20 Songs About Relationship Problems

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Struggling with some relationship problems of your own? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re faced with an annoying problem that is interfering with your relationship or a huge issue that could threaten to completely destroy your romance, we’re here to help make things slightly better.

How? With music, of course! The 20 songs below are all about relationship problems. It’s nice to listen to songs that seem to get what you’re going through — and these songs do exactly that. Listen to the heartbreak, sadness, and beautiful lyrics as you deal with your own romantic issues!

1. “My Love” by Ciara

“My Love” by Ciara explores what it feels like to leave someone you truly love. Ciara sings about how she truly loves her partner. However, he’s a problem. Sure, he wanted to build a family with her — but he also never truly treated her how she needed to be treated.

Even though she knows she’ll never love another as she loves him, she also knows that she has to leave him. Therefore, she sings, “It’s killing me to do what I gotta do / The problem here is you / Ain’t nobody new, not even my crew / Could take the place of you.”

2. “Boy Problems” by Carly Rae Jepsen

In “Boy Problems”, Carly Rae Jepsen explains the struggles she’s had in her romantic relationships. Throughout the song, Jepsen sings about the conversation she has with her friend. Her friend repeatedly tells her to break things off with her boyfriend, as the man clearly doesn’t treat her right!

This leads Jepsen to sing in the chorus, “Boy problems, who’s got ’em? / I’ve got ’em too.”

3. “Hold Me In Your Arms” by Rick Astley

Rick Astley’s “Hold Me In Your Arms” is about trying to make a relationship work. Throughout the song, Astley admits that his relationship is struggling. However, he’s not quite ready to give up the fight yet!

He sings the lyrics, “We both know there’s a problem / A problem that we’ve got to face / So put your trust in me, lover / No-one’s ever gonna take your place.”

4. “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s 2007 hit song “You Know I’m No Good”, which appears on her album Back to Black, details troubled relationships and arguments partners can have. Winehouse sings about her drug and alcohol addictions. She explains that these addictions are to blame for her infidelity, as she does cheat on her partner.

However, her partner continues to come back to her. He can’t seem to leave her, even though their relationship is fraught with issues. To this, she repeatedly sings, “I told you I was trouble / You know that I’m no good.”

5. “I Am Not a Robot” by MARINA

2009’s “I Am Not a Robot” by MARINA could be interpreted in many different ways. Therefore, it could be seen as a song that details issues in a romantic relationship. The song is all about detachment issues and struggling to be yourself, especially if you’re in a relationship.

MARINA sings that she’s not a robot. She has feelings — and this is okay. She reminds her partner that they too can have feelings.

MARINA sings the lyrics, “You’re loveable, so loveable / But you’re just troubled.”

6. “Crazy Arms” by Linda Ronstadt

“Crazy Arms” by Linda Ronstadt, which was released in 1976, details a relationship slowly ending. Ronstadt explains that the man she loves is going to marry someone else. This leaves her troubled, and she doesn’t quite know how to move on — or how to win the person she loves back.

So, she ends up singing, “My troubled mind knows soon to another you’ll be wed / That’s why I’m lonely all the time.”

7. “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz

The hit song “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz describes the beginning of a relationship. Cruz tells the one he’s with that they shouldn’t expect much from him. After all, he’s a heartbreaker. So, he tells this person that he’ll just break their heart — but at least they’ll be prepared for it, as he’s letting them know!

He talks about these problems that he has that he brings into a relationship by singing, “There’s no point tryna hide it / No point tryna evade it / I know I got a problem / Problem with misbehavin’.”

8. “Nothing” by Janet Jackson

“Nothing” by Janet Jackson details struggling relationships. Jackson knows her relationship has a few problems. However, she can’t figure out why her partner seemingly is losing faith, love, and trust in her. Nothing big has happened. So, why are they struggling so much?

She sings, “Tell me, what could the problem be? / That’s got you drinking way too much / What could it be ’bout us?”

However, even though Jackson knows that these problems may persist, she’s not going to give up on her love! They’ll work through everything, regardless of what the problem is!

9. “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

“Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber follows the singer as his relationship with his partner comes to an end. Problems persisted, and the duo simply had to go their own ways. The song points out the couple’s flaws and issues, as well as more positive and loving aspects of their relationship.

