Meaning of “Who Is She ?” by I Monster

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Who Is She?” by I Monster captures the essence of yearning for a mysterious woman who seems elusive and perhaps a figment of the singer’s imagination. The repetitive questioning suggests a sense of uncertainty about her existence. The song is possibly about a woman named Ayesha and contemplates whether she’s real or a dream. The songwriter taps into a universal feeling of longing and the pursuit of a love that seems almost ethereal, challenging the boundaries between reality and dreams.

Read on to uncover the layers of this mesmerizing track.

“Who Is She?” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with the line “Oh, who is she?” a query that sets the tone of wonder and curiosity. The immediate follow-up, “A misty memory,” implies that the woman is someone from the past or perhaps an ephemeral vision, not tangible yet impacting.

“A haunting face, Is she a lost embrace?” suggests that she may have once been close, a lost love or a fleeting moment of connection. The term “haunting” indicates that her memory is persistent and affecting, always lingering in the mind.

The phrase “Am I in love with just a theme? Or is Ayesha just a dream?” throws a twist. The singer introduces a name, ‘Ayesha.’ This could be the name of the woman, or it could represent a symbol of his desires and dreams. The lyric questions the nature of the singer’s feelings. Is it for a real person or just an idea, a dream, or a figment of imagination?

The next set of lines: “I call her name, Across an endless plain, She’ll answer me, Wherever she may be” creates a feeling of vastness. There’s a sense of determination in trying to reach out, believing that even if separated by time or distance, their souls are connected.

The climax of the song, “Somewhere across the sea of time, A love immortal such as mine, Will come to me, Eternally, Immortal she, Return to me” deepens the concept of an eternal bond. The sea of time metaphor suggests an enduring love that surpasses the constraints of time, hinting at reincarnation or the idea that true love is timeless and boundless.

Why Was “Who Is She?” Written?

Diving into the backdrop of the song, one can speculate about the state of mind of the writer. It’s possible they were reflecting on a past relationship or an unattainable love, causing them to pen down these feelings of yearning and searching. The song could also be a product of the writer’s introspection on the thin line between reality and the realm of dreams, questioning the authenticity of feelings derived from both.

The repeated question “Who is she?” could signify a personal struggle with memories, the difficulty in discerning real memories from dreams, or even the challenge of moving on from a past love. The introduction of ‘Ayesha’ might be a clue to the specifics of the songwriter’s experience. It’s possible that Ayesha represents a real person from their past, or she could be a metaphorical embodiment of an idealized love.

In conclusion, “Who Is She?” might be a tribute to a love lost, a dream chased, or the universal human experience of longing for something or someone seemingly out of reach.