20 Songs About Not Caring

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

In a world where the pressure to succeed and have multiple responsibilities tends to result in overwhelming feelings, it can be more than a little nice to relax and not care as much. These 20 songs below embrace that idea!

Looking for songs about not caring what others think? This list has you covered. You’ll find various songs here, from songs about not caring about your ex to being fed up with everything!

1. “I Don’t Care” by Ramones

Starting off this list, we have “I Don’t Care” by Ramones, first released in 1977! In this punk rock song, the band sings repeatedly that they just really don’t care. What don’t they care about? Well, anything!

The band does mention their lack of interest in the world as a whole, as well as a specific girl, possibly an ex! If you’re looking for a song that is simply about not caring anymore, this classic is the one for you.

2. “I Don’t Care” by Stevie Nicks

“I Don’t Care” by Stevie Nicks follows a romantic relationship that is clearly struggling. Nicks sings about her problems in her relationship, going back and forth about whether she cares about her partner or not. Her partner clearly doesn’t treat her right, and Nicks lets this be known.

Towards the end of the song, as she questions whether her partner will leave her, she finally realizes that she doesn’t care — though she still may love him.

3. “No Care” by Daughter

Daughter’s 2016 song “No Care”, which appears on the album Not to Disappear, details the singer’s state of mind as she faces some struggles in a romantic relationship. Even throughout this relationship and these problems, she says that she doesn’t care. The lyrics say, “No care, no care in the world.”

However, because of her repetition of these words and how she sings them, the singer may in fact care an awful lot. Or, at the very least, she’s struggling to understand her situation, how she feels, and why she doesn’t care!

4. “I Don’t Care” by Cheryl

“I Don’t Care” by Cheryl is a great song about not caring about your ex! Throughout this song, Cheryl simply explains that she doesn’t care what her ex does. Cheryl doesn’t care that he’s moving on, nor what anyone else thinks.

She explains her rationale by reminding listeners of how vast the universe is. She sings, “Doesn’t matter anyway / I can see the Milky Way / And it seems so far away.”

5. “I Don’t Care Anymore” by Phil Collins

In “I Don’t Care Anymore”, Phil Collins discusses problems in his relationship that ultimately led to his divorce. Released in 1982, the song opens with the lyrics, “Well, you can tell everyone I’m a down disgrace / Drag my name all over the place / I don’t care anymore.”

As the song progresses, Collins explains more about the end of this relationship. He’s done and ready to move on fully from this person, as he really can’t be bothered to care anymore about her!

6. “Being With You” by Smokey Robinson

1981’s “Being With You” by Smokey Robinson also talks about a romantic relationship! In this song, Robinson sings about how he doesn’t care what other people say about his relationship. People warn him from being with his partner, as she’s known to be a heartbreaker. However, he doesn’t care what they say, as he continues to stay with her.

Therefore, this is a great song about not caring about others’ opinions! Throughout the song, Robinson sings in the chorus the lyrics, “I don’t care about anything else / But being with you.”

7. “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles

The Beatles’ classic 1964 song “Can’t Buy Me Love”, which appears on their album A Hard Day’s Night, details not caring about money. After all, what does the band need from money when it can’t buy them love?

They simply — and memorably — sing this in the lyrics, “’Cause I don’t care too much for money / Money can’t buy me love.”

8. “I Don’t Care” by Judy Garland

Judy Garland first sang the song “I Don’t Care” for the soundtrack of the film In the Good Old Summertime. In this classic song, Garland sings about what other people think about her and how they judge her. However, she doesn’t care. Regardless of what they say or think, she won’t ever care!

In this positive twist, she also stays confident and true to herself. She’s sure of who she is, and who she wants to be!

9. “Jesus of Suburbia” by Green Day

In the 2004 song “Jesus of Suburbia”, Green Day sings about a lot of different topics. However, during Part II of the song (also called the “I Don’t Care” section), the band simply explains that they don’t care about anything. The world has changed and they feel that they shouldn’t care about it.

