Meaning of “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Two Princes” by Spin Doctors is a catchy 90s song that centers around two men trying to win the affection of a woman. While one prince seems financially stable with diamonds in his pockets, the other offers genuine love, even if it means the woman’s father would disown her. The song plays on the age-old concept of choosing between love and money. Through its lively rhythm and candid lyrics, the songwriter sends a message about the timeless tug-of-war between genuine feelings and materialistic temptations.

Stay tuned, and let’s dig deeper into the story behind the lyrics and what the Spin Doctors wanted to convey.

“Two Princes” Lyrics Meaning:

“Two Princes” kicks off with a declaration: two suitors are competing for the attention of one woman. While the lyrics may sound simple on the surface, they harbor a deeper meaning.

One, two princes kneel before you

This sets the stage, presenting the woman with a choice.

Princes, princes who adore you

Both men clearly have strong feelings for her, but their ways of expressing it differ.

One has diamonds in his pockets

This prince is the wealthy one. Diamonds, a symbol of luxury and opulence, highlight his financial capability.

This one said he wants to buy you rockets

An exaggerated promise, likely signifying that his intentions are more superficial, rooted in showcasing material wealth.

This one he got a princely racket… Got some big seal upon his jacket

These lines again emphasize the grandeur and formality of the first prince.

You marry him, your father will condone you… You marry me, your father will disown you

The heart of the dilemma. The first prince is the “right” choice in society’s eyes and the father’s perspective. In contrast, the second prince, while he doesn’t have wealth or status, offers true love.

Marry him, marry me… I’m the one that loved you baby can’t you see?

The second prince’s plea to be recognized for his genuine emotions. He might not have a grand future or lineage, but he knows the essence of love.

Said if you want to call me baby… And if you like to talk for hours

This part showcases the second prince’s genuine desire to build a connection. He’s open to conversations, spending time, and building an emotional bond.

By the end of the song, the repetitive “Just go ahead now” may signify the urgency or the push the second prince feels in making his case, urging the woman to make a choice.

Why Was “Two Princes” Written?

Spin Doctors, in their heyday, were known for their catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics. “Two Princes” is no exception. The song comes across as a playful tune but underscores a deeper narrative. It mirrors the age-old tale of choosing between what society deems ‘right’ and what the heart truly desires.

Given the band’s history and their inclination towards storytelling through music, it’s possible that the songwriter penned this track as a reflection on societal pressures, especially in romantic relationships. It might have been inspired by personal experiences or simply an observation of the world around them.

The song’s universal theme resonates with listeners even today, making it a timeless classic. The idea of choices, especially in love, remains relevant. Through “Two Princes”, Spin Doctors ask us to question what’s truly important: wealth and societal approval or genuine connection and love?