Meaning of “My Name Is Human” by Highly Suspect

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“My Name Is Human” by Highly Suspect dives deep into the essence of humanity, reflecting on identity and self-worth. The song conveys a powerful message about human connection and the constant struggle between our primal instincts and higher consciousness. It’s a reminder to realize our true potential and confront the existential questions about our existence and purpose. Johnny Stevens, the lead singer, encourages listeners to look beyond societal expectations and find their unique selves, emphasizing autonomy and individuality. This song is not particularly about a person, but about humanity as a whole. It seeks to drive home the notion that realizing one’s true self is tantamount to confronting and understanding the divine.

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“My Name Is Human” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with a defiant proclamation of self, “I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling myself, Fuck everyone else.” It’s a powerful assertion of individuality and self-worth. This line paves the way for a deeper exploration of human existence and autonomy, implicitly challenging listeners to embrace their humanity and disregard external judgments.

The chorus, “Hello, my name is human, And I came down from the stars,” implies a divine or extraterrestrial origin of humanity, suggesting that there’s more to humans than just our earthly existence. This notion of humans having a celestial origin enhances the perspective on our potential and our capability to achieve greatness.

“Get up off your knees, girl, Stand face to face with your God, And find out what you are.” This section implies a confrontation with the divine or the self, urging one to discover their true essence. It suggests an empowerment, a call to rise, challenge, and understand oneself, moving beyond societal and self-imposed limitations.

The mention of “I’m ready for love, and I’m ready for war, But I’m ready for more,” depicts the complexity of human emotions and desires. It shows the readiness to embrace all facets of life, reflecting the inherent dichotomy in human nature, oscillating between love and conflict, creation and destruction.

The reference to the river and the drought, “The bigger the river, The bigger the drought,” is a metaphor for the paradoxes and contrasts within life. It may symbolize the idea that with greater opportunities or blessings come greater challenges or voids, highlighting the dual nature of existence.

“I stole the power from the sun, I’m more than just a man.” These lines echo the sentiment of transcendence and the potential to rise above, to harness the energy and power inherent in existence, signifying the boundless possibilities available to humans.

The overall message of “My Name Is Human” seems to be about understanding and embracing our humanity, transcending our limitations, and realizing our divine potential. The lyrics call for a deep reflection on our existence, urging us to confront and understand our true selves, to go beyond the superficial and reach for the stars, literally and metaphorically.

Why Was “My Name Is Human” Written?

Digging into why this song was written, Johnny Stevens, the band’s lead singer, was likely exploring themes of identity and existentialism. Stevens seems to be in a contemplative state of mind, pondering the dualities and complexities of human nature and existence. His profound reflection on humanity and its connection to the divine or the cosmic hints at his quest to understand the human condition, to unravel the mysteries of existence and to find meaning and purpose in life. The song’s powerful lyrics and evocative message reflect Stevens’ desire to push boundaries, challenge norms, and explore the depths of human potential, all while encouraging listeners to embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. The lyrics’ philosophical undertones and existential queries illuminate the path to understanding human existence and realizing our celestial potential.