Meaning of “Messages from the Stars” by The Rah Band

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Messages from the Stars” by The Rah Band is a cosmic love story. It’s about feeling so deeply connected with someone that it’s like getting messages from another galaxy. The song paints the image of a love so celestial and magical that it could only be communicated through cosmic signs. Feeling ‘alone’ and ‘far from home,’ the singer finds a beacon of hope in their love. In essence, the songwriter wants to capture that incredible and mysterious spark that elevates love to something otherworldly. This song is all about finding your cosmic “rescue,” that person who saves you when you’re lost and feels like they’re from “another galaxy.”

Get ready to take a trip through a cosmic love story that proves that romance can be out-of-this-world too. Keep reading to see why “Messages from the Stars” might just have you looking up tonight.

“Messages from the Stars” Lyrics Meaning

Right from the opening lines, “Hello, do you read me? I have a message, a message from the stars,” you know you’re in for a galactic experience. The artist isn’t just conveying a simple hello; it’s a plea to be heard, a shout into the void. But who hears it? His cosmic love.

As the song delves into, “I get messages from the stars when you’re making love to me,” the feeling goes beyond earthly desires. The physical connection between the two lovers is elevated to celestial dimensions. It’s as if the stars themselves are singing and aligning just for them. This line links directly to the sense of cosmic rescue that is described later on. When the singer is “out there all alone and feeling far from home,” he’s not just talking about loneliness; he’s talking about a cosmic loneliness, a sense of being untethered from the universe.

The verses describe the singer’s dire emotional state, saying, “When I’m far out in the night and searching for a light, there’s darkness all around.” He’s describing a bleakness that isn’t just about a lack of light; it’s an emotional void. That is, until love swoops in: “Then out on the sky like a flash, sending me high, high, high. You rescue me.”

The repetition of phrases like “you rescue me” and “You saved me from a certain tragedy” adds emphasis on this saving power of love. It’s not just a physical rescue but a spiritual, cosmic one. A love so potent it’s practically speaking in astrological signs. Even when they’re “breaking up,” the message is still there. It’s not a break-up of the relationship, but rather a temporary static in the cosmic frequency they share.

Why Was “Messages from the Stars” Written?

Diving into the background of the song gives us more clarity on its celestial romance. The songwriter was likely inspired by the 80s fascination with cosmic themes, from space exploration to astrology. At that time, many people were intrigued by what lay beyond our world, hoping to find messages and meanings in the stars. The song perfectly encapsulates that wonder and applies it to the realm of love, blending science fiction and romance into a unified narrative.

But beyond cultural context, it seems the songwriter was in a state of exploration—exploring not just love but the very fabrics that make it mystical and unexplainable. It’s a state of mind that’s as expansive as the universe, asking us to consider: can love be so potent that it’s cosmic? And if so, what messages are the stars sending us?