Repeated throughout this part of the song are the lyrics, “I don’t care if you don’t care.”

10. “Can’t Cry These Tears” by Garbage

Garbage’s 2001 song “Can’t Cry These Tears” opens with the lines, “I just don’t care anymore / I’ve reached the end of the road / I just don’t care anymore / Won’t cry these tears anymore.” As the song progresses, we learn more about why the singer feels this way.

The song follows the end of a romantic relationship. The relationship didn’t end well, and the singer is attempting to move on. As a result, she realizes that she doesn’t care anymore, as she can no longer cry and feel bad about it!

11. “Breed” by Nirvana

1991’s classic rock song “Breed” by Nirvana also talks about not caring. According to lead singer Kurt Cobain, the song follows a narrator who finds himself married and with a child by the time he is 18. As a result of this life-changing situation, he finds himself not liking his life — and not caring about it.

Throughout the song, the band repeats saying that they do not care about anything.

12. “All I Want Is Love” by A Great Big World

And now, for a bit of a positive song. “All I Want Is Love” by A Great Big World discusses fear, hope, love, and self-discovery. Through these topics, the band expresses that they don’t care what others think about their own journey. They don’t care if people laugh at them, as they’ve finally found out what they truly want in life.

They sing, “I don’t care if my heart breaks / All I want is love.”

13. “Insight” by Joy Division

Joy Division’s 1979 song “Insight”, which appears on the band’s album Unknown Pleasures, also talks about not caring! In this sad song, the singer talks about how much he doesn’t care, as well as his views on the world.

This song opens with the lines, “Guess your dreams always end / They don’t rise up, just descend / But I don’t care anymore / I’ve lost the will to want more.”

14. “We Don’t Care About Ya” by Pitbull

In Pitbull’s rap song “We Don’t Care About Ya”, first released in 2004, Pitbull discusses all the things he doesn’t care about. He says, “We don’t care about yo clique / We don’t care about yo crew.”

However, Pitbull does care about his career, his status in the music world, and getting rich. But he really doesn’t care about anything else!

15. “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” by Elvis Presley

1957’s “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” by Elvis Presley discusses not caring in a relationship. The song opens with Presley singing about all the ways his girl is “square” — or not hip or with the times. However, he doesn’t care.

He doesn’t know why he loves her, but he does. Therefore, he’s going to stick beside her and not care what anyone else says or thinks!

16. “My Baby Just Cares For Me” by Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole’s “My Baby Just Cares For Me” opens with the lyrics, “My baby don’t care for shows / My baby don’t care for clothes / My baby just cares for me.”

As the song progresses, we get much of the same. Cole sings about all the things that her partner doesn’t care for. At the end of the day, Cole is the only thing her partner cares for!

17. “I Love It” by Icona Pop

“I Love It” by Icona Pop, featuring Charli XCX, is perhaps one of the most known and most popular newer songs about not caring! Particularly, this song is about not caring about life, or following the rules that others give you. Instead, do whatever you want to do and have fun!

18. “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John

“Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John discusses meeting someone and looking forward to being with them. Instead of caring about this person’s past or future, the band sings about how they don’t care about any of this at all. Instead, they just care about the person — not what they did or will do.

They sing, “All we care ’bout is talking / Talking only me and you.”

19. “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s 2008 song “I Don’t Care” talks about the band’s fame and feelings of narcissism, as well as other topics. However, they also repeat how they don’t care about things. Specifically, the band says that they don’t care what others think — as long as they are only thinking about them.

In the chorus, they sing the lyrics, “I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me / The best of us can find happiness in misery.”

20. “I Don’t Have to Try” by Avril Lavigne

Finally, we’ve come to the last song on our list! “I Don’t Have to Try” by Avril Lavigne, first released in 2007, follows the singer as she explains that she’s going to do exactly what she wants to do. Nobody is going to stop her.

As a result of these feelings, she also explains the things that she doesn’t care about. For example, she sings, “I don’t care what you’re sayin’ / I don’t care what you’re thinkin’ / I don’t care about anything.”