Meaning of “Losin Control” by Russ

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Losin Control” delves into the emotional journey of a woman healing from a past toxic relationship and navigating her newfound love. Wounded from betrayal, she grapples with trust, but her new partner reassures her with unwavering understanding and love. Russ poignantly portrays the inner turmoil of wanting to trust again, and the song serves as a reminder that healing is a process, and love can help mend past scars.

Dive deeper with me to unravel the story Russ paints in “Losin Control.”

“Losin Control” Lyrics Meaning

The song commences with the lines:

“She’s fallin’ in love now, Losin’ control now”

indicating the whirlwind of emotions she’s feeling. She’s hesitant, fighting against her own feelings, perhaps because her past relationship scