Meaning of “Super Freaky Girl” by Nicki Minaj

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Super Freaky Girl” is about empowerment and owning one’s sexuality. The song’s protagonist is a confident woman who knows her worth and is unapologetic about her desires. The lyrics playfully tackle themes of self-assurance and sexual independence. While the chorus highlights her partner’s appreciation for her unique charm, the verses focus on her self-belief, setting boundaries, and standing out from the crowd. The track appears to be a message to both her admirers and her critics, asserting her dominance in both her personal life and the music industry.

Dive in deeper, and you might just discover the genius and artistry behind Nicki’s words.

“Super Freaky Girl” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with a catchy hook, implying the protagonist’s desirability: “She’s alright. That girl’s alright with me.” Right off the bat, it sets the tone of the track – a woman comfortable in her skin.

The lines “I can lick it, I can ride it while you slippin’ and slidin'” focus on the protagonist’s confidence in her ability to satisfy her partner’s desires, indicating her sexual empowerment.

Nicki showcases her dominance with lines like “One thing about me, I’m the baddest alive” and “They can’t be Nicki, they so stupid, I just laugh when they try.” Here, she’s calling out her critics and those who try to imitate her, asserting her unique position in the industry.

Further, the line “His ex bitch went up against me, but she didn’t survive” might be seen as a slight dig at her competitors in the music scene. It reinforces the message of her being unparalleled.

In the segment “This ain’t Chanel, nigga, custom down”, she differentiates herself from the mainstream, highlighting her exclusivity.

The lyrics, “Hold up, fuckboys, ain’t need no for you to roll up,” serves as a reminder to set boundaries and weed out negativity.

The later part of the song emphasizes her stature, with mentions of other significant artists like Master P and Rihanna (Rih). The inclusion of these names adds to the essence of her being a big player in the industry.

Why Was “Super Freaky Girl” Written?

Nicki Minaj has always been vocal about asserting herself, both as an artist and a woman. The song appears to be a reflection of the phase in her life where she’s fully embracing her identity without reservations. Minaj, in the past, has faced a myriad of criticisms, often directed at her bold and unapologetic nature. “Super Freaky Girl” can be seen as her taking control of the narrative, addressing her critics head-on, and celebrating her uniqueness.

Moreover, Minaj is known to push boundaries and challenge societal norms, especially when it comes to a woman’s expression of her sexuality. This track can be seen as a manifesto of such challenges, where she reclaims the word “freak” and turns it into a badge of honor, embracing her desires and quirks.

It’s a celebration of being true to oneself, no matter how others perceive you. By setting this tone, Minaj encourages her listeners to embrace their own uniqueness and stand tall amidst criticism.