20 Songs About Being Taken for Granted

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

We’ve all felt taken for granted at least once in our lives. Simply put, it’s a feeling we’ve all been affected by, for a variety of reasons. Many songs have touched on these emotions and discussed feeling used by friends, romantic partners, bosses, and even society itself.

In these 20 songs about being taken for granted below, you’ll find both solace and an outlet if you’re feeling underappreciated!

1. “Heartbroken” by Aaliyah

Aaliyah’s 1996 song “Heartbroken” is a song about feeling taken for granted in a romantic relationship. Aaliyah sings about how heartbroken she feels, as she truly loves her partner. However, she cannot help but feel as if her partner does not love her back.

As a result, she’s tired of feeling the way she does. She ends up singing, “I’m tired of this love being taken for granted,”

2. “If I Had My Way” by Nancy Wilson

“If I Had My Way” by Nancy Wilson also discusses a romantic relationship. However, the song opens with Wilson singing to her new partner and letting them know that she’s waited a long time to finally find them. She sings about her past — and all the bad relationships she’s gone through in her quest to find the one for her.

When talking about her past, she sings the lyrics, “I was lookin’ for love / Givin’ my love, just to be taken for granted / And thrown away.”

3. “I Didn’t Plan It” by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles’ song “I Didn’t Plan It”, which was written for the Broadway musical Waitress, follows characters who discuss having affairs because they feel unfulfilled in their marriages. The narrator of this song explains that she’s having an affair because she feels she’s taken for granted in her marriage.

As a result, she sings, “I didn’t plan it / Taking back what’s been taken for granted.”

4. “Slave to This” by Soft Cell

“Slave to This” by Soft Cell follows the narrator as they go about their life, struggle, and see others also struggling. The song is also about feeling as if you’re being used. As a result, at one point in the song, the band sings, “So sick and tired / Of being sick and tired / Of being used and abused.”

5. “Losing a Whole Year” by Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind’s 1998 song “Losing a Whole Year” details feeling unappreciated in a relationship. In this song, the singer explains breaking up with his girlfriend and then feeling upset about it. He feels like he has wasted his time on this relationship, especially because he felt as if he was being taken for granted!

He sings, “I kinda get the feeling like I’m being used.”

6. “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart

1971’s “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart tells the story of Stewart’s relationship when he was younger with an older woman. The song opens with Stewart telling her that he really needs to return to school and leave her. He goes on to sing, “I know I keep you amused / But I feel I’m being used.”

However, even though he feels this way and talks about her flaws, he also feels reluctant to truly leave her. After all, he is in love!

7. “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” by Judas Priest

“Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” by Judas Priest is one of the best rock songs about being unappreciated. In this 1984 song, the band discusses regular people feeling taken for granted by society or their government. The song also warns against future holocausts and implores these deadly situations to never happen again.

As a result of these thoughts, the band sings the lyrics, “Know what it’s like / When you’re taken for granted.”

8. “M!ssundaztood” by P!nk

P!nk’s 2001 song “M!ssundazstood” follows the singer as she explains that she’s proud of herself. She may not know what she’s doing, and she may make mistakes, but she won’t let others bring her confidence down. She feels that people often just misunderstand her!

As she discusses more of her feelings, she also talks about not being appreciated. She sings, “I was taken for granted but it’s all good / ‘Cause I’ll do it again, I’m just misunderstood.”

9. “Only One” by James Taylor

“Only One” by James Taylor, which appears on his 1985 album That’s Why I’m Here, also discusses feeling taken for granted! In this love song, Taylor sings to his romantic partner and explains that they are the “Only One” he wants.

However, he does take the time to remember his past struggles and heartbreaks — and when he felt taken advantage of. He sings, “Taken for granted and pushed aside / All that it wanted was a place to run and hide.”

10. “Too Good” by Drake

Drake’s hit song “Too Good”, which also features Rihanna, talks about a romantic relationship where two people treat each other well, or at least try to. However, they end up feeling taken for granted still.

This can be seen in the lyrics, “You take my love for granted / I just don’t understand it / No, I’m too good to you.”

