Meaning of “Rain” by SWV

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

SWV’s song “Rain” is a beautiful exploration of love, passion, and desire. The lyrics depict love as a refreshing and fulfilling rain that touches the soul deeply. It’s about surrendering to love and letting it encompass one wholly. The songwriter seems to convey the message of love as a necessary, nourishing, and liberating force. It’s not explicitly about a specific person but emphasizes the emotions and sensations that love elicits. The song is likely an artistic expression of personal experiences and emotions, a universal call to embrace love in its purest form.

Feeling the love and the rain yet? Dive into the article below to explore the intricate layers and profound meanings behind SWV’s “Rain.”

“Rain” Lyrics Meaning

“Sometimes it’s soft as a misting rain

That gently touches my soul…”

With the opening lines, the song immediately sets a tone of gentle and nurturing love. The soft misting rain is a metaphor for love that is subtle, yet powerful enough to touch the soul, cooling the intense fire within. It signifies a calming and harmonious presence of love, where one loses control and surrenders to the emotions and sensations.

“…It cools the fire that burns in me

And I simply lose control.”

These lines highlight the transformative power of love. The fire within might signify inner turmoil, passion, or intense emotions, and love acts as a soothing balm, bringing peace and balance. The writer seems to portray love as an antidote to internal chaos, leading to a harmonious union of souls.

“…So just

Rain down (on) on me

Let your love just fall like raindrops

Rain on me.”

The chorus intensifies the message of desire and yearning for love. The plea for love to “rain down” symbolizes a craving for love’s refreshing and life-giving qualities. The songwriter conveys a sense of vulnerability and openness to receiving love, emphasizing its transformative and healing nature.

“…Full as a dam at capacity

My passion’s about to explode, yeah

I can’t escape, it’s surrounding me

I’m caught in a storm

That I don’t need no shelter from.”

These lines reveal an overwhelming sense of passion and desire. The dam at capacity symbolizes emotions and love at their peak, ready to overflow. It’s an unabashed acceptance and reveling in the overwhelming sensations of love. The storm represents the intensity and depth of emotions, and there’s a clear acknowledgment that there’s no desire to seek refuge from this storm of love, highlighting the embracing of love in its entirety.

The repetitive call to “rain down” throughout the song stresses the constant longing and desire to be enveloped in love. It’s a song that invites the listener to feel, to experience, and to surrender to love, to allow it to shower and sprinkle, and to just fall, emphasizing the all-encompassing and ever-present nature of love.

Why Was “Rain” Written?

The song seems to be an expression of the writer’s state of mind and experiences at that point in their life, likely exploring personal emotions and relationships. It’s a soulful reflection of the intricate dance between desire and fulfillment, passion and peace. It appears to stem from a place of understanding and acceptance of love as a fundamental human experience, meant to be embraced and cherished.

It’s plausible that the writers were seeking to communicate the universality and necessity of love, portraying it as a source of life, much like rain is to nature. The creation of this song may have been a way for them to articulate their perceptions and experiences of love, rendering the complex emotions into a harmonious and evocative melody.

This background likely supports the interpretations of the lyrics, adding layers of depth to the seemingly simple portrayal of love. The recurring metaphor of rain symbolizes not just the refreshing and nurturing aspects of love but also its omnipresence and omnipotence in human lives.