20 Songs About Islands

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Islands have long fascinated people, with their sandy beaches, blue water, and relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many songs have been written about islands!

Below, we’ve listed 20 great songs, from different genres, about islands. These songs evoke feelings of relaxing island getaways. However, you’ll also find more abstract pieces that compare people, feelings, or situations to islands!

1. “Islands In the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

The hit song “Islands In the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers discusses islands in relation to romance! In this 1983 song, Parton and Rogers sing as two people in love. They feel that their love will last even in the most difficult of situations, as they are true to each other.

To help get this point across, they compare themselves to two islands in the stream. They sing, “Islands in the stream / That is what we are / No one in between / How can we be wrong.”

2. “The Island” by The Millenium

The Millenium’s 1968 song “The Island” is another great song that’s a bit more abstract. It’s not just about a physical island people can go to for a getaway. Instead, The Millenium sings about an island that is within them, and possibly within everyone. Therefore, many different meanings can be taken away from this song!

However, it does appear as if this “island” is trying to influence people to live more. The band sings, “It’s saying, You’ve got to let me out / Of this little cage that we live in / It’s time to free yourself and start to live / Instead of thinking about dying.”

3. “Blue Island” by Bee Gees

Bee Gees’ 1993 song “Blue Island”, which appears on the album Size Isn’t Everything, can be interpreted in many different ways. Much like The Millenium’s song above, this Bee Gees number has more to do with a fictional, abstract island rather than an island we can physically go to.

However, that makes the meaning of the song all that more fun to decipher! The band sings about how this “Blue Island” could be their final resting place. At the very least, it’s a place of relaxation.

Singing to another person, they explain that this person is so special to them that they’ll be a part of their “Blue Island”. They sing the lyrics, “You could be a silver star that shines / On my blue island / See you on a blue island.”

4. “Island In the Sun” by Weezer

“Island In the Sun” by Weezer is often considered one of the best songs with island in the lyrics — and we can’t help but agree! This 2001 song follows the singer as he wishes he could run away with his loved one to an island.

When people on relaxing on vacation on an island, they don’t have worries. They can say the things they feel and truly have a fun time. The band expresses these feelings in this great song!

They sing, “On an island in the sun / We’ll be playing and having fun / And it makes me feel so fine / I can’t control my brain.”

5. “Island Boy” by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney’s 2005 song “Island Boy” tells the story of a man who lives in Maine — and absolutely hates it. He’s always wanted to be on an island and in a warm part of the earth. So, he ends up moving down to an island and living the life he’s always wanted.

Chesney explains how happy he is now with his new life in the lyrics, “Now he’s an island boy / Living his life where stress is the enemy.”

6. “Island Girl” by Elton John

In the 1975 song “Island Girl”, Elton John recounts a story of a lady of the night who also happens to be from an island. Through this song, we learn her story, including that many men want to bring her to the city with them. However, Elton John explains that they don’t realize this won’t help her, as these men can’t save her.

7. “Island” by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line’s 2016 song “Island” discusses islands in regard to how people feel in romantic relationships! The song opens with the band explaining how packed the bar they’re in is. However, that doesn’t end up being a problem when they meet their girl.

When they’re with her, they feel as if they are on an island. As a result, everybody else in the room fades away, as do all of the noise and annoyances. The band sings, “We might as well be on an island / Like we’re the last two on this Earth.”

8. “Island Song” by Zac Brown Band

In 2012’s “Island Song”, Zac Brown Band details the beauty of island life. The singer explains how he loves living on an island, as it’s relaxing. It’s beautiful. Above all, he doesn’t have to deal with the stress that others do when they live elsewhere, such as in cities.

He sings the lyrics, “If you really want to know where you can find me / I will be unwinding / Down in the islands.”

9. “I’m On an Island” by The Kinks

The Kinks’ 1965 song “I’m On an Island” follows the band as they discuss loneliness and feelings of isolation. Throughout this song, the band explains that they feel as if they are “on an island.” The singer then goes on to explain that his girl left him, and he’s felt such severe loneliness ever since.

