t know if they will — but she hopes they won’t let her down! She also sings about taking it slow, making this one of the best songs with “slow” in the lyrics. She sings, “Don’t wanna climb, don’t wanna fall / Don’t know where to start it all / I can start by taking it slow.”

8. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots

Now, for something a bit different. While most of the other songs on this list talk about taking it slow in a romantic relationship, “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, which was written for the Suicide Squad movie, talks about a group of people that most should avoid. People should take everything slow with this group!

The band opens the song with the lines, “All my friends are heathens, take it slow / Wait for them to ask you who you know / Please don’t make any sudden moves / You don’t know the half of the abuse.”

9. “Take You Home” by Cassadee Pope

“Take You Home” by Cassadee Pope discusses falling for someone quite quickly after meeting them. Pope explains that she wants to take this person home — but to her hometown, not to where she currently lives now. She wants to show him who she truly is and where she’s from.

So, she sings, “I’m talking about a map-dot town, nobody knows / That’ll tell you everything you need to know / About me and why I talk like I do and why I’m falling for you / And why I take it slow.”

10. “Take It Easy” by The Animals

“Take It Easy” by The Animals opens with the lines, “If you take your time, you’ll get what you want / If you take your time, honey, you’ll get just what you want / So don’t hurry me, don’t worry me, take it easy baby.”

The band goes on to sing about how if their partner takes their time with them and takes it slow, then everything will work out much better for their relationship.

11. “Take Love Easy” by Ella Fitzgerald

In “Take Love Easy”, Ella Fitzgerald sings about taking love easy and slow. She explains that if you do this, you won’t end up regretting it — or getting burned. She’s been through relationships before, and she’s realized this is the best way to go about them.

So, she ends up singing, “That well-known flame is mighty hot / As all of us have learned / So handle it, handle it with velvet gloves / And you won’t get your fingers burned.”

12. “Loving You” by Jennifer Lopez

Let’s take it back to the early 2000s with “Loving You” by Jennifer Lopez! In this 2002 track, Lopez sings about getting back together with an ex. Even though she truly never stopped loving this person, she still feels that they should take it slow as they get to know each other again.

She sings, “’Cause I never get up on a good thing / I never give up on the love we had / We just need to take it slow.”

13. “My Moon My Man” by Feist

“My Moon My Man” by Feist, which appears on the 2007 album The Reminder, explores different themes while talking about a failing relationship. Even though the singer can see that this relationship isn’t going to work, she still stays.

In the end, she ends up singing, “Take it slow, take it easy on me / And shed some light, shed some light on me please.”

14. “If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!” by Shania Twain

Let’s discuss a great classic country song now! “If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!” by Shania Twain, which appears on Twain’s 1997 album Come On Over, discusses how someone can win a woman’s heart. Twain sings that if you really want to be with a woman, you should always ask her first!

She also sings about taking it slow when she says, “If you wanna move in closer / Take it slow, yeah, take your time / You must start from the heart.”

15. “Make It Easy” by Yes

“Make It Easy” by Yes follows the band as they talk about love. The singer explains that he’s been through some hard times in the past. However, ever since he’s been in his relationship, everything has been better. His partner holds him up when times are hard — or takes things slow and easy when he needs to!

The singer explains, “Ah, you make it easy, take it slow / Well, I was hurtin’ inside, and you gave me a second chance.”

16. “Sweet Sixteen” by Destiny’s Child

1999’s “Sweet Sixteen” by Destiny’s Child follows the story of a sixteen-year-old girl who grows up too fast. She wants to live a fun life, so she runs away. However, the group sings that she really shouldn’t be growing up too fast. Instead, she should take her time, take it slow, and live her life!

17. “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys

“Kokomo” by The Beach Boys is definitely one of the most iconic songs about taking it slow! The song follows a couple as they decide to go on a fun, tropical vacation together!

The band sings the lyrics, “I wanna take you down to Kokomo / We’ll get there fast / And then we’ll take it slow / That’s where we wanna go.”

18. “Hundred” by Khalid

In “Hundred”, Khalid sings about all the different things that can get you down in life. He explains that he’s also been through a lot. When he feels like he’s on top of the world, he can quickly be pulled back down by somebody or something.

But he tells listeners they shouldn’t feel like this. They should take their time and enjoy life and not let anything get them down. As a result, he ends up singing, “You gotta take it slow / Dust yourself off, don’t you lose control.”

19. “Didn’t I” by Cheryl

Cheryl’s 2009 song “Didn’t I” explores a romantic relationship that is struggling and may be coming to an end. Cheryl explains that she promised she would give her all to her partner and ensure that she did everything right in their relationship. And she did. But he, unfortunately, didn’t and ended up hurting her.

Cheryl feels at a loss for what to do, as she did nothing wrong. So, instead, she just sings that she needs to breathe and take everything slow.

20. “Soul to Squeeze” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Soul to Squeeze” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, the last song on our list, follows the band as they talk about the hard times that they’ve had. However, they won’t let it get them down. They need to take things slow to get back to a good state of mind.

They sing, “Where I go, I just don’t know / I got to, got to, gotta take it slow / When I find my peace of mind / I’m gonna give you some of my good time.”