Meaning of “Spillways” by Ghost

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

Wondering what “Spillways” by Ghost is all about? In a nutshell, the song dives deep into the internal struggles of the human psyche. It explores themes of faith, anger, and pain, hinting that these emotions aren’t just transient phases but parts of an ongoing battle. The song tells us that forgiveness isn’t the only pathway to overcoming hardship. Sometimes, you have to confront the “cruel beast” within and let your emotions “bleed through the spillways” to truly feel alive.

Keep reading to unravel the nuances of “Spillways” by Ghost, and get a whole new perspective on the song!

“Spillways” Lyrics Meaning

From the get-go, “Through benediction, you tried to rid your mind of malediction,” the song touches on the difficulty of trying to find inner peace. Benediction refers to a blessing or divine support, while malediction is more of a curse. The contrast suggests that the person is caught in an internal struggle between positive and negative forces.

“Your desolation led you into this vile incarnation of consummated bliss,” offers another layer of depth. It paints a picture of someone who has reached a state of bliss, not from happiness but rather from embracing their isolation and despair. This suggests that sometimes negative experiences can bring a form of satisfaction, or “consummated bliss,” as it’s described here.

The chorus, “All your faith, all your rage, all your pain, it ain’t over now,” suggests that emotional turbulence is a constant cycle. The songwriter makes it clear that whatever you’re going through isn’t easily erased, and you may need to face it head-on.

The term “spillways” usually refers to channels used to release excess water from dams, but here, it symbolizes emotional outlets. “It’s the cruel beast that you feed, it’s your burning yearning need to bleed through the spillways,” means that there’s an inherent need to let out these pent-up feelings. The song says it’s essential to confront your internal “beast” to find some sense of equilibrium or release.

Lastly, “You keep a casket buried deep within. You try to mask it but fall back in sin,” alludes to the secrets or darker sides that people keep hidden. But as the song indicates, these hidden aspects always find a way to surface, suggesting an ongoing struggle with one’s inner demons.

Why Was “Spillways” Written?

Understanding the backdrop against which “Spillways” was penned can offer more insight into its depth. The songwriter was likely grappling with complex emotions and internal conflicts. The song serves as a mirror to the human condition, reflecting how we all have our internal battles, whether it’s with faith, anger, or sorrow. It pushes the notion that life isn’t just about seeking forgiveness or societal acceptance. Sometimes, you have to face the darker aspects of your psyche to understand yourself better.