Meaning of “Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty is a feel-good anthem about the quest for pure, genuine love. In a world where superficial connections are rampant, the song champions the idea of a love that’s as old as time—natural and beautiful. The lyrics touch on elements of nature and the universe, emphasizing that true love is both primal and ethereal. It’s a love song, but not just for a person; it’s for the idea of love itself, the one that transcends all complexities of human nature. Father John Misty likely wrote this to explore and express what “real love” means, far removed from societal norms and expectations.

Dive into a lyrical journey where love meets the stars, where flowers and bees aren’t just about biology. Stick around to uncover the layers of meaning in “Real Love Baby” that might just redefine your idea of love.

“Real Love Baby” Lyrics Meaning:

The song kicks off with lines like “Our hearts / Are free.” Right off the bat, we’re introduced to a love that’s unshackled by society or conventions. “I’m a flower, you’re my bee,” takes us to the simplicity of natural love. It’s instinctive, like the way a bee is drawn to a flower. It’s “much older than you and me,” pointing to a love that’s primal, almost cosmic.

Father John Misty then delves deeper, stating, “I’m in love, I’m alive / I belong to the stars and sky.” Here, love isn’t just an emotion; it’s an existential statement. Being in love makes him feel more connected to the universe. It elevates his very existence. The line “Let’s forget who we are for one night” adds a transient quality to this love. It’s as if he’s saying, forget societal roles, forget your worries, and just love purely for a moment.

“We’re not animals baby / It’s the people who lie to themselves,” the song goes on to highlight the irony of human behavior. We claim to be civilized, yet when it comes to love, it’s often the humans who deceive, not the animals. Love, according to Father John Misty, should be simple and honest, and it’s humans who complicate it.

“I want real love baby,” is the crux of the song, summarizing its entire essence. He’s not just seeking a partner; he’s in search of an authentic emotional experience that resonates deep within. “There’s a world inside me,” reveals that this love isn’t shallow; it’s something he believes can fill the depths of his soul.

Why Was “Real Love Baby” Written?

When Father John Misty wrote this song, he was likely at a point in his life where he was contemplating the essence of love in its most unadulterated form. His other works often deal with societal issues, irony, and complexity, but this song strips all that away. It’s like he took a step back from overanalyzing human behaviors to appreciate the simplicity of love. It’s a meditation on what love can and should be—raw, genuine, and deeply connected to the larger universe. He’s inviting us to experience love in its most primal state, far removed from any human-made intricacies.