Meaning of “Turned to Stone” by Obituary

Written By Michael Miller

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The song “Turned to Stone” by Obituary delves deep into the transformation of a person due to time, experiences, and emotions. The central theme revolves around the emotional hardening that individuals undergo when faced with adversities or when lost in the whirlwind of life’s challenges. Through the evocative lyrics, the songwriter paints a vivid picture of someone who has become distant, indifferent, and unresponsive, metaphorically “turned to stone.” While it’s not clear if the song is about a specific individual, the poignant message remains universally relatable: the vulnerability of our emotions in a world that can be unyieldingly harsh.

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“Turned to Stone” Lyrics Meaning

The song commences with the words “I will find out in time,” suggesting a journey of self-discovery or realization. This journey, though, isn’t necessarily a pleasant one. The subsequent line, “Which way turns you back to a shell of silence,” portrays a return to a state of isolation or emotional withdrawal.

“Back to a shell of former self” reinforces the idea of a regression to an earlier state of being, possibly before life’s traumas took their toll. The chorus, “You turned to stone,” serves as a haunting reminder of this transformation, emphasizing the song’s core message of emotional hardening.

The words “You, me, tied by time” imply a shared experience or a bond between two individuals. However, this bond is strained as they find themselves “so cold” and “locked in a state of silence.” The imagery here reflects the emotional barriers we sometimes erect to protect ourselves, even if it means cutting off from those we hold dear.

“In time pain calls true” is a stark acknowledgment that pain is an inevitable part of life and, with time, its effects are laid bare. Yet, as the song proceeds with “Enter seas of sanity,” there’s an underlying hope of finding solace or clarity amidst the chaos.

However, hope is fleeting, as the lyrics shift back to the dark imagery of “Back to the realm of certain death, back to the realm of the living dead.” This paints a bleak picture of existence, where one feels like they’re merely surviving rather than truly living, embodying the essence of the song’s title.

Why Was “Turned to Stone” Written?

Given the emotional depth and intense imagery, it’s evident that the songwriter was going through a tumultuous period. The song encapsulates feelings of desolation, introspection, and the universal human experience of confronting pain and adversity. The references to being “locked” and “cold” hint at a sense of entrapment and emotional desolation, suggesting that the writer was grappling with inner demons or past traumas. The repetitive chorus “You turned to stone” can be seen as a cathartic release, a way to express the profound impact these experiences have had. It serves as both a lamentation and a reflection of the resilience it takes to navigate through life’s stormy seas.