20 Songs About Falling for Someone You Just Met

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

There’s nothing like falling for someone new — especially if you’re falling in love with them right after you’ve met them! Musicians and songwriters, thankfully, have turned this premise into so many lovely songs that really explore the emotions that come with falling in love at first sight.

With these 20 songs below, you’ll find fun tracks from a variety of different genres, all of which are about falling for someone you just met. Play these hit songs and let the lyrics take control!

1. “Kid In Love” by Shawn Mendes

“Kid In Love” by Shawn Mendes opens with the lyrics, “I know that we just met and maybe this is dumb / But it feels like there was something from the moment that we touched.”

As the song progresses, we learn more about Mendes’ feelings towards this special person he has fallen for right after meeting them. Mendes admits that he might just be a “Kid In Love”. However, if he is, he doesn’t care — and he doesn’t ever want to grow up!

2. “One Night Only” by Kane Brown

Kane Brown’s 2018 song “One Night Only” follows the country singer as he falls for someone he just met. At first, this special someone only gets to know the singer in a one-night-only, hookup scenario. However, Brown doesn’t want this.

He sings, “I know we just met but I already miss you, honestly.” He explains that he doesn’t want their romance to be “One Night Only”. Instead, he’d like to continue to get to know her — and have a relationship with her!

3. “A Good Night” by John Legend featuring BloodPop

In “A Good Night”, John Legend and BloodPop sing about falling for someone immediately after first meeting them. Legend explains that after seeing a woman and meeting her, he realizes that he wants to marry her. He sings, “I think I just met my wife / I know it’s gonna be a good night.”

4. “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles

The classic 1965 song “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles opens with the lyrics, “I’ve just seen a face I can’t forget the time or place / Where we just met, she’s just the girl for me.”

The rest of the song is all about falling in love unexpectedly with someone you just met! The band sings about how they’re happy they turned to meet this girl’s eyes. If they hadn’t, they never would’ve seen her face — and never would have subsequently fallen in love.

5. “The Real Her” by Drake

Drake’s 2011 song “The Real Her”, which features Lil Wayne and André 3000, appears on the rapper’s album Take Care. In this song, Drake sings about a dancer he meets who he falls in love with immediately. This song is all about meeting someone unexpectedly and then feeling as if you’re falling in love with them.

Even though Drake feels that he’s falling for this girl, his friends try to convince him to steer clear of her, thanks to her job and her past. However, he does say, “Just met her, already feel like I know the real her.”

6. “One Dance” by Little Big Town

“One Dance” by Little Big Town follows the band as they sing about someone who can have whoever they want — and likely has had many romances in the past. However, this person now wants to be with the singer, after meeting them.

The band sings, “It’s so ironic that we just met here / Just think about it / We’ll be the couple of the year.” While the singer definitely has some reservations about this person, they’re also interested to see where things go — especially considering they also feel as if they’re falling for them!

7. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song “Call Me Maybe” is about falling in love with a stranger, or someone that you’ve just met! Jepsen sings about how she wishes for a man in her life — and ends up meeting someone she falls in love with!

In the memorable — and quite catchy! — chorus, Jepsen sings the lyrics, “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy / But here’s my number, so call me, maybe.”

Jepsen goes on to explain that she begins to really fall in love with this man as they begin to date. She also explains that she thinks he’s the one for her, as she missed him before she ever truly knew who he was!

8. “American Boy” by Estelle featuring Kanye West

Estelle’s hit song “American Boy”, which also features Kanye West, also discusses falling for someone you just met! In this 2008 hit, Estelle sings about meeting a man and immediately falling for him. She sings, “I just met this 5-foot-7 guy who’s just my type / Like the way he’s speakin’, his confidence is peakin’.”

She goes on to sing about all the different places she’d like to travel to, with him by her side. Even though they don’t know each other quite well yet, she wants to travel the world with him!

9. “What If” by Jason Derulo

“What If” by Jason Derulo follows the singer as he meets a girl he falls in love with. This song is all about what it feels like when you’re meeting your soulmate — or possibly meeting your soulmate.

Derulo admits that he doesn’t know what the future holds for them. But after meeting her, he has high hopes that she’s the one for him. He sings, “This is the first I’ve seen your face / But there’s a chance we are soulmates / I know that this might sound crazy / ‘Cause you don’t know my name.”

10. “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn

Robyn’s song “Call Your Girlfriend” explores what it feels like to fall in love with someone you just met… only to then find out they’re in a relationship! Robyn tells her new love to call their girlfriend and break things off. After all, they met their new girlfriend: Robyn herself!