11. “Take a Bow” by Madonna

Madonna’s 1994 song “Take a Bow”, which appears on her album Bedtime Stories, follows a romantic relationship coming to an end. In this song, Madonna lets her partner know that she always loved them. However, she also always knew that they were performing — or possibly even lying about their own feelings for her.

As a result of these feelings, she sings, “You took my love for granted, why, oh, why? / The show is over, say goodbye.”

12. “Dogs” by Pink Floyd

1977’s “Dogs” by Pink Floyd, released on the band’s album Shine On, also discusses feeling taken for granted. However, the song also talks about how people struggle to find their place in the world. Throughout the song, the band also compares these people to dogs!

The band sings the lyrics, “Got to admit that I’m a little bit confused / Sometimes it seems to me as if I’m just being used.”

13. “Self Esteem” by The Offspring

The Offspring’s hit 1994 song “Self Esteem” follows a bad romantic relationship. When the song opens, we learn from the singer that he wants to end this romance. However, quickly after stating this, he reveals that he can’t follow suit — even though this woman treats him badly.

The singer explains that he knows he feels taken for granted, just as he knows that she does this on purpose. This woman can’t offer him much other than pain, but he stays with her. Why? He explains that he lacks the “Self Esteem” to end things and become single!

14. “Strong Enough” by Cher

“Strong Enough” by Cher, released on her 1999 album Believe, discusses a romantic relationship that comes to an end. Cher can no longer trust her partner. She insinuates that he cheats on her. As a result, she realized that she doesn’t need to stay with him. After all, she’s “Strong Enough” to go on without him!

She does take the time in this song to talk about feeling taken for granted. When her ex explains that he feels misunderstood, she scoffs at this. If anyone should feel used, it’s her, she says!

15. “Suite Sister Mary” by Queensryche

In 1988’s “Suite Sister Mary”, Queensryche continues the story told throughout their album Operation: Mindcrime. In this epic song, a character must murder for a leader. However, he begins to have second thoughts, especially when he realizes that he and many others feel that leaders are taking them for granted.

Therefore, this interesting song explains what some may feel when their government, society, and more take them for granted!

16. “Sail On” by Destiny’s Child

“Sail On” by Destiny’s Child also discusses themes of feeling taken for granted. In this 1998 song, the girl group discusses a romantic relationship that comes to an end. They sing about how this person didn’t treat them right. So, they want to move on.

As a result, their feelings that their ex took them for granted pop up. However, they want to move on. Even though they still feel sad and heartbroken, they feel a real drive to also have fun!

17. “Thanx 4 Nothin’” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s 2008 song “Thanx 4 Nothin’” also talks about feeling taken for granted in a romantic relationship! Carey sings about how she feels tired of men playing with her. Throughout this song, she sings about why the relationship had to come to an end.

Her partner cheated on her and lied to her. He made her feel used and taken for granted. As a result, she simply decided to leave him!

18. “If I Were a Boy” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s song “If I Were a Boy” compares a woman’s life to that of a man’s life. Beyoncé explains all the double standards that women face in their everyday lives, as a result of this comparison.

However, Beyoncé also takes time to show what she would do differently from other men she knows. She knows what it’s like to feel taken for granted and used. So, she would work to ensure that nobody felt like that if they dated her.

19. “I Took Him For Granted” by Dolly Parton

“I Took Him For Granted” by Dolly Parton opens with the lyrics, “I once was blind / But now I see / I took him for granted / She took him from me.” Therefore, rather than talk about how she feels taken for granted, she instead sings about how she made her ex feel.

Throughout the song, she realizes that she treated him wrong. Now that he left her, she’s all alone. She misses her ex — but now, he’s with somebody else! She can do nothing but realize all her mistakes and what she did wrong!

20. “Heartstrings” by Leighton Meester

At last, we have the last song on our list! “Heartstrings” by Leighton Meester also discusses feeling taken for granted! In this song, Meester sings about a breakup. Meester explains that she loves her single life. She knows that her ex wasn’t the right person for her!

However, she does talk about her past relationship and how it made her feel. She sings, “You took me for granted all the time.”

Throughout the rest of the song, she talks about how well she’s doing now that she’s alone. She also mentions how her ex feels jealous about this. He wants her back. However, she won’t let this happen!