Meaning of “Rich Flex” by Drake

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Rich Flex” by Drake narrates a narrative of affluence, swagger, and certain disregard for the detractors. The song seems to be a manifestation of Drake’s journey, experiences, and his run-ins with people who question his authority and credibility. It’s a mix of a celebration of wealth and a cautionary tale, possibly meant to serve as a reminder of the power dynamics in the music industry and society. It’s not specifically about any one person but more of a commentary on the environment and the attitudes within the industry.

Dive deep with me as we dissect each line and unwrap the intricacies of Drake’s artistry!

“Rich Flex” Lyrics Meaning

Drake’s “Rich Flex” speaks volumes on affluence and influence, revealing aspects of his life, beliefs, and encounters in the music industry. The song starts with a vivid depiction of a lavish lifestyle, filled with exuberance and seemingly reckless enjoyment, perhaps illustrating Drake’s position at the top and the life that accompanies it.

The lyrics “walk around the world / Steppin’ not givin’ a damn ’bout where our feet land at” exemplify a life unrestrained by borders or boundaries, suggesting a level of freedom and autonomy that accompanies fame and wealth. It’s not about apathy; it’s about the supremacy and independence that he enjoys.

The presence of “21” in the song brings an additional layer of grit and rawness to the narrative. 21 Savage’s distinct style and Drake’s finesse combine to create a stark contrast, serving to amplify the overall message of power and defiance within the song.

The mention of “Yellow diamonds in the watch, this sh- cost a lot” is a clear nod to the wealth amassed, possibly serving as a reminder to the naysayers about Drake’s sustained success and financial prowess.

When he states, “I’m a savage (21) / Smack her booty in Magic (21),” it feels like a declaration of being unapologetically oneself, irrespective of the judgement and the norms prevalent in the society. It’s a bold statement about living life on one’s terms.

Towards the end, “Slaughter Gang sh-, ayy, murder gang sh-,” represents not only an alliance but a shared philosophy, a mutual understanding and respect between the artists, acknowledging the struggles and the conquests within the industry.

In “I used to roll with CMG, the house is not a BNB,” Drake seems to be reminiscing about his past affiliations and the transient nature of the industry, highlighting the impermanence and the constant evolution within his journey.

The lines “Get a lot of love from 12, but I don’t reciprocate / 51 division stay patrolling when it’s late,” dive into the delicate dynamics with law enforcement, painting a picture of tension and wary coexistence, possibly commenting on the relationships and perceptions surrounding artists in the industry.

Why Was “Rich Flex” Written?

Delving into why “Rich Flex” was penned down, it appears to be a sonic canvas painted with reflections, experiences, and the state of mind of Drake at that particular juncture in his life. It seems to act as a mirror to the music industry’s underlying power struggles, alliances, and the relentless pursuit of authenticity.

Drake’s journey, characterized by his meteoric rise and sustained presence at the pinnacle of the music industry, has undoubtedly been punctuated with bouts of scrutiny, alliances, and evolving relationships. This song is a crystallization of those experiences, a musical embodiment of his thoughts, battles, and revelations.

It’s a snapshot of Drake’s mental and emotional state, providing insights into his perceptions of power, loyalty, and the dichotomy between appearance and reality in the industry. The song is not just a narrative of self-discovery and assertiveness but also a reflection on the transient and often turbulent nature of fame and success.

In essence, “Rich Flex” is a lyrical amalgamation of introspection, revelation, and unapologetic proclamation of self, laced with undertones of the myriad experiences and realizations that have marked Drake’s journey in the musical landscape. It’s a musical testament to his evolution, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of his truth.