20 Songs About Seeing Things Differently

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Sometimes, all you need to do is see things a little differently. If you’ve found yourself in a problem or difficult situation, seeing things through a different lens — or from another point of view — can be life-changing.

After all, don’t we all want everyone to see things from our perspective? With these 20 songs below, which are about seeing things differently, you’ll be able to see things from a different point of view — which can be both positive and negative.

1. “Put Your Hand In the Hand” by Engelbert Humperdinck

“Put Your Hand In the Hand” by Engelbert Humperdinck is a religious song about the Christian faith, but the meaning can inspire so many — regardless of what faith they are! Humperdinck says that if we know ourselves, we can also know that kindness and love are everything. So, we should always look at things differently and see things from all points of view!

He sings, “Take a look at yourself / And you can look at others differently / Put your hand in the hand of the man / From Galilee.”

2. “Camelia” by Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins’ song “Camelia”, first released in 1973, is a bit different from other songs on this list. Robbins sings from the point of view of a man who feels betrayed by the woman he loves — and all because he finally began to see her from a different vantage point.

So, he ends up singing, “Camelia keeps tellin’ me that’s all her young heart is after / I see it differently, I see her there with a man / Camelia keeps lyin’, I see, from where I stand.”

3. “Upside Down” by Paloma Faith

“Upside Down” by Paloma Faith follows the singer as she sings about the trials she’s been through in the past. She’s happy that she’s managed to overcome these obstacles! She also sings about how she experienced a better, happier life when she began to see things differently.

Paloma Faith sings, “When you slow it down / You start to see the world a little differently / When you turn it upside down.”

4. “Soul Free” by George Michael

George Michael’s “Soul Free”, released in 1990, explores a romantic relationship that is struggling. Michael explains that he and his partner just don’t see eye to eye. They’re not on the same page. So, he sings, “Now you and me / I guess we see things differently / We’re night and day / A bad connection, some would say.”

However, even though he sings this, he also can’t help but admit he still wants to be with his partner!

5. “In This Life” by Madonna

“In This Life” by Madonna was written after the singer lost two of her close friends to the AIDs epidemic. She explains her grief and sorrow over losing her friends, two men who died too young. Madonna also sings about how we should all see the world a bit differently if we hold prejudices.

She sings, “Why should he be treated differently? / Shouldn’t matter who you choose to love.”

6. “Love Love Love” by Kenny Rogers

In “Love Love Love”, Kenny Rogers sings about the end of his romantic relationship. He’s really torn up about this, as he truly loved his ex. He can’t understand how he’s going to lose them. In the end, however, he begins to understand that they just didn’t see eye to eye.

So, he sings, “Losing you is so hard for me / ’cause loving you came so easily / But we see things so differently.”

7. “The Key” by REO Speedwagon

1982’s “The Key” by REO Speedwagon is really about the mysteries of life and how we’re all just doing our best. The singer explains that he’s quite lost — but at least he knows it.

He sings, “But all I really know is what I see / And everybody sees it differently / I wish someone would open up my heart and look inside of me / But I’m the only one who holds the key.”

8. “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” by Dolly Parton

“Light of a Clear Blue Morning” by Dolly Parton is about overcoming obstacles to see the light of a new day. Parton explains that this song was written when she was going through a huge career change. Though she wasn’t necessarily sad about it, it was intimidating and scary, as change can be.

This song can also be seen as a song about beginning to see things — such as your life, career, relationship, etc — differently with a new day. Parton sings, “It’s been a long hard fight / But I see a brand new day dawning / I’ve been looking for the sunshine / You know I ain’t seen it in so long.”

9. “Pardon Me” by Incubus

Incubus’ song “Pardon Me” is also one of the best songs about seeing things differently! In this 1999 track, the band sings about disillusionment with life in general. However, as their emotions begin to take control, they begin to see things differently — though this isn’t necessarily positive!

10. “Changes” by Tesla

“Changes” by Tesla follows the band as they discuss growing older. The lead singer realizes that he has changed a lot since his youth. As a result, this has led his relationships and everyday life to change.

Thus, the band sings, “I remember, I was so young / I was much too young to see / Now I’m older, growing older / And I see things differently.”

