Meaning of “LOVE DIVE” by IVE

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“LOVE DIVE” by IVE delves into the intensity and allure of new love. Through the lyrics, the artist conveys the electrifying curiosity and attraction two people share when they first meet. The song plays around the concept of diving deep into someone’s emotions and being fearlessly drawn to the unknown depths of another’s heart. It’s a blend of vulnerability and excitement, highlighting the mutual desire to understand and be understood by someone else.

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“LOVE DIVE” Lyrics Meaning

Starting off with the verses, the lines “I am really curious about you” and “Strange you and I, we’ll see about that” capture the initial stage of a relationship. It’s all about intrigue and trying to figure out if the feelings are mutual.

The pre-chorus has lines like “Below the eyes” and “Something that’s hidden,” hinting at the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. The singer wants to see beyond the superficial, to uncover the hidden emotions and intentions.

The chorus is bold and direct. With phrases like “Narcissistic” and “My God, I love it,” there’s an admission of self-love and confidence. But, the highlight is the repeated line “Hold your breath, love dive.” This suggests a deep emotional plunge, a leap into the unknown world of love without any inhibitions.

Verse 2 continues this theme of exploration. “Why is a heart so mysterious” reflects on the complexities of emotions, while “Come inside and see it for yourself” is an invitation to be open and vulnerable.

The refrain, with its catchy “La-la-la-la-la-la,” can be seen as the heart’s rhythm or perhaps the carefree nature of falling in love.

Throughout the song, the repeated phrase “Hold your breath, love dive” reinforces the main theme: taking risks in love, plunging into the depths of emotions, and embracing the unknown.

Why Was “LOVE DIVE” Written?

Diving deep into the background of “LOVE DIVE,” it seems to be born from a place of introspection and experience. Songs like this often stem from personal feelings or memories, capturing the essence of universal emotions. The writer might’ve been reflecting on a time when they were overwhelmed with the thrill of new love. The lyrics hint at the duality of emotions – the uncertainty and the euphoria. This song encapsulates that rollercoaster of feelings, inviting listeners to remember those butterflies, the mystery, and the undeniable pull towards someone special.