Meaning of ”My Demons” by Starset

Written By Michael Miller

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Starset’s “My Demons” delves deep into the internal struggle of the protagonist with his own demons and the desire for salvation. The song conveys a message of battling one’s inner darkness and the constant yearning for escape. The singer portrays a sense of urgency and a need for help, experiencing both isolation and the encircling presence of threatening forces. The recurring theme of seeking solace and needing someone to make everything “okay” seems to be the focal point. The protagonist seems to be in a battle with his inner demons, struggling between succumbing to or overcoming them. The song reflects universal themes of human vulnerability and the quest for external saving grace, possibly reflecting the songwriter’s own experiences or observations.

Dive deep into the soulful lyrics of “My Demons” by Starset to unearth the layers of emotions, meanings, and stories behind them. Uncover the journey from internal struggle to the yearning for solace and redemption. Discover what makes this song resonate with so many.

”My Demons” Lyrics Meaning

Exploring “My Demons,” it’s apparent that the lyrics represent an internal battle with one’s dark side, described as “demons,” and an intense desire for salvation and liberation. The opening lines, “Mayday, mayday, the ship is slowly sinking” immediately set a tone of distress and urgency. This ship can be perceived as a metaphor for the individual’s mind or life, slowly being overwhelmed by negative emotions or experiences.

The protagonist seems to be surrounded by oppressive forces, “circling like vultures,” reflecting a sense of isolation and threat. However, there’s a glimmer of hope and relief in the refrain, “Oh, you make everything okay, okay, okay.” This part of the song illuminates the constant desire for solace and redemption in the midst of turmoil, possibly symbolizing a saving grace or a beacon of hope that can take all of the pain away.

The chorus, “Save me if I become my demons,” unveils the pivotal essence of the song, indicating a conflict between succumbing to one’s darker instincts or overcoming them. It echoes the universal human conflict between our darker impulses and our intrinsic need for love and salvation. This internal struggle is heightened by the lines, “I need a savior to heal my pain when I become my worst enemy,” highlighting the individual’s battle against his destructive side, the enemy within.

Moreover, the song exudes an air of vulnerability and human fragility, weaving themes of struggle, solace, and salvation, perhaps resonating with listeners who’ve experienced similar internal conflicts and the pursuit of redemption. It’s a journey of self, sinking into the abyss, but also an exploration of the human condition and its inherent dichotomies.

Why Was ”My Demons” Written?

Exploring the reasons why “My Demons” was written involves delving into the psyche of the songwriter at the time. The song mirrors a turmoil, a struggle with one’s internal darkness, possibly stemming from the songwriter’s own experiences or emotional states. The lyrics portray a vivid picture of isolation, vulnerability, and a plea for salvation, resonating with themes of human condition and existential concerns.

The songwriter might have been exploring their mental and emotional states, transforming their internal battles into a universal anthem of struggle and hope. It’s likely the song reflects a personal journey of overcoming one’s own demons, a metaphorical expression of internal conflicts and the pursuit of peace and redemption amidst chaos.

The combination of intense emotion, vivid imagery, and universal themes makes “My Demons” a powerful, relatable piece, inviting listeners to reflect on their own battles and hopes, and to find solace in the shared human experience of struggle and redemption.