She tells them to call their girlfriend and then sings, “Say it’s not her fault / But you just met somebody new / And now it’s gonna be me and you.”

11. “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” by Tina Turner

“I Don’t Wanna Lose You” by Tina Turner, which appears on the 1989 album Foreign Affair, discusses falling for someone you just met, yet being scared to admit this fact. Turner sings about how she knows how these things go. She’s been in relationships before. Therefore, she knows that she shouldn’t confess her love immediately.

However, that doesn’t stop her from wishing she could! She feels that this person is her true love, and she wants to tell them. She sings, “I know I’ve only just met you / Baby, I should know better / But when you look at me that way / There’s something inside that’s so right.”

12. “Something Special (Is Gonna Happen Tonight)” by Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle’s 1986 song “Something Special (Is Gonna Happen Tonight)” opens with the lyrics, “I just met you / Yet I’m feeling / It seems that somehow we’ve met somewhere before / I think I loved you in my dreams, one hundred times or maybe more.”

LaBelle goes on to sing about how much she cares for this person whom she just met. She knows that they belong together — and she wants to be with them tonight more than ever!

13. “Yet” by Toby Keith

“Yet” by Toby Keith is a great 1997 country song about falling for a stranger. Keith sings about how he just went out on a first date with his girlfriend about a week ago. However, just a week later, he realizes that he wants to be with her forever.

In the chorus, he explains this fully when he sings, “Funny it don’t feel like we just met / It didn’t take much time / Forever’s more than crossed my mind / And we haven’t even said ‘I love you’ yet.”

14. “Drug Ballad” by Eminem

“Drug Ballad” by Eminem, which appears on the 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP, follows the rapper as he talks about all of the rather unfortunate things he loves, such as drugs and alcohol.

Because of his drug addiction, Eminem finds himself falling in love with a woman he just met. He raps, “We just met, but I think I’m in love with you / But you’re on it too, so you tell me you love me too.”

15. “Boy In a Rock and Roll Band” by The Pierces

The Pierces’ 2007 song “Boy In a Rock and Roll Band” explores the singer’s emotions as she realizes that she’s falling in love with a man in a band. Obviously, she has reservations — especially because she’s not about to tell this man how to live her life.

After all, they did just meet! She sings, “Why do I adore you? / We’ve only just met / I feel I would do anything for you.”

16. “Bria’s Interlude” by Drake featuring Omarion

Ready for another Drake song? “Bria’s Interlude”, which features Omarion, follows Drake as he raps and sings about missing a woman that he just met. He knows that he probably shouldn’t miss this girl as much as he does. After all, they did just meet for the first time.

But he can’t help it! He says, “I’m aware that we just met / I don’t wanna leave you yet / Promise that I won’t forget.”

17. “Girl Like You” by Cliff Richard & The Shadows

“Girl Like You” by Cliff Richard & The Shadows, first released in 1962, opens with the lines, “Angel face, we’ve just met / Well, just how lucky can one boy get.”

The song goes on to explore just how much the singer loves this girl he only met recently. He tells her to go and tell everyone she knows, including her parents, about him. He wants to be with her and has truly fallen in love!

18. “How Do You Speak to An Angel?” by Dean Martin

Dean Martin’s “How Do You Speak to An Angel?” also discusses meeting a stranger — and then immediately falling for them. Martin explains that he believes this person he’s just met is an angel. There’s no other explanation for how beautiful and lovely she is.

Therefore, he starts to question how he should talk to her. He sings, “When you know that you’ve just met an angel / Is there a proper remark?”

He later goes on to explain how deeply he’s fallen for this woman that he’s just met. Martin is entranced by her — and he doesn’t care, as he’s in love!

19. “Got to Know the Woman” by The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys released their song “Got to Know the Woman” on their 1970 album Sunflower. In this classic rock song, the band sings about meeting a woman and wanting to be with her. They’ve fallen in love immediately!

The song opens with the lyrics, “I just met a woman on my way home, she just blew my mind / My heart was pumping, I mean all the way home / Got to know the woman.”

20. “Kinfolks” by Sam Hunt

Finally, we’ve come to the last song! “Kinfolks” by Sam Hunt follows the country singer as he meets a girl to whom he becomes attracted. He realizes that he wants to get to know her more, as he’s already falling for her.

Hunt goes on to explain that he’d love to take her home to meet his family, friends, and all his “Kinfolks”. He understands that their relationship is still new, but he doesn’t care! He wants to take that next step and introduce her to all his loved ones!