Meaning of “Yes to Heaven” by Lana Del Rey

Written By Michael Miller

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“Yes to Heaven” is a profound song by Lana Del Rey that speaks about unwavering dedication and the choice to love unconditionally. At its core, the song talks about the power of saying ‘yes’ to love, taking leaps of faith, and having trust in a relationship. The lyrics shed light on a person’s commitment to staying by their partner’s side, even when faced with uncertainties. It emphasizes the idea of giving peace a chance, letting go of fears, and fully immersing oneself in love. The repetitive lines “Say yes to Heaven, Say yes to me” highlight the deep longing and hope for reciprocation of this intense commitment.

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“Yes to Heaven” Lyrics Meaning

Lana Del Rey starts off with “If you dance, I’ll dance, And if you don’t, I’ll dance anyway.” This signifies an unwavering commitment. Whether her partner is with her or not, she chooses to embrace life, dancing through the highs and lows. The line “Give peace a chance, Let the fear you have fall away” encourages letting go of apprehensions and embracing love fully.

The chorus, “Say yes to Heaven, Say yes to me” is a plea for commitment. It’s a call to transcend earthly concerns and embrace a divine, ethereal love. It’s about hoping for an affirmation from the partner to join her in this heavenly commitment to love.

“If you go, I’ll stay, You come back, I’ll be right here” further cements the theme of unwavering dedication. It’s a promise of being a constant, a rock that will always be there regardless of the situation. The imagery of “a barge at sea” signifies steadiness even during turbulent times.

The line “I’ll put my red dress on, get it on” symbolizes passion and a willingness to celebrate love, whereas “And if you fight, I’ll fight” showcases a shared journey through thick and thin. The essence is clear: she’s all in, regardless of circumstances.

Why Was “Yes to Heaven” Written?

Lana Del Rey is known for her deep, soulful songs that often explore the themes of love, longing, and the complexities of relationships. “Yes to Heaven” could be a reflection of a personal experience or an observation. When penning this song, Lana might have been in a place where she felt an intense, divine love. It could also be an ode to an unwavering commitment and the beauty of saying ‘yes’ to love and life’s experiences. The lyrics serve as a testament to the power of love and its ability to heal, comfort, and bring peace, even during life’s storms.