20 Songs About Fog

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Singing about fog can really help set a gloomy mood in songs. Therefore, so many musicians have written songs talking about fog and mist in both a literal and metaphorical way!

Below, we’ve ranked the 20 best songs about fog to listen to!

1. “Lost in a Fog” by Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald’s 1959 song “Lost in a Fog” is one of the best songs about fog! In this classic jazz song, Fitzgerald sings about how her romantic partner has left her. Now, she’s all alone — and she misses him.

She sings the lyrics, “Like a ship at sea, I’m lost in a fog / My mind is hazy, my thoughts are blue / Guess I’ll always be kinda / Lost in a fog without you”.

Here, she compares herself to a ship lost at sea, stuck in the fog. Without her lover by her side, she feels like she’s completely lost. As a result, she also asks him to return later in the song.

2. “Misty Water” by The Kinks

The Kinks released their song “Misty Water” on their 1973 album The Great Lost Kinks Album. In this song, the band sings about their love for dark, misty places. They sing, “Everything is lovely / In a misty morning glaze”.

3. “Aryan Mist” by Van Morrison

“Aryan Mist” by Van Morrison is an interesting song. Released in 1982, the song details an “Aryan Mist” that has been here forever. It hangs around the bridges and rivers.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this mist is positive. Van Morrison sings in one verse, “The fog of illusion / The fog of confusion / Is hanging all over the world”.

4. “Puff (The Magic Dragon)” by Peter, Paul and Mary

The song “Puff (The Magic Dragon)” has been covered by a lot of different musicians and bands over the years. However, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary wrote the song, and the band was the first to release it!

While many people have interpreted this song in different ways, the band says that the song is about the loss of innocence of children. The band mentions fog and mist throughout the song.

For example, the repeated lyrics say, “Puff, the magic dragon / Lived by the sea / And frolicked in the autumn mist / In a land called Honalee”. Therefore, the use of fog and mist in this song helps to set the scene to tell this story!

5. “Jump Into the Fog” by The Wombats

The Wombats released their song “Jump Into the Fog” as a single on their 2011 album This Modern Glitch. The song was a big hit when it was first released!

As you can tell by the title, the band talks about fog throughout this song. In the chorus, the band repeats the phrase, “We feel nothing, so jump into the fog”. Here, the band is talking about how feeling disillusioned with life can lead to people acting impulsively, or jumping “into the fog”.

6. “The Morning Fog” by Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s 1985 song “The Morning Fog” is the twelfth track on her acclaimed album Hounds of Love. The album Hounds of Love tells the story of a woman who almost dies in a shipwreck, though she ends up living. This song appears toward the end of this woman’s story.

She has survived almost drowning and now has a more optimistic view of life. She’s determined to live fully after her near-death experience.

Kate Bush sings in this song the lyrics, “Being born again / Into the sweet morning fog”. Here, Bush narrates the character feeling as if she’s been born again now that she has another chance at life. The use of fog helps set the scene and explain what the character sees and feels! 

7. “In the Misty Moonlight” by Dean Martin

Dean Martin’s “In the Misty Moonlight” is also a classic song about fog! While many artists have recorded their own version of this song, Martin’s remains one of the definitive versions.

In this romantic love song, Martin explains how he doesn’t need anything else in the world other than his love. It doesn’t matter where he is in the world. As long as he is by her side, he’ll be okay.

In the song, he sings, “In the misty moonlight / By the flickering firelight / Any place is all right / Long as I’m with you”.

8. “Mull of Kintyre” by Wings

Next, we have Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1977 song “Mull of Kintyre”. McCartney wrote this song as an ode to his home in Scotland! After the song’s release, it became a huge hit and remains one of McCartney’s biggest hits of all time.

In this song, McCartney discusses his home and how he always longs to return. He talks about the mist and fog of the area, helping to set the mood. It also helps listeners accurately visualize the setting.

For example, the band sings, “Mull of Kintyre / Oh, mist rolling in from the sea / My desire is always to be here”.

9. “The Fog Has Lifted” by Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner

In this 1972 song, Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner use fog as a metaphor to describe how a romantic relationship has become better. Before, the couple wasn’t seeing eye to eye. The fog between them kept them from each other.

But now, the sunshine has cleared away the fog. As a result, the couple is better than they’ve ever been together!

10. “Y Control” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

In the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ song “Y Control”, the band sings about a toxic relationship where the singer feels as if she was being controlled. Now that she’s out of the relationship, she realizes how bad it was.

In this song, she uses fog to help get her point across. The band sings, “So all my lovin’ goes / Under the fog”.

