20 Songs About Accidents

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Written By Julia Mehalko

Julia is a music journalist with a passion for retro songs. She holds a degree in journalism from University of Nevada.

Regardless of whether we like it or not, accidents happen. As a result, musicians have long penned stories and poems about accidents, whether these were happy accidents about falling in love or real-life tragedies, such as car crashes.

Because accidents can often result in tragedy, songs about accidents can often be incredibly moving. With these 20 songs about accidents below, you can find both joy and heartbreak in the aftermath of an accident!

1. “Happy Accidents” by Saint Motel

“Happy Accidents” by Saint Motel follows the singer as he discusses how lucky he is that he met his romantic partner. He questions what would have happened if they had never met. As meeting this person was random in itself, he realizes what a “happy accident” it was.

The band sings, “Ever think what if we never met? / You love me, but you don’t know it yet / Everything is just an accident / A happy accident.”

2. “Thriller” by Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s 2007 song “Thriller”, which appears on their album Infinity on High, details the band’s rise to fame. However, this song also is a thank you of sorts to the fans who have stuck by the band from the very beginning.

In the chorus of the song, the band sings about car crashes — though not literally. Instead, they compare “car crash hearts” to themselves and their fans, melodramatic or poet people who feel love and life deeply.

As a result, they sing the lyrics, “So long live the car crash hearts, cry on the couch and / All the poets come to life, fix me in forty-five.”

3. “Car Crash” by Matt Nathanson

“Car Crash” by Matt Nathanson, first released in 2007, follows the singer as he embraces accidents in car crashes. In fact, he sings about wanting this to happen! In this song, he explains that he wants to live life to the fullest — and out of his comfort zone. Therefore, he doesn’t want to be scared of the accidents and tragedies of life.

He explains these feelings by singing, “I wanna feel the car crash / I wanna feel the capsize / I wanna feel the bomb drop, the Earth stop / Till I’m satisfied.”

4. “Underwater” by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara’s song “Underwater” also details accidents, yet not in a literal way. The duo sings about how they’re struggling and feel as if they are “Underwater” in this song. However, they have hope that they will soon be able to better themselves.

To help get their mental state across, they sing, “I’m a car crash but I have to get it up / And every morning it’s a clean up / And all I need is time, time to love you.”

5. “Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters

“Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters is a great 90s song about accidents. First released in 1997, this song follows the band as they discuss how they don’t want to be fooled by someone they love — or used to love. They don’t want to be manipulated.

As a result, they sing, “Don’t want to be your monkey wrench / One more indecent accident / I’d rather leave than suffer this / I’ll never be your monkey wrench.”

6. “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” by U2

“Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” by U2 is an interesting song that tells a story from the point of view of a ghost or spirit that follows a young woman around. This young woman is in an abusive relationship, and the narrator wants her to leave — but she never hears the ghost or spirit.

As the narrator describes her, he mentions how she looks like a car accident. The band sings the lyrics, “Dressed up like a car crash / Your wheels are turnin’ but you’re upside down.”

7. “What’s Good” by Tyler, the Creator


Tyler, the Creator’s song “What’s Good” follows the rapper as he explains his life and talks about different aspects of his life, as well as his thoughts. He also talks about a real car crash he was in and how he feels he was saved.

He raps, “That car crash couldn’t take me / Green-haired angels all around me.”

8. “Need a Little Time” by Courtney Barnett

2018’s “Need a Little Time” by Courtney Barnett also discusses accidents. In this song, which appears on her album Tell Me How You Really Feel, Barnett talks about how she needs some time to herself. This could be seen as her desire to momentarily step away from her fame and her career, as she may feel that everything is slipping out of her control.

As she discusses her feelings, she also talks about car accidents. She sings the lyrics, “Everybody wants to have their say / Forever waiting for some car crash / I need a little time out.”

9. “Hospital Flowers” by Owl City

Owl City’s 2011 song “Hospital Flowers” is about finding more happiness and meaning in life after a near-death accident. The song opens with the lines, “I survived a dreadful accident / In the car crash of the century / My shattered hopes collapsed on cold cement / But in the back of the ambulance, I’d never felt so content.”

10. “Never Let Me Down” by Kanye West

In Kanye West’s 2004 song “Never Let Me Down”, which also features Jay-Z and J. Ivy, the rapper details how he will never let his family or his grandparents down, as they helped make him who he is. Meanwhile, Jay-Z raps that he’ll never let the rap scene down, while J. Ivy sings that God will never let him down.

