20 Songs About Being Cold-Hearted

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Throughout the decades and in many different genres, many artists have written songs about being in love with someone who is cold-hearted. Musicians have also written songs about being cold-hearted themselves!

Here you’ll find 20 songs about being cold-hearted below!

1. “Cold Hard Heart” by Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi’s 1997 song “Cold Hard Heart” details a breakup. At the beginning of the song, we learn about the couple before they break up. But then Bon Jovi discusses how his partner has left him, living him sad and heartbroken.

He sings the lyrics, “Cold, hard heart / Cold, cruel heart / What’s it gonna take / To break your cold, hard heart”.

Bon Jovi also theorizes in this song that she only left him because she didn’t want to be the one to get hurt. So, if she leaves first, he’ll be the only one heartbroken.

2. “Tourette’s” by Nirvana

“Tourette’s” by Nirvana appears on the band’s 1993 album In Utero. Throughout this entire song, much of what singer Kurt Cobain says can feel unintelligible. As a result, many listeners often take away different meanings about the song — if they take away any meaning.

However, at the very end of the song, Cobain sings, “Mean heart / Cold heart”. He repeats this last phrase over and over again. Therefore, many people believe this song is about a cold-hearted woman.

3. “Cold, Cold Heart” by Hank Williams

“Cold, Cold Heart” is an old song released in 1951 by Hank Williams. Since its release, this song has been covered by many different artists! Williams sings about his love for a woman in this song. However, the one he loves is still upset over something that happened to her in a past relationship.

As a result, she cannot properly move on with him. She’s angry with him and accusing him of things he didn’t do, all because of this previous relationship. Williams sings, “Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?”

At the end of the song, after he spent the whole time singing about how much he loves her and wants to help her, Williams admits that they can’t be together. Instead of being in love with him, she’s still stuck in her past and in a memory of before!

4. “Electric Barbarella” by Duran Duran

In Duran Duran’s 1997 satirical song “Electric Barbarella”, the band sings about loving a fake woman. She’s not real, but they don’t care. The lyrics say, “Princess of my dreams / Emotionless and cold as ice / All of the things I like”.

Therefore, this song is viewing lack of emotions to be a good thing, as this is what they want. They don’t want a real woman.

5. “Cold Hearted” by Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band released the song “Cold Hearted” on the 2010 album You Get What You Give. This song opens with the lyrics, “Fell to my knees with a knife in my back / Never thought you’d be the kind to do something like that / But you did / Cold hearted”.

The singer discusses how his partner did him wrong. He loved her, but she stabbed him in the back, as she’s cold-hearted. He wants her to feel the same pain he feels because of her, as she’s broken his heart.

6. “Cold Hearted Man” by AC/DC

AC/DC first released their hit song “Cold Hearted Man” on their 1978 album Powerage. In this classic rock song, the band sings about a man that nobody quite understands. He’s cold and has never had a friend — or in any way connected with anyone.

The band sings, “Cold-hearted man / And you can’t trust nothin’ you don’t understand”.

7. “Wire” by U2

There are many different interpretations listeners can have for U2’s 1984 song “Wire”. In this song, the singer discusses how he feels both innocent and guilty. He goes on to then describe himself as cold, obviously feeling guilt for some of his actions.

He sings, “Call me / Such a cold heart / Such a cold man”. However, his specific actions are never discussed in detail. Therefore, many interpretations can be made.

8. “She’s So Cold” by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ 1980 song “She’s So Cold”, which appears on their album Emotional Rescue, discusses a cold relationship. Singer Mick Jagger says how much he likes a woman. However, “She’s So Cold”. Eventually, he realizes that he’s better off without her, as she’s cold to the touch!

9. “You’re So Cold” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey released her song “You’re So Cold” on her 1991 album Emotions. Throughout this song, Carey sings, “Why do you need to be so cold?”.

Carey loves the man she’s with. However, he doesn’t treat her right. He lies to her, and he cheats on her. But she can’t seem to leave him, as she loves him. She does know that he’s treating her wrong, though, and she doesn’t understand why he always has to treat her so cold.

10. “Cold Little Heart” by Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka’s 2016 song “Cold Little Heart” appears on his album Love & Hate. In this song, Kiwanuka describes his own heart as cold. He sings, “And I know / In my heart, in this cold heart / I can live or I can die / I believe if I just try / You believe in you and I”.

Throughout the rest of the song, he talks about some problems he has with himself. However, here he also seems to be saying that his partner doesn’t believe in their relationship — possibly because of Kiwanuka’s cold heart.

