20 Songs About Commitment Issues

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Commitment issues can ruin potentially great relationships in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, even if you know you have commitment issues, this doesn’t mean you can quickly eliminate these struggles and fears when you find yourself in a relationship.

This is why we’ve created this list of 20 songs below! If you struggle with commitment issues and are seeking some understanding, we’re here for you. So are these songs. Enjoy!

1. “All About Us” by Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney’s “All About Us” details the singer’s struggles with his own commitment issues. In this song, he explains that he’s found a woman he truly loves to be with. However, his attachment issues come into play as he struggles to find out whether he could truly commit to her or not.

He sings the lyrics, “I know that she’s someone that I can trust / But commitment somehow feels like giving up / And I love this girl, but do I love her enough?”

2. “Young Dumb & Broke” by Khalid

“Young Dumb & Broke” by Khalid is a bit of a positive analysis of commitment issues. Instead of letting these issues ruin his chances at a romance, Khalid tells the object of his affection that they shouldn’t worry about committing to each other at all. After all, they’re just young, dumb, broke kids who should have some fun without worrying about these issues!

As a result, Khalid sings, “What’s fun about commitment? / When we have our life to live / Yeah, we’re just young dumb and broke / But we still got love to give.”

3. “Girls Love Beyoncé” by Drake

In “Girls Love Beyoncé”, which also features James Fauntleroy, Drake muses about the many problems and issues that relationships can face. As a result, he also talks about commitment issues. Drake explains that he has a fear of vulnerability. He doesn’t want to let anyone in.

This is seen when he says, “I’ve been avoiding commitment / That’s why I’m in this position / I’m scared to let somebody in on this.” 

4. “Ain’t Too Hard” by Kevin Gates

“Ain’t Too Hard” by Kevin Gates explores the rapper’s romances and relationships. He explains that he loves someone, but his image and his own issues threaten to destroy this relationship. When analyzing his own issues, he talks about his past and how his mother left him when he was younger.

As a result, he struggles to open up and trust others. He raps, “My mother left when I was young / I’m commitment shy so when feelings get involved I tend to run / Sometimes emotions get the best of me clearly.”

5. “Half of My Heart” by John Mayer featuring Taylor Swift

“Half of My Heart” by John Mayer, which features Taylor Swift, also deals with falling for someone, even if you do have commitment issues. Mayer and Swift sing about how they’re in love — but only with half of their heart. They can’t seem to fully love someone, possibly because they’re scared to.

Mayer sings, “You will hate that I never gave more to you than half of my heart / But I can’t stop loving you.”

6. “Stay With You” by Cheat Codes & Cade

Cheat Codes and Cade’s song “Stay With You” opens with the lyrics, “Yeah, I know, know I’m scared of commitment / But tell me who isn’t, tell me who isn’t / I know, it’s easier being alone.”

However, even though the singer is aware of these commitment issues, they’re not going to let these problems hold them back. They’re falling for someone — and are determined to make things work this time around!

7. “San Marcos” by BROCKHAMPTON

In “San Marcos”, BROCKHAMPTON reminisces about when the band got together and how they spent their youth in Texas. However, the group also talks about a variety of different things in this song, including their feelings toward love — and the commitment issues they have.

As a result, Joba ends up saying, “I’m afraid of commitment, don’t know how to fix it / Maybe codependent, can’t tell the difference.”

8. “Falling For Boys” by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels released her song “Falling For Boys” on her album Inner Monologue Part 2. In this track, she sings about how she keeps falling for the wrong men, as many of them have commitment issues. She can’t seem to find the right man!

When talking about her past romances, she sings the lyrics, “Afraid of commitment, super unstable / They’re lovely now, just wait ’til later.”

9. “Narcissus” by Alanis Morissette

In “Narcissus”, which was released on the 2002 album Under Rug Swept, Alanis Morissette sings about a man she dated in the past that only left her heartbroken. She says that this man had everything given to him and never knew how to apologize or do the right thing.

She also explains that he was scared of committing to her — or anyone. As a result, she sings, “And any talk of willingness / And any talk of both feet in / And any talk of commitment / Leaves you running for the door.”