When talking about some of these problems, he sings the lyrics, “But when you told me that you hated my friends / The only problem was with you and not them.”

10. “All I Ask” by Adele

If you’re looking for a great song about relationship problems, go to Adele. Her whole discography is basically about relationship problems! For the sake of this list, let’s just talk about one: “All I Ask”.

In this song, Adele sings about a struggling relationship that may soon come to an end. Even though she knows this relationship may not work out as she’d like, she asks her partner to have one more night with her before everything falls apart.

11. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s hit song “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is one of the best songs about potentially toxic relationships. Gomez understands that her friends and loved ones don’t think her partner is good enough for her. Even she realizes that their relationship has problems.

However, she can’t help but love him. As a result, she sings, “The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here / The future that we hold is so unclear / But I’m not alive until you call / And I’ll bet the odds against it all.”

12. “Hoax” by Taylor Swift

If you want a sad song about your relationship problems, “Hoax” by Taylor Swift is for you. In this song, which appears on Swift’s album folklore, the singer explains the hurt and sadness her partner has put her through.

However, even though her partner has made her hurt, and even though their relationship has so many problems, Swift sings that she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’ll stay with him, as she loves him.

13. “Hair” by Little Mix

Now, for a more upbeat song! “Hair” by Little Mix opens with the lyrics, “I call my girl / ’cause I got a problem / Only a curl is gonna solve it.” As the song goes on, we get the details of the girl group’s relationship problems — and how they’re leaving their partners!

To try to get over these issues, they need their hair cut or styled, as well as their exes out of their hair!

14. “Let It Go” by James Bay

“Let It Go” by James Bay details a romantic relationship that slowly comes to an end. Bay realizes that it wouldn’t be right to drag this relationship out. He knows that he and his partner shouldn’t be together any longer.

After detailing how a good relationship just lost its spark, Bay sings about breaking up. He sings, “So, come on, let it go, just let it be / Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me?”

15. “Oops!… I Did It Again” by Britney Spears

2000’s iconic hit “Oops!… I Did It Again” by Britney Spears also explores relationship issues. Spears sings that one of her friends began to truly fall in love with her. Spears, however, wasn’t all that serious about him — and end up causing problems and drama in their relationship when she just played with his heart!

16. “But Beautiful” by Billie Holiday

“But Beautiful” by Billie Holiday, which appears on her 1958 album Lady in Satin, discusses love and romance in general. However, if you’re facing relationship problems of your own, this song could be quite cathartic or helpful to listen to!

When discussing the good and bad of love, Holiday sings, “Love is tearful or it’s gay / It’s a problem or it’s a play / It’s heartache anyway / But beautiful.”

17. “Here We Go Again” by Aretha Franklin

1998’s “Here We Go Again” by Aretha Franklin also details relationship problems! Franklin sings about how she learned that her partner had a past of treating other women wrong. She sings to her partner, saying that if he really wants her, he’ll have to treat her differently than the ones before.

The relationship clearly has problems — and Franklin now realizes that. She sings the lyrics, “All this time I thought that I / Was the one who had the problem / I gave you everything, hoping things might change / But still you ain’t around.”

18. “Too Little Too Late” by JoJo

JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late” details the end of a romance. JoJo has finally realized that the one she previously fell in love with simply didn’t treat her right. Now that he’s trying to do so, she says that it’s too late!

As a result, she sings, “You got a problem / But don’t come asking me for help.”

19. “A Little Bit” by Jessica Simpson

“A Little Bit” by Jessica Simpson follows the singer as she details her own relationship problems. She knows that something is amiss in her relationship. However, she also knows that she doesn’t want this relationship to end!

She sings, “It’s not about who’s right or wrong / It’s not about who’s weak or strong / It’s about what I need to make this last.”

20. “Weeds” by MARINA

Now, let’s talk about the last song on our list: “Weeds” by MARINA! Throughout this song, MARINA sings about her romantic issues and how her relationship eventually came to an end. She’s tired of remembering this pain and hurt, as they become like “weeds” to her.

She sings, “You know the problem with history / It keeps coming back like weeds / And when nothing feels enough / At least you taught me how to love.”

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