Thus, they all explain how certain things will never let them down throughout this song. West also talks about a real-life car accident he was in and how he chooses to see it positively now.

He raps, “And you sent tears from heaven when you seen my car get balled up / But I can’t complain what the accident did to my left eye.”

11. “Camisado” by Panic! at the Disco

“Camisado” by Panic! at the Disco, which appears on the band’s 2005 album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, was inspired by the band’s guitarist’s father’s alcoholism. The song opens with the lyrics, “The I.V. and your hospital bed / This was no accident, this was a therapeutic chain of events.”

Much of the song takes place in a hospital after this accident, as a result. This song is also one of the most moving sad songs on this list!

12. “Copycat” by The Cranberries


The Cranberries’ 1999 song “Copycat” opens with the lines, “They had an accident / But they never noticed anyway / A lack of originality / Couldn’t focus on the day.” The rest of the song follows the band as they talk about how nobody is original anymore. Instead, everybody copies each other — and the band doesn’t want this to happen to themselves.

13. “Complicated” by Fitz and the Tantrums

“Complicated” by Fitz and the Tantrums, released on the band’s self-titled 2016 album, follows a toxic romantic relationship that the singer knows is wrong. He knows that this person isn’t right for him. However, he stays with his partner.

As he discusses the toxicity of this relationship, he also talks about car crashes and accidents. The band sings, “Glowin’ in the blacklight / Spinning out from last night / Burnin’ down the road fast / Kissin’ like a car crash.”

14. “Possibly Maybe” by Björk

Björk’s 1995 song “Possibly Maybe” follows the singer as she discusses the end of a romantic relationship. At the beginning of the song, the singer explains the beginning of her relationship. She explains that she wasn’t sure what would become of their romance, as anything was possible.

She details this by singing, “Uncertainty excites me, baby / Who knows what’s going to happen? / Lottery or car crash / Or you’ll join a cult.”

15. “Down in the Park” by Foo Fighters

“Down in the Park” by Foo Fighters, which appears on the band’s 1996 album Medium Rare, is a cover of Gary Numan’s song. In this popular cover song, the band sings about tragedies and accidents.

At the beginning of the song, they sing the lyrics, “Down in the park with a friend called Five / I was in a car crash or was it the war? / But I’ve never been quite the same / Little white lies like I was there.”

16. “Low Light” by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s 1998 song “Low Light” also talks about accidents. There are many different interpretations of this song, thanks to the vague lyrics. However, this song does seem to be about the singer feeling lost, particularly in a relationship where he’s feeling jealous.

As a result, he talks about car crashes. The band sings in the chorus, “Low light / Car crash / Low light / Can’t wear my mask, your first, my last.”

17. “Wishing I Was There” by Natalie Imbruglia

“Wishing I Was There” by Natalie Imbruglia details a romantic relationship that has a few issues. Imbruglia sings that she knows her partner will leave her, which she doesn’t want to happen. However, she also sings about how she brings about accidents in the relationship.

She explains by saying, “I know, I get cold / ‘Cause I can’t leave things well alone / Understand I’m accident prone.”

18. “Luminous Times (Hold on to Love)” by U2

U2’s 1987 song “Luminous Times (Hold on to Love)”, which appears on their iconic album The Joshua Tree, also discusses a romantic relationship. However, it doesn’t appear that this relationship has many issues — even though the band says that this woman is similar to a car crash.

When discussing this woman, the band sings the lyrics, “She is the gunfire / She is the car crash / She is the avalanche / She is the thunder.”

19. “Take It All Away” by Cake

2004’s “Take It All Away” by Cake takes listeners through a romantic relationship that is coming to an end. The singer knows that this relationship must end, as their partner has been treating them wrong. However, it seems neither of them will be able to exit this relationship without a fight — or at least a little bit of drama.

As a result, the band compares the breakdown of this relationship to an ongoing car crash. They sing, “You’ve been racing through my mind / You’re picking up in speed / You’re driving recklessly / It’s like a car crash happening on my street.”

20. “Departure” by R.E.M.

Finally, we have the last song on this list! “Departure” by R.E.M., first released in 1996, seems to follow the singer’s state of mind while he’s traveling. However, the song also mentions a romantic relationship, as well. Therefore, this song could be about the singer’s personal life, as well as his romantic one.

As he talks about his state of mind, he brings up accidents. The band sings, “A car crash, ptomaine, disposable lighter / A bus plunge, avalanche, RV, vinegar cider / Free-fall, motorcycle, hang-glider.”