Meaning of “Notion” by Tash Sultana

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Notion” by Tash Sultana delves deep, exploring a profound emotional connection and internal struggle. The song paints a vivid picture of longing and the desire to be understood, likely illustrating Sultana’s own experiences with love and pain. The echoing “notions” represent deep thoughts or feelings, as vast as the ocean, emphasizing a battle between internal turmoil and external expression. The repeated invocations of “hallelujah” might suggest a quest for salvation or enlightenment amid the chaos. The songwriter, likely finding solace in music, transforms personal hardships into an anthem of resilience and reflection. This piece is not just about a feeling or a moment but a journey through emotional landscapes.

Eager to delve deeper? Uncover the layers behind Tash Sultana’s “Notion”, explore the profound emotions, and unearth the untold stories behind this musical masterpiece.

“Notion” Lyrics Meaning

“Notion” by Tash Sultana starts with an immediate reference to awareness. The singer hears the birds and the sirens, implying a heightened state of perceptiveness, possibly hinting at a profound connection with the surrounding environment and an internal state of contemplation. The focus then shifts abruptly to an inability to “take my mind off of you.” This shift in focus from the environment to a person suggests that the emotions involved are overwhelming and consuming.

The “thousand words, pouring out” are indicative of a barrage of thoughts, feelings, and possibly unspoken words, referring to the internal struggle the singer is experiencing. The “distance of over there” might be the metaphorical distance between the singer’s emotions and the object of their thoughts, symbolizing a gap in understanding or connection. When the lyrics state, “Is moving on and out. You said it, you said it’d be alright,” it implies a sense of betrayal or unmet expectations. This might reflect the challenges and disappointments encountered in personal relationships.

The repeated lines about “these notions” being “deep as ocean” call attention to the depth of the feelings involved. The notions could symbolize deep, consuming thoughts or emotions that are overwhelming and vast, much like the ocean. The emphasis on depth might also suggest a sense of drowning or being submerged in these notions, which screams the internal struggle and the intensity of the emotions.

“Calling out my name. Screaming out in vain. Singing hallelujah,” are powerful lines depicting a sense of desperation and a quest for salvation. The varied intensity from calling to screaming shows the escalating desperation and the struggle within. “Singing hallelujah” implies a cry for help or possibly a moment of surrender, acknowledging the hardships and seeking a respite.

“Tell your mother, she don’t understand. Tell your mother, she’s not listening. Why don’t you tear my heart. The chain is made of string,” these lines probably depict a sense of being misunderstood and unheard. The mention of the “mother” can symbolize a figure of authority or someone significant in one’s life. The metaphorical “chain is made of string” denotes a fragile connection or bond, perhaps suggesting that the relationship is hanging by a thread.

The phrase “I will follow you into the dark” signifies loyalty and commitment, even in times of despair and uncertainty. It’s indicative of the singer’s willingness to endure pain and hardship for the sake of the relationship or connection.

Why Was “Notion” Written?

Understanding why “Notion” was written involves peering into Tash Sultana’s life and state of mind during the creation of this song. Sultana has openly shared experiences with mental health struggles and the journey through different emotional states, which heavily influences their music.

This song likely emanates from a place of deep introspection and personal experience, perhaps portraying Sultana’s endeavor to communicate complex emotions and navigate through the intricate landscape of relationships and self. The fusion of pain, longing, struggle, and a hint of hope within the lyrics might be a reflection of Sultana’s emotional journey, and the music becomes a medium to express, connect, and heal.

The song, steeped in metaphor and rich imagery, seems to be an exploration of internal conflicts and the human desire to be understood and to understand, reinforcing the essence of human connection and the continuous journey towards emotional clarity and fulfillment.