11. “Sacrifice” by Elton John

Elton John’s 1989 song “Sacrifice” talks about a relationship that is coming to an end, possibly also to a divorce. John sings the lyrics, “Cold, cold heart / Hardened by you / Some things lookin’ better, baby / Just passin’ through”.

After a relationship has gone on for too long, the couple may begin to realize that it needs to end. Here, John states that maybe the relationship may have been better if it never lasted this long.

John also says that the end of the relationship is no longer a “Sacrifice”. As a result, they both should feel okay to leave it before it gets even more toxic — and before they both become more cold-hearted!

12. “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner

Foreigner released their hit song “Cold As Ice” on their 1977 album Foreigner. In this song, the band talks about a relationship where their partner is “Cold As Ice”. They sing, “You’re as cold as ice / You’re willing to sacrifice our love”.

13. “There’s No Emotion” by Pulp

Pulp’s song “There’s No Emotion” also deals with someone calling the singer cold. Now, there are different ways one can take this song. Most likely, this song deals with a romantic relationship. Therefore, the singer’s partner could be telling them that they are cold-hearted.

The singer says that he overhears someone saying these lyrics to him, “In your heart / There’s no emotion / And your soul / Your soul just dried away / There’s no love / No love left in your body; / Standing empty forever / And colder / Every day”.

14. “Space Bound” by Eminem

In Eminem’s 2010 song “Space Bound”, which appears on his album Recovery, he sings about a loving relationship that quickly turns abusive. As a result, he also discusses how he is cold and emotionless.

He raps, “Nobody knows me, I’m cold / Walk down this road all alone / It’s no one’s fault but my own / It’s the path I’ve chosen to go / Frozen as snow, I show no emotion whatsoever”.

15. “Go Away” by Weezer

Weezer’s song “Go Away” was released on their 2014 album Everything Will Be Alright In the End. In this song, the band discusses a romantic relationship that has fallen apart — possibly because of cheating. Weezer’s singer River Cuomo narrates the story from the man’s perspective, while Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino sings from the woman’s perspective.

The song opens with the lines, “Cold-hearted girl / Don’t hurt me like this anymore”. From these lines alone, which are spoken by the man, we assume that the girl did something wrong in the relationship.

However, as the song goes on, we learn that this man possibly cheated on her. He even admits that he did wrong, and now he knows that he needs her in his life. But the woman just tells him to “Go Away”.

16. “Cold Blooded” by Kid Cudi

“Cold Blooded” by Kid Cudi is perhaps one of the best rap songs about being cold-hearted. In this 2013 song, Cudi sings “You know I’m cold”. Throughout the song, he takes shots at many people. For the most part, he takes down anyone who doesn’t like him — or anyone who never believed in him.

17. “Cold Blooded” by Khalid

In Khalid’s 2017 song “Cold Blooded”, he talks about how he loves a woman who is cold — yet Khalid himself feels “Cold Blooded” without her. In this song, he references all the ways this woman is bad for him.

Even though he gives her his love, it doesn’t seem to be enough for her. He feels that she doesn’t even want him, or that she’s using him for some ulterior motive (like revenge on an ex). However, even though Khalid knows she’s bad news for him, he also can’t help but want her back!

18. “Jessica” by Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield released his song “Jessica” on his 1976 album Wait for Night. In this song, Springfield sings about a girl named Jessica whom he wants to be with. However, everyone knows that she’s cold and hard as stone.

But Springfield thinks that he can make her melt — and that she would never hurt him as people say. He doesn’t believe that she’s as cold as everyone makes her out to be!

19. “Juicebox” by The Strokes

The Strokes’ 2005 song “Juicebox” discusses a friendship or relationship that has fallen apart. The band themselves said that this song can be about any sort of relationship.

The lyrics say, “Old time grudges / Will die so slowly / I know you miss the / Way I saw you”. The band then goes on to say, “You’re so cold”.

A relationship, whether a friendship or a romance, has fallen apart, and now the singer has a grudge against this cold-hearted person. Even though this person may want to be back in the singer’s life, he won’t let this happen, as he still has a grudge against them for what they’ve done.

20. “Down in the Subway” by Soft Cell

Finally, we have Soft Cell’s 1984 song “Down in the Subway”, which appears on their album This Last Night in Sodom. In this song, the singer discusses how he wants to be in a relationship with a woman, but she won’t admit that they are together. She’s stalling and messing with his head.

As a result, he sings, “Cold-hearted baby / You’re too mean to smile”. He also sings about how sad he is over this situation, as the woman he loves just won’t let him be. So, “Down in the Subway” he cries and thinks about how much he wants to die because of her.