Meaning of “The Weekend” by SZA

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“The Weekend” by SZA delves into the complexities of a love triangle. The song is about sharing a man with another woman and how it feels to be “the weekend” girl, the one who is there just for temporary pleasure. The message SZA delivers is complex, layered, and tinged with emotional vulnerability. It’s about finding empowerment in a situation that most would consider less than ideal. While SZA isn’t proud of the situation, she finds solace in being needed, even if it’s just for the weekend.

Stick around. We’re diving deep into the lyrics to uncover the emotional layers hidden beneath the catchy tunes.

“The Weekend” Lyrics Meaning

Let’s break it down, line by line. The song kicks off with the lines “You say you got a girl / Yeah, how you want me? / How you want me when you got a girl?” Right away, we know we’re in murky waters. SZA knows she’s part of a messy situation but plunges in anyway. The feeling is “reckless,” “selfish,” and she’s “desperate.”

The song’s chorus echoes the sentiments. “My man is my man, is your man, heard it’s her man too.” There’s a duality to SZA’s words. She’s neither condoning nor condemning the situation. She’s observing it, living it, and giving it a space to exist.

She goes on to say, “I just keep him satisfied through the weekend / You like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend.” These lines reflect the dynamic between her and the man’s main woman. The other woman has the weekdays, the routine, maybe even the emotional connection. SZA has the weekend, the days for letting loose, the space where anything can happen. In a way, she is the escape, the adventure that the man seeks.

“I gotta say I’m in the mood for a little bit more of that / I mean I’m saying what kind of deal, just two days?” SZA becomes more reflective here, questioning the arrangement. She’s okay with it but wouldn’t mind more.

“Bright ideas, we’ve got bright ideas.” Perhaps, a hope for something different or a realization that they are all fooling themselves, keeping this delicate balance going.

All in all, the song is a deep dive into the psyche of someone who is “the other woman.” The feelings are not black and white. They are complicated and, at times, painfully honest.

Why Was “The Weekend” Written?

SZA was likely grappling with conflicting emotions and moral dilemmas when she penned this song. It’s a snapshot of a particular mindset, one that’s riddled with both empowerment and vulnerability. While it’s hard to say exactly what state of mind SZA was in when she wrote “The Weekend,” it’s clear that she’s offering a nuanced look at relationships. This isn’t a song that glamorizes or vilifies its subject matter. Instead, it offers a raw, unfiltered look at the complexities of modern love, lust, and longing.