20 Songs About Falling in Love Again After Being Hurt

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Falling out of love can be heartbreaking. But falling in love with someone new after this heartbreak can be just what you’re looking for — even if this situation can feel daunting at first!

In this article, we’ve listed 20 amazing songs about falling in love again after being hurt, perfect tracks to listen to if you’re looking to love again after a particularly nasty round of heartbreak. With these songs, you’ll be able to (hopefully!) put your fears at bay and be able to open yourself up to love, once again!

1. “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift

“Begin Again” by Taylor Swift is a great song about finding love after heartbreak. In this song, Swift sings about looking forward to a new relationship while also reflecting on her past romance. She admits the flaws of this past relationship and where things went wrong, as well as how heartbroken she was.

However, she begins to feel excited about the new romance in her life. As a result, she’s ready to “Begin Again” when it comes to falling in love. Therefore, this is one of the best songs on this list about believing in love again!

2. “Times Like These” by Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters’ 2004 song “Times Like These” discusses the emotions that can appear when someone learns to both love and live again. This is a great song that can be listened to when one is in a variety of circumstances, related to new romances or not! However, if you’d like a song that deals with preparing to love once again, this is a great track to put on.

In the memorable chorus, the singer talks about loving again, in fact! He sings the lyrics, “It’s times like these you learn to love again.”

3. “I’m In Love Again” by Patti LaBelle

“I’m In Love Again” by Patti LaBelle, which appears on LaBelle’s 1983 album of the same name, discusses falling in love once again. Even though LaBelle sings that she’s experienced love before — and even though she’s also experienced heartbreak — LaBelle explains her feelings of love once again!

She’s not going to think about the past and her previous heartbreaks. To this end, she sings, “I refuse to dwell upon the past / ‘Cause time moves much too fast.”

4. “Just Not Each Other” by William Fitzsimmons

“Just Not Each Other” by William Fitzsimmons mainly explores a relationship that eventually, by the end of the song, comes to an end. Fitzsimmons explains this relationship, including that it didn’t end up working out. For the better, he sings about how they must go their separate ways.

At the end of the song, he sings about how they both will eventually love again. While this hasn’t happened yet, he knows it will and believes in this. He sings, “We lost our chance to love one another / We’ll love again just not each other.”

5. “Lose to Love Again” by Melanie

Melanie’s 1974 track “Lose to Love Again” discusses life, love, and a specific romantic relationship. However, Melanie also sings about falling in love after being hurt in this song, as well!

After singing about romance, she then says that everybody who once was hurt will have the capability of loving again. She sings, “And if you lose of heartache you / Are bound to love again.”

6. “Heartbeat” by Bad Company

“Heartbeat” by Bad Company, released on the band’s 1977 album Burnin’ Sky, opens with the lyrics, “I don’t wanna lose myself in love again / But my heartbeat keeps on a hammering.”

As the song progresses, we learn more about the singer’s feelings about falling in love, once again. He doesn’t want to fall in love again, but he also can’t quite help it. Throughout the song, he talks about all the different ladies he quickly falls in love with, even though he doesn’t want to. As a result, this is a great song about falling in love fast!

7. “In Love Again” by Colbie Caillat

“In Love Again” by Colbie Caillat follows the singer as she discusses falling in love again. This song could be seen as Caillat wanting to fall back in love with an ex. However, it can also be seen as Caillat singing about wanting to fall in love again with someone new — but with a specific person she has in mind!

Caillat has been hurt before in a past romance, but she has also made her own mistakes. She’s willing to learn from them in her new relationship, as she sings, “I wanna fall in love again / But this time with no regrets.”

8. “Falling In Love (Uh Oh)” by Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan’s 1985 song “Falling In Love (Uh Oh)”, which appears on her album Primitive Love, explores the feelings of not wanting to fall in love again. Estefan has clearly been hurt in the past. Now, she’s intent on not falling in love again — even though that’s exactly what happens as the song progresses.

We get to learn her feelings towards her new romance here in this song. She feels jealous, confused, angry, and helpless as she sings about how she’s once again falling in love.

9. “I Believe” by Mel B

“I Believe” by Mel B follows the singer as she talks about her new romantic relationship. She sings about how happy and safe she feels with her new partner. However, she also sings about how her last relationships left her heartbroken. She was hurt, but she is now happy once again.

She sings, “You came along and made it / Easy to believe / In love again.”

10. “Learning to Love Again” by Matt Kearney

Matt Kearney’s song “Learning to Love Again”, which appears on his album Young Love, explores feelings of sadness and disappointment about life and love. Kearney sings about how so many of us can fall out of the idea of love — and fall out of love with life.

