Meaning of “Show Me How” by Men I Trust

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Show Me How” by Men I Trust is a poignant song exploring the emotional terrain of longing, vulnerability, and unrequited love. The singer seems to ask for guidance in understanding someone who’s both emotionally captivating but distant. It feels like a conversation with someone you care for deeply but can’t seem to reach emotionally. A mix of idealization and the harsh reality that the “friend I’m dreaming of is far away” makes this song a hauntingly beautiful ode to love’s complexities.

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“Show Me How” Lyrics Meaning

The song kicks off with, “Show me how you care, Tell me how you loved before.” Right off the bat, it’s an emotional plea. The singer is asking to be let in, not just for the joys but the heartaches as well. It’s like saying, “I want to know all of you, not just the surface-level stuff.”

“Show me how you smile, Tell me why your hands are cold.” This line digs deeper. A smile can convey joy but also mask pain. And the cold hands? Maybe it’s a metaphor for emotional unavailability. The singer wants to understand why this person is so guarded.

The chorus “I’m turning around, I’m having visions of you, But then I understand, The friend I’m dreaming of is far away” ties back into the dreamy, yearning vibe of the song. The singer realizes that the emotional and maybe even physical distance between them is insurmountable. The word ‘friend’ also adds a layer of complexity. This isn’t just about a lover; it could be a friend you wish you were closer to, emotionally or romantically.

“But I’m here, I’m here,” emphasizes the singer’s emotional presence and willingness to connect. The tragedy? The other person doesn’t seem to reciprocate.

“Show me how you’re proud, Tell me how you reach the moon.” This part is really fascinating. The “moon” may symbolize something unattainable or mysterious. Asking how to “reach the moon” is like saying, “Tell me your secrets, your ambitions; let me into your world.”

“My thoughts err away tonight, My heart fell to love again” captures that drifting feeling when you’re lost in your thoughts about someone, and you find yourself falling in love all over again, despite the odds.

Why Was “Show Me How” Written?

Diving into the backstory, it’s essential to look at where Men I Trust was emotionally when creating this song. Given the nuanced feelings of longing and yearning, it seems likely that the songwriter had recently experienced emotional distance with someone they deeply cared about. The lyrics echo a state of mind many of us have been in—feeling close yet so far from someone who occupies our thoughts but perhaps doesn’t feel the same way. The song serves as an emotional outlet, an attempt to navigate the confusing corridors of human connection and the pain of unrequited love.