11. “Sea Fog” by Keane

Keane released their song “Sea Fog” on their 2012 album Strangeland. The band mentions fog throughout the entire song. For example, the repeated lyrics in this song are, “Sea fog comes, like a river rolls a stone / It’s rolling me”.

As for the meaning of this song, there are many different interpretations listeners can make from this. However, this song mainly deals with feeling lost. Therefore, the use of fog in this song symbolizes how many people can feel as if they can’t accurately see the path or direction they are going in when it comes to their own life.

12. “Misty Morning” by Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s 1978 song “Misty Morning” is another great song that talks about fog and mist! The song begins with Marley singing about a misty morning where there is no apparent sun.

However, later in the song, Marley gets philosophical by describing what a friend said to him once: “Don’t jump in the water, if you can’t swim”.

13. “Children of the Sea” by Black Sabbath

And now, for a heavy metal song about fog! Black Sabbath released “Children of the Sea” on their 1980 album Heaven and Hell. According to the band, this song is all about ecological awareness.

Therefore, the band is talking about how many humans don’t think before they do things. This then leads to environmental problems and climate change, making the world unlivable for all.

The band tells this story by describing a ship at sea. So, fog also must be right around the corner! The band sings the lyrics, “In the misty morning, on the edge of time / We’ve lost the rising sun, a final sign / As the misty morning rolls away to die / Reaching for the stars, we blind the sky”.

14. “Shiver Me Timbers” by Tom Waits

Tom Waits’ 1974 song “Shiver Me Timbers” also references fog. In this song, Waits makes comparisons to himself and sailors from back in the day. This song is about Waits becoming more individualistic and doing what he wants — even if this means sailing off into the unknown.

Many songs here have referenced ships and fog. This song is no different! Waits sings, “And the fog’s lifting, the sand’s shifting and I’m drifting on out”.

In these lines, Waits explains that he is now ready to set sail on his own personal journey. The fog has lifted, so now his ship can sail!

15. “Let the River Run” by Carly Simon

Carly Simon released the song “Let the River Run” on her 1988 album Clouds in My Coffee. The song was a big hit when it was released, as it was also featured in the movie Working Girl!

There are many different ways listeners can interpret this song. She sings, “We’re coming to the edge / Running on the water / Coming through the fog / Your sons and daughters”.

This could signal how many of her generation are able to break through the fog of the past. Therefore, the younger generation can look forward to the future!

16. “The Ripper” by Judas Priest

Judas Priest’s 1976 song “The Ripper”, which appears on their album Sad Wings of Destiny, also discusses fog. This song is all about Jack the Ripper terrorizing London. The song is told from the point of view of the murderer. Therefore, he is the main narrator.

Obviously, London is known to have a lot of fog. As a result, Judas Priest helps set the scene by mentioning all of the fog and mist. The band sings, “In London town streets / When there’s darkness and fog”.

17. “The Witness Song” by Nick Cave

Nick Cave’s 1990 song “The Witness Song” can be interpreted in many ways, as can all Cave songs. The song beings with Cave describing a port full of fog, singing, “A winter fog moved thickly on”.

Cave also sings, “Who will be the witness / When the fog’s too thick to see”. The entire song deals with who will witness these events or moments if nobody is there to see everything happen.

18. “The Heather on the Hill” by Chet Baker

“The Heather on the Hill” is a classic song that has been covered by many. However, Chet Baker’s version is often considered a fan favorite!

In this song, Baker sings a romantic song to his lover. He states that he doesn’t want to be on “The Heather on the Hill” unless he’s with his romantic partner. To set the scene, he details the story with fog on the hill!

19. “When the Fog Rolls In” by Train

Train released their song “When the Fog Rolls In” on their 2012 album California 37. Throughout this song, the band references fog metaphorically when discussing the failure of a romantic relationship.

The singer begins the song by saying that his friend became his lover, but now he’s lost a friend. The romantic relationship is falling apart. He uses fog to help show how this romance has come to an end.

For example, he sings, “Somehow we got older, the air just got colder / That’s when the fog rolls in”.

20. “These Dreams” by Heart

Finally, we have Heart’s 1986 song “These Dreams”, released on their album Heart, which also references fog! There are many ways listeners can interpret this song. For the most part, the band sings about their dreams and how, through their dreams, they live another life.

Dreams can appear hazy. As a result, the band uses mist and fog to tell their story. They sing, “The full moon that hangs over these dreams in the mist”. Mist is mentioned throughout the song, as a result of their dreaming!

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