11. “The Answer” by Joss Stone

Joss Stone’s “The Answer” is about seeing things clearly. Throughout the song, Stone sings about all of the many questions a lot of us have throughout our lives. Everyday life can quickly become difficult — and Stone shows this.

However, the song is ultimately positive, as she explains that the answer to all of our questions is right in front of us if we just see things differently and look for it! She sings, “Can you see the truth now? / Can you see it now? / Shining in front of your face.”

12. “Bluebird” by Buffalo Springfield

1967’s “Bluebird” by Buffalo Springfield follows the singer as he talks about looking at a bluebird — which could be the woman he’s in love with, as well. He sings about this bluebird is complex and now, he begins to see her differently.

The band sings, “So get all those blues / Must be a thousand hues / And be just differently used / You just know.”

13. “We Weren’t Born to Follow” by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s “We Weren’t Born to Follow” is an anthem that follows the singer as he explains that none of us should follow others. Instead, we should all lead ourselves — and lead the lives we want to have!

Bon Jovi also explains that the song is dedicated to a lot of different people, specifically those who see things differently than others. The band sings the lyrics, “This one’s about anyone who does it differently / This one’s about the one who curses and spits / This ain’t about our livin’ in a fantasy / This ain’t about givin’ up or givin’ in.”

14. “Objects of My Affection” by Peter Bjorn and John

“Objects of My Affection” by Peter Bjorn and John follows the band as they sing about their lives and some of the things they struggle with, specifically when it comes to happiness. The singer doesn’t know if they’re truly happier now than they were before.

However, a friend helps them see things differently. The band sings the lyrics, “And the other day, this new friend of mine said something to me / ‘Just because something starts differently doesn’t mean it’s worth less’ / And I soaked it in, how I soaked it in, how I soaked it in / And just as to prove how right he was then you came.”

15. “Wetsuit” by The Vaccines

“Wetsuit” by The Vaccines explores what it’s like to get older. The band sings about how they miss their youth and the freedom that came with it. However, the band also explores how, as we get older, we want to try to see things differently.

So, they sing, “Well, you want to do things differently / Go do them independently / We all got old at breakneck speed / Slow it down, go easy on me.”

16. “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall

The hit song “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall, first released in 2005, discusses realizing the type of person you want to be. The singer explains that she wants to be a warm person that everybody loves — after she sees someone she admires and realizes this is what they are!

So, she sees everything clearly now. As a result, she sings, “Suddenly I see / This is what I wanna be / Suddenly I see / Why the hell it means so much to me.”

17. “Don Quixote” by Gordon Lightfoot

“Don Quixote” by Gordon Lightfoot follows a cowboy, as well as other different characters. Lightfoot describes these people, especially the main character, and what they’ve seen in their life — as well as what they want out of their life.

The main character has seen a lot of the world, which has helped him see things differently and how they really are. Lightfoot sings, “I have searched the whole world over / Looking for a place to sleep / I have seen the strong survive / And I have seen the lean grown weak.”

18. “Let It Go” by Wiz Khalifa & Akon

In “Let It Go”, Wiz Khalifa and Akon are all about being real. The duo explains that being real is better than being fake! They say, “Let it go, let it go homie / You know they can’t see what we see homie / Difference from the real and make-believe homie.”

19. “Mirror” by Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars

“Mirror” by Lil Wayne, which also features Bruno Mars, also talks about seeing things differently. While this song mainly deals with Lil Wayne coming to terms with his addictions and drug abuse, he also raps about how he’s begun to see the real him.

The duo says, “I see the pain hidden in your pride / I see you’re not satisfied / And I don’t see nobody else / I see myself, I’m looking at the / Mirror on the wall.”

20. “Everything’s Beautiful” by Dolly Parton

“Everything’s Beautiful” by Dolly Parton begins with the lyrics, “When I look out over a green field of clover / Or watch the sunset at the end of the day / I get kind of moody when I see such beauty / And every thing’s beautiful in its own way.”

Parton goes on to explain that everything in the world is beautiful. If we see things differently and from this perspective, we too can experience this love and compassion!

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