Meaning of “Wait” by M83

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Wait” by M83 is a poignant piece exploring themes of loss, transience, and the inexorable passage of time. It prompts listeners to let go of their sorrows, depicting a world where dreams and pain are surrendered to the eternal tides. The song seems to evoke a sense of eternity and a cosmic indifference to human plight, symbolized by the recurring phrase “No time.” M83 likely penned this song to reflect on the impermanence of existence and the transient nature of human emotions.

Discover the deeper meanings and hidden emotions interwoven in the fibers of “Wait” by M83, as we delve into a detailed analysis of this soul-stirring masterpiece.

“Wait” Lyrics Meaning

“Send your dreams where nobody hides

Give your tears to the tide…”

The beginning lines suggest a liberation of one’s dreams and sorrows, proposing a release into the boundless sea, a place unconcealed, open, and infinite. It implies a sense of freedom and the unburdening of the suppressed emotions, allowing one to dissolve into the grandeur and the mystery of the universe.

“No time

No time…”

This recurring motif of “No time” resounds as a metaphor for eternity and the relentless, irreversible march of time. It seems to indicate a world beyond our comprehension, a universe indifferent to the tribulations and the ephemeral nature of human life. It’s a compelling reminder of the fleeting moments and the ephemeral nature of our existence.

“There’s no end, there is no goodbye

Disappear with the night…”

These lines possibly denote the perpetual and unending nature of the cosmos. The use of “Disappear with the night” implies a dissolving, a blending into the eternal darkness, signifying the inconsequential and transient essence of human emotions and experiences in the grand cosmic dance.

In dissecting these lyrics, one can sense the overarching theme of transcendence and impermanence that M83 likely intended to convey. The metaphors and imageries in “Wait” prompt listeners to reflect on their existence and emotions within the infinite canvas of the universe, nudging them to relinquish their anguish and merge into the cosmic symphony.

Why Was “Wait” Written?

Delving into why “Wait” was written provides a richer context to the song’s profound lyrics. M83, when composing this piece, might have been in a contemplative state, reflecting on existential themes and the human condition. The song emanates a profound sense of introspection, potentially mirroring the songwriter’s inner exploration of his relationship with the universe and his place within it.

Understanding the mental and emotional space the writer occupied while creating “Wait” gives depth to the interpretation of the song. It is likely that the songwriter was grappling with concepts of existence, eternity, and the transient nature of emotions, seeking to express these contemplations through the hauntingly beautiful and ethereal melody of “Wait.” This exploration of deeper realms of existence and human emotions makes “Wait” a timeless piece that resonates with listeners, urging them to ponder their journey within the limitless expanse of time and space.