10. “Wassup With It” by Kevin Gates

“Wassup With It” by Kevin Gates follows the rapper as he explains that he doesn’t want a relationship with the girl he’s with. He wants a casual relationship and nothing more. No commitment.

However, Gates also talks about why he doesn’t do well with commitment. He raps, “Commitment-shy from past relationships I guess I’m tainted / You could love or love me not, I ain’t ever changing.”

11. “Crazy ‘Bout You” by Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams’ song “Crazy ‘Bout You”, first released in 1997, is about not wanting to catch feelings. Williams has been hurt in the past. As a result, she swears to never love again!

However, in this song, she admits that she’s falling for someone new, and this scares her. She sings, “There’s a part of me, still in misery / Though I know I got to move on / I’m scared of commitment / I’m scared of what could go wrong.”

12. “Wide Open” by Mike Posner

“Wide Open” by Mike Posner follows the singer as he muses about his own life, as well as his relationships. In this personal track, he also discusses his commitment issues and attempts to move on from a past relationship.

To this extent, he says, “Dusty got shot, and then Osha got married / Stewie still dead, and commitment still scary / I got a new woman, but I treat her like my old one.”

13. “Fear” by Sia

In “Fear”, Sia sings about many people and the different fears they have. Of course, she’s going to mention the fear of commitment! She sings, “And Ade is afraid of commitment / So Carla dumped him today.”

14. “Don’t Disappoint Me” by Ruth B

“Don’t Disappoint Me” by Ruth B opens with the lyrics, “Our generation is scared of commitment / Onto the next one and I’m no different but there’s / Something about you, I kinda wanna stay.”

As the song goes on, Ruth B sings about how she’s going to try to get rid of this fear of commitment, as she likes this person a lot. Even though she knows it might be hard to be together, even though they may struggle, she wants to at least try!

15. “When the Credits Roll” by George Strait

George Strait’s “When the Credits Roll” follows the country singer as he thinks back on his life. He sings about all the different people he’s been in one life and how he’s changed. Looking back on his life, he hopes that he was more good than bad.

But he also talks about his commitment issues here when he sings, “I’ve been the college dropout, the commitment cop out / The coming home prodigal son.”

16. “Moratorium” by Alanis Morissette

Now, we’ve got another Alanis Morissette song! In “Moratorium”, Morissette sings about how she wants to change. She feels tired of her bad habits and the way her relationships worked out. So, she decides to take a break from relationships!

She sings, “I do need a breather from the flavors of entanglement / I declare a full time out from all things commitment.”

17. “Nobody’s In Love This Year” by Warren Zevon

1989’s “Nobody’s In Love This Year” by Warren Zevon also explores commitment issues! Zevon sings about how everybody seems to be breaking up. He even admits that his own relationship struggles with various issues.

And thus, he brings up commitment issues. He sings, “Due to lack of commitment on both of our parts / We’re going our separate ways.”

18. “Cacophony” by blink-182

“Cacophony” by blink-182, which appears on the 1995 album Cheshire Cat, explores a relationship that doesn’t see eye to eye. The singer explains that he doesn’t feel the same as his partner. His partner doesn’t seem to notice this, but he does — and he doesn’t know what to do about it!

He sings the lyrics, “Maybe I’m afraid of commitment / Maybe you’re too distracted to see that.”

19. “Ghosts” by The Jam

1982’s “Ghosts” by The Jam explores how so many people feel scared of vulnerability. They feel scared of commitment. The band says that this seems common and normal to so many — but it shouldn’t.

They sing, “But you keep it hidden just like everyone / You’re scared to show you care, it’ll make you vulnerable / So you wear that ghost around you for disguise.”

However, as the song progresses, the band also pushes for people to not feel scared about this. Instead, they should live life to the fullest and spread love and joy!

20. “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato

Now, let’s discuss the last song on our list: “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. In this 2013 track, Lovato sings about their own fear of falling in love. They don’t want commitment, mainly because of this fear of becoming vulnerable with another. They don’t want someone they fall in love with to hurt them!

Lovato opens the song with the lyrics, “Puttin’ my defenses up / ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love / If I ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack.”