However, there is one thing that could make his life better: if his girl was stuck on this island with him. Then, he wouldn’t feel the loneliness he currently feels.

10. “Island Fever” by The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys’ song “Island Fever”, released on their 1992 album Summer In Paradise, follows the band as they discuss their dream of going to an island paradise. They begin the song by explaining how they feel blue. Something is up, and their doctor just tells them they’re sick.

However, they know better. They know that the only thing that will cure them of their “Island Fever” is if they go on an island vacation!

11. “Island of Love” by Elvis Presley

In Elvis Presley’s 1961 song “Island of Love”, Elvis sings about Kauai, an island in Hawaii. He tells the story of this island, how beautiful it is, and how it resembles love.

He describes the island when singing the lyrics, “Her palm trees gently do the hula / While her slaves, the waves / Rush in to kiss her shores.”

12. “In the Middle of an Island” by Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett’s song “In the Middle of an Island” once again discusses the theme of islands in their relation to romance! Bennett opens this song by singing, “In the middle of an island

In the middle of the ocean / You and I beneath the moonlight / With just the monkeys and the palm trees.”

However, later in the song we learn that he’s not actually on an island with his loved one. Instead, he’s dreaming about this lovely scenario — and just desperately wants it to happen!

13. “Islands” by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles’ 2013 song “Islands” details the end of a relationship. In this song, Bareilles first sings about how she loves someone. However, later in the song, we learn that this relationship is seemingly coming to an end. Above all, Bareilles wants to ensure her ex will be okay.

Bareilles sings that we all must be okay with being by ourselves. In this way, we must become islands. She sings, “You must become an island / And see for yourself that that’s what I am.”

14. “Island of Lost Souls” by Blondie

1982’s “Island of Lost Souls”, released by Blondie on their album The Hunter, was inspired by the 1932 film of the same name. Therefore, this song discusses an island with no amenities. However, the band also sings about a wife who is separated from her husband, as he is on this primitive island.

When discussing the island, the band sings, “You want to get away you’ve had it man / Nothing’s going right / So come sit on the sands of the island / Island of Lost Souls.”

15. “Get Lost” by Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw’s 2003 song “Get Lost” follows DeGraw as he explains how he wants to run away with his loved one. He wants to “Get Lost” and be with this person away from everything else in the world.

He explains these romantic feelings by singing, “I wanna get lost with you / Will you help me along / Floating on an island with you.”

16. “Lonely Island” by The Everly Brothers

1965’s “Lonely Island” by The Everly Brothers opens with the lyrics, “I’m living on a lonely island / In a loveless ocean / Full of misery / I’ll die here on my lonely island / Unless you give your sweet love back to me.”

Therefore, this song is yet another great example of a song that compares living on an island to feelings of utter loneliness! The Everly Brothers sing about how their partner has left them. As a result, they feel isolated, alone, and as if nobody understands their feelings.

17. “Lady of the Island” by Crosby, Stills & Nash

In Crosby, Stills & Nash’s song “Lady of the Island”, the band explains their love for a woman who lives on an island. They love this woman and consistently call her a “Lady of the Island” throughout the song.

As they detail their story, they also mention the sun, her tanned skin, and other common features of island life.

18. “Desert Island” by XTC

19. “I Am a Rock” by Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel’s 1966 song “I Am a Rock”, which appears on their album Sounds of Silence, is one of the best songs about islands and loneliness. The duo sings about how they are isolated by their own choice. Therefore, they explain that they want to be an island.

They don’t care if this means that they never experience love, friendship, and life. At the end of the song, they sing the lyrics, “And a rock feels no pain / And an island never cries.”

20. “Island” by Jimmy Buffett

To end this list, we’ve got Jimmy Buffett’s 1981 classic “Island”. Buffett opens this song with the lines, “Island, I see you in the distance / I feel that your existence is not unlike my own / Island, they say no man is like you / They say you stand alone, sometimes I feel that way too.”

As the song goes on, listeners can interpret that this “Island” could truly be a man or woman that Buffett wants to get to know. However, this person is an island — and is therefore isolated. Though Buffett tries to build bridges to get to this island, at the end of the song he has still not succeeded.