However, he also reminds listeners that we all will have the opportunity to love again, even if we’ve been hurt in the past. To this, he sings in the chorus, “Hey brother, we’re all learning to love again.”

11. “The First Cut Is the Deepest” by Sheryl Crow

“The First Cut Is the Deepest” by Sheryl Crow opens with the lyrics, “I would’ve given you all of my heart / But there’s someone who’s torn it apart / And he’s taken just all that I have / But if you want, I’ll try to love again.”

As the song progresses, we learn more about Crow’s feelings about falling in love again. She’s been greatly hurt by her past relationship. However, she truly is going to try to be good to the new partner in her life — even though she’s still hurting from her past heartbreak!

12. “Crazy ‘bout You” by Vanessa Williams

“Crazy ‘bout You” by Vanessa Williams, first released in 1997, explores the pain that comes with falling in love again after heartbreak. Williams sings about how she truly wants to move on with this new partner in her life. However, that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about what she’s been through!

She sings the lyrics, “’Cause if I love again, I could lose again / There’s a chance that my heart could break.” She’s wary of opening herself up to love again, even if she is crazy about this new person in her life!

13. “I’ll Never Say ‘Never Again’” by Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole’s “I’ll Never Say ‘Never Again’” opens with the lines, “I’ll never say ‘Never again’ again / Cause here I am in love again.” In this song, the crooner sings about falling back in love with someone he used to be in love with. Even though this relationship hurt him in the past, he finds himself fully falling back in love with his ex!

14. “King of Broken Hearts” by Ringo Starr

“King of Broken Hearts” by Ringo Starr, released in 1998, explores the difficult side of moving on after heartbreak. Starr sings about still feeling heartbroken after his recent relationships, as he feels that he always loses when he falls in love again.

However, he can’t seem to stop falling in love, even if he’s been hurt in the past. As a result, this brings about its own set of worries to Starr! He sings, “I’ve lost before I ever start to love again / I’m the king of broken hearts.”

15. “Falling In Love Again” by Robert Plant

In Robert Plant’s song “Falling In Love Again”, the singer explains, “I’m falling in love again / It might break my heart / It might even tear it apart.” Plant goes on to talk about his heartbreak in the past — heartbreak that occurred from the person he’s falling in love with again.

However, he begs her not to hurt him again. He’s scared of this pain, but he cannot help the way he feels. It also appears he didn’t think he would feel this way again, so this is one of the best songs about falling in love unexpectedly!

16. “Pressure to Party” by Julia Jacklin

“Pressure to Party” finds Julia Jacklin singing about her pain after a breakup — and how crazy it is that people think she should fall back in love with someone to get over her pain. Jacklin explains her emotions that come with this pain, as well as her understanding that she will love again. However, she just needs some time to process everything.

She sings the lyrics, “I know I’ve locked myself in my room / But I’ll open up the door and try to love again soon.”

17. “Maybe Tomorrow” by Badfinger

Badfinger released their song “Maybe Tomorrow” on their 1970 album Magic Christian Music. In this 70s rock song, the band sings about sadness and love. They express their sadness in love, yet also their hope that they may love again soon.

They sing, “Maybe tomorrow I will love again / I’ll never know until I’ve looked into her eyes.”

18. “Down on Love” by Foreigner

1984’s “Down on Love” by Foreigner talks about how so many people feel after a bad breakup. The band understands why people feel that they’ll never love again. However, they say that they shouldn’t feel this way, simply because it isn’t true. As a result, they shouldn’t be so “Down on Love”.

They sing, “Dry your eyes because your heart’s gonna mend / And maybe tonight you’ll fall in love again.”

19. “Nine Lives” by Aerosmith

“Nine Lives” by Aerosmith discusses the idea of having multiple lives, such as a cat supposedly does, and how this relates to the band’s love lives. The singer expresses his feelings and emotions about finding a new romance.

Someone hurt him in the past. But it doesn’t matter now, as he’s in love again! He sings, “I’m dead in love again.”

20. “Gonna Find My Love” by Brandy

At last, let’s talk about the last song on our list! Brandy’s song “Gonna Find My Love” discusses finally getting over a breakup. Brandy sings about how an ex hurt her in the past. She experienced real heartbreak. However, she’s not going to let it get her down for much longer!

One day, she wakes up and realizes that she’s ready to move on — and she’s ready to find her true love and fall back in love again. She sings the lyrics, “I don’t know where or when, but I feel it in my heart / I’m gonna find my love.”