Meaning of “Wasting Angels” by Post Malone (Ft. The Kid LAROI)

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Wasting Angels” by Post Malone featuring The Kid LAROI is a melancholic reflection on the pitfalls of fame, past relationships, and missed connections. The song portrays the emotions of someone who’s ridden the rollercoaster of success, feeling both the exhilaration and the loneliness that comes with it. It delves deep into themes of nostalgia, substance abuse, and the longing to connect with “angels” or significant individuals from the past. The lyrics suggest a desire to hold onto meaningful connections amidst the chaos of celebrity life.

Dive in to unravel the nuances of “Wasting Angels”.

“Wasting Angels” Lyrics Meaning

Starting with the lines, “This is like a private plane up on my ring. This is like the first time I bought a chain,” we’re introduced to the allure of success. These symbols of wealth and luxury highlight the excitement and novelty that initially accompanies fame. Yet, juxtaposing this is the line, “This is like when I was sane before the fame,” indicating the mental and emotional toll the spotlight can bring.

“Oh, oh, this life is crazy” is a recurring sentiment throughout the song. It not only emphasizes the chaotic nature of the celebrity lifestyle but also the internal conflict the artist feels.

The reference to a “Vividus bed” contrasts the luxury the artist can afford with the torment he feels, signified by the “devil on my back.” Despite the material success, there’s an underlying battle with personal demons.

The chorus, with lines like “I won’t let another angel go to waste,” suggests a deep regret over lost relationships and connections that were sacrificed or overlooked in the pursuit of fame.

The verses paint a vivid picture of the escapism sought through substances and the emotional distance created between the artist and their loved ones: “I blacked out, left a hundred missed calls on your phone. I mixed my drink with a couple of drugs.”

The repeated lines, “I should listen to you now, if I never have,” further emphasize regret, hinting at ignored advice or overlooked love, leading to a sense of longing and sorrow.

Why Was “Wasting Angels” Written?

Delving into the inspiration behind “Wasting Angels,” one can speculate that Post Malone and The Kid LAROI were expressing the struggles that come with rapid success. The whirlwind of fame, while exhilarating, often comes with feelings of isolation and detachment.

There’s a common narrative in the music industry about artists who achieve monumental success but find themselves grappling with the accompanying pressures. For many, fame becomes a double-edged sword, bringing both unprecedented opportunities and unforeseen challenges.

The song likely reflects a period in the artists’ lives where they were coming to terms with the reality of their success, understanding the trade-offs, and reconciling with the relationships and memories of a time before the limelight.

In essence, “Wasting Angels” is a soulful introspection, reminding us that the glittering world of celebrity isn’t always as glamorous as it seems and that holding onto genuine connections becomes even more crucial amidst the chaos.