Meaning of “Maple Syrup” by The Backseat Lovers

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Maple Syrup” by The Backseat Lovers narrates a bittersweet tale of remembrance and regret, woven around a past relationship. The songwriter reflects on lingering emotions and memories, highlighting the difficulty of moving on. The imagery of mundane objects like a purple sweater and a picture on the wall serves as poignant reminders of a lost love. The song, presumably about a specific person, delves into the complexity of emotions post-breakup, where nostalgia and pain coexist. It seems to be a personal catharsis for the songwriter, an exploration of their feelings and a lament over broken promises.

Are you curious to dive deeper into the poignant world of “Maple Syrup”? Let’s unravel the layers of this emotionally charged song together.

“Maple Syrup” Lyrics Meaning

“Maple Syrup” starts with a stark image: “I still have your picture on the wall.” This line sets the tone for the entire song – one of lingering attachment and unresolved feelings. It’s a common human experience to hold onto physical reminders of past relationships, and this line perfectly captures that sentiment.

The song then moves into “nightmares where I would have to call you to calm down.” Here, the songwriter expresses how deeply the other person was embedded in their life, to the point where even subconscious thoughts are haunted by their presence. This reflects the depth of their connection and the difficulty of moving on.

In the next lines, “When I step out of the shower I’m reminded of the night / When we slept in the back of your car,” the songwriter uses a simple, everyday act to trigger a memory. This juxtaposition of the mundane with the intimate highlights how pervasive memories of the relationship are in their daily life.

The line “And you left me with a pretty cool scar” could be metaphorical, implying emotional scars, or literal, suggesting a memorable event that left a physical mark. Either way, it signifies the lasting impact of the relationship.

The chorus, “Did it hurt when I kicked you to the curb? / Now I’m all alone / I guess I’ll never learn,” reveals a mix of regret and self-awareness. The songwriter acknowledges their role in the relationship’s end, expressing a sense of loss and the hard lesson learned from their actions.

The second verse brings in more sensory details with “Your purple sweater’s sitting in my room.” Clothing is a powerful reminder of someone’s presence, and in this case, it’s a symbol of what’s been left behind. The line “I tried to wear it, but I knew that it would smell like you” indicates an attempt to feel close again, but it ultimately serves as a reminder of the distance now between them.

In “I saw you dancing at the show tonight / I stood in the back / And I think that we both know why,” there’s a sense of avoidance and unspoken understanding. It’s clear that both parties are aware of the unresolved feelings, yet choose to maintain a distance.

The song closes with a confession: “And I lied / When I took you on a drive / And I said I’d never speak to her.” This honesty about breaking a promise adds another layer to the complexity of the relationship and the songwriter’s remorse.

Why Was “Maple Syrup” Written?

Understanding the songwriter’s state of mind when writing “Maple Syrup” is key to fully grasping the song’s emotional depth. It seems written from a place of introspection and reflection, possibly during a period of solitude post-breakup. This state of mind is reflected in the lyrics’ raw honesty and vulnerability. The song serves as a means of processing emotions, acknowledging mistakes, and dealing with the aftermath of a relationship. Through its verses, the songwriter confronts their feelings, regrets, and the reality of moving on from someone who was once an integral part of their life.