20 Songs About Not Being Perfect

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Nobody’s perfect. However, this doesn’t mean that our imperfections should continue to bring us down! We’re all “perfect” in our own ways — and even if we’re not, we should be thankful we’re so unique.

The 20 songs below celebrate or analyze these feelings of not being perfect. While some are sad and insightful, others are positive and celebratory. Regardless of your mood, you’re sure to find a song that will resonate with you here.

1. “Who Says” by Selena Gomez & The Scene

“Who Says” by Selena Gomez & The Scene is one of the best songs about being perfect the way you are. Throughout this song, Gomez sings about how we all can sometimes feel insecure, or as if we’re not perfect.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not perfect or beautiful the way we are! Gomez wrote this song to counter bullies, so this is a great song to listen to if you’re feeling down on yourself because of something someone said.

2. “Perfect For You” by Rachel Platten

“Perfect For You” by Rachel Platten is a breakup song! Platten explains why she’s done with her ex. He was too critical of her and never seemed to think she was good enough. So, she’s done with him and ready to move on!

She’s completely done with him pointing out her flaws and saying that she’s never perfect. So, she sings, “’Cause all this insecurity’s hurtin’ me / Tired of tryin’ to be perfect for you / I’m done jumping through hoops.”

She’s not perfect, but she accepts this!

3. “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)” by Grace Jones

Grace Jones released her song “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)” on her 1986 album Inside Story. At the beginning of the song, Jones explains that if she had met her partner earlier, at a different time, they still would’ve been perfect for each other.

Even though she’s flawed, even though she’s not perfect, Jones still loves her partner and knows that she’s perfect for them! She sings, “I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you / Now I’m right on time.”

4. “Nobody’s Perfect” by Madonna

2000’s “Nobody’s Perfect” by Madonna explores the feelings the singer has after making a mistake. Madonna has done someone wrong, potentially a romantic partner. She feels upset with herself for ruining this relationship. But she also realizes that she’s not perfect — and never pretended to be.

She sings the lyrics, “Nobody’s perfect / What did you expect? / I’m doing my best.”

5. “Cracks In Mr. Perfect” by Ne-Yo

“Cracks In Mr. Perfect” by Ne-Yo follows the singer as he explains that he’s not perfect. In this r&b song, Ne-Yo goes through all of his many flaws — all of which are quite personal. He explains that he tries to be seen as perfect, but he’s anything but. He’s human. So, he has his own set of flaws!

At the end of the song, he says, “And in the end, they all learned a valuable lesson / Perfection, it’s just glorified opinion / When in the grand scheme of things it’s our imperfections that truly make us perfect.”

6. “Prfct” by Sabrina Carpenter

“Prfct” by Sabrina Carpenter details a romantic relationship. Throughout this pop song, Carpenter admits that the man she’s with might not be perfect for her. They likely won’t be perfect together. However, she also thinks their relationship could be worth all the drama!

She sings, “If perfect was the kind of thing that worked for me / But I wanna feel nervous, just a little bit off the edge / Even if I know that I will end up in a mess.”

7. “Far From Perfect” by Rise Against

“Far From Perfect” by Rise Against is a positive song on this list! In this rock song, the band sings about how we all should accept who we are and not try to hide from ourselves or change ourselves. It doesn’t matter what other people say about you. None of us our perfect — and that’s okay!

This is seen in the lyrics, “We are far from perfect / But perfect as we are.”

8. “I’m Not Perfect” by Missy Elliott featuring The Clark Sisters

Missy Elliott’s 2003 song “I’m Not Perfect”, which also features The Clark Sisters, explains that we all should have each other’s backs. We shouldn’t tear each other down or let jealousy get in the way of what could be wonderful friendships.

The group explains that none of us our perfect — including them. And that’s okay! They sing, “I’m not perfect just like you / So come on let me give you a hug / I got problems just like you / So don’t nobody sit here and judge.”

9. “Perfect Girls” by TLC

“Perfect Girls” by TLC explores the group’s deep insecurities. They explain that they may seem as if they’re perfect and as if they have everything together. But this isn’t true at all, and they have their own struggles that they must deal with.

They sing the lyrics, “Perfect girls ain’t real / They hide who they are inside.” The group goes on to explain that to truly be okay, girls must be beautiful on the inside, rather than the outside.

10. “Dollhouse” by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez released her song “Dollhouse” on her 2014 album Cry Baby. Throughout this song, Martinez describes a family that tries to be perfect. To the outside world, they are perfect. But the family knows their true struggles, problems, flaws, and terrible deeds.

Martinez sings about the family, saying, “Everyone thinks that we’re perfect / Please don’t let them look through the curtains.”

11. “Perfect” by Simple Plan

In 2003’s “Perfect”, Simple Plan explores father-son relationships. The band explains how hard it can be for many sons to try to live up to what their father wants them to be. They also discuss how many fathers can be very hard on their sons. As a result, they never quite show them the affection that many sons want their fathers to show.

The band sings from the son’s POV, saying, “I’m sorry / I can’t be perfect / Now it’s just too late.”

12. “Real” by Bowling For Soup

“Real” by Bowling For Soup also explores what it feels like not to be good enough. However, the band is determined not to let these feelings get them down. Even though others in their lives may want them to change, they won’t!

As a result, they end up singing, “I never said I was perfect / Who the hell wants perfect anyway?”

13. “Perfect” by Alexandra Burke

“Perfect” by Alexandra Burke is about not being good enough for a guy. Burke explains that she really wanted this man. However, things changed when he started to treat her as if she wasn’t good enough. He always pointed out her flaws. Eventually, she had enough!

She sings, “I know I’m not perfect / But at the end of the day, who is? / He wanted someone that’s perfect / Well, okay, but can you tell me who is?”

14. “Endlessly” by The Cab

The Cab’s “Endlessly” explores a romantic relationship. The singer tells his partner that he’ll always love her. Even though he knows he has his fair share of flaws — and even though he knows her friends don’t necessarily like him — he feels that they would be perfect together! After all, he’ll always love her, no matter what.

So, the band sings, “I’m not perfect / But I swear I’m perfect for you.”

15. “Collide” by Rachel Platten

We’ve got another Rachel Platten song! In “Collide”, Platten sings about how she pushes her partner away. She doesn’t know why she does this, as she does truly love her partner. But sometimes, it’s like she can’t feel as happy as she should.

She explains that she’s not perfect by singing, “Although I’m not perfect, I feel perfect in your eyes / Turn the lights on, honey, I don’t really wanna hide, not tonight.”

16. “Penny (Perfect For You)” by Plain White T’s

“Penny (Perfect For You)” by Plain White T’s details the end of a romantic relationship. At the beginning of the song, the singer realizes that his girlfriend is cheating on him with another man. He doesn’t understand why she would do this. He knows that he’s not perfect, but he feels that he didn’t deserve this.

However, he does go on to explain that he thinks his now ex and this other man would be perfect together!

17. “Nobody’s Perfect” by Jessie J

Jessie J’s 2011 song “Nobody’s Perfect” follows the singer as she realizes she hurt the one she loves. She hurt her partner so much that now she may lose them as a result. She obviously doesn’t want this and tries to right things by explaining that she’s not perfect — as nobody is.

So, she sings, “And I hate that I made you think that the trust we had is broken / Don’t tell me you can’t forgive me / ‘Cause nobody’s perfect.”

18. “If You See Her” by LANY

“If You See Her” by LANY also details the end of a romantic relationship! LANY tries to process what went wrong, as he knows that he’s not perfect. However, he also realizes that his ex isn’t either, and they made mistakes, too.

Regardless, LANY still struggles with the end of this relationship. He sings, “I know I’m not perfect but we were.”

19. “Halo” by The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls released their song “Halo” on their 2008 album Doll Domination. In this song, the singer explains how she can be wonderful in a relationship. She can be the person her partner needs. However, as the song progresses, she also admits that she’s not perfect — and she’s going to make mistakes.

20. “Love Into the Light” by Kesha

“Love Into the Light” by Kesha begins with the lyrics, “I know I’m not perfect / I know I got issues / I know that I’ve got a sordid past.” Kesha may know that she’s not perfect, but she’s not about to let it get her down.

Later in the song, she explains that we all aren’t perfect. So, instead of trying to be perfect, we should all instead work to just spread love and happiness to each other!

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