Meaning of “MONSTERS” by Shinedown

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

Shinedown’s “MONSTERS” is a powerful and raw depiction of battling inner demons and the struggles that come with it. The song isn’t about literal monsters but uses this imagery to represent the mental and emotional challenges one faces, like depression, anxiety, or addiction. The message is clear: these personal battles are intense and real, often feeling insurmountable. The songwriter penned this track to convey the harsh reality of dealing with these ‘monsters’ and to resonate with anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed by their inner struggles. It’s a song about acknowledging these battles and the continuous fight to overcome them.

Dive into the dark but enlightening world of “MONSTERS” by Shinedown. This song isn’t just about the struggles we face; it’s a journey through the reality of battling our deepest fears and anxieties. Let’s break it down together.

“MONSTERS” Lyrics Meaning

The opening lines, “Good for you, you fooled everybody,” set a tone of sarcasm and bitterness. It reflects how people often hide their true struggles, presenting a façade to the world. The repetition emphasizes the extent to which one can mask their pain.

“Leave your weapon on the table, Wrapped in burlap, barely able,” could symbolize the idea of being defenseless against these inner demons. The ‘weapon’ might represent coping mechanisms or the little strength one has to fight back.

“Don’t get angry, don’t discourage, Take a shot of liquid courage,” these lines suggest the use of temporary solutions, like alcohol, to face these challenges. It’s a commentary on how people often resort to unhealthy methods to cope with their emotional and mental battles.

The chorus, “‘Cause my monsters are real, and they’re trained how to kill,” is a powerful depiction of the intensity and danger of these internal struggles. The ‘monsters’ being ‘trained to kill’ signifies how these issues can be destructive, both mentally and physically.

“And there’s no comin’ back and they just laugh at how I feel,” conveys a sense of hopelessness and being misunderstood. It highlights the loneliness and isolation that often accompany these battles.

The lines, “And these monsters can fly, and they’ll never say die,” suggest that these problems are persistent and hard to escape. The ability to ‘fly’ implies that these struggles can reach one no matter how far they try to run.

“Leave the light on if you’re able, ‘Cause we both know you’re unstable,” this line is a raw acknowledgment of one’s vulnerabilities. It’s a plea for support and understanding from others, recognizing that sometimes one cannot face these challenges alone.

“Call a doctor, say a prayer, Choose a god you think is fair,” illustrates the desperate search for help and answers. It shows the extent to which people will go to find relief and solace from their internal turmoil.

Why Was “MONSTERS” Written?

“MONSTERS” was likely written from a place of personal experience and reflection. The intense emotion and vivid imagery suggest that the songwriter has faced their own battles with inner demons. This song could be a way of processing those experiences and reaching out to others who are going through similar struggles. It’s a message of solidarity and understanding, an acknowledgment that while these battles are deeply personal, they are not unique. The state of mind during the writing process was probably one of introspection, honesty, and a desire to connect with others on a deeply emotional level. Through “MONSTERS,” Shinedown offers not just an insight into their own struggles, but also a beacon of hope and understanding for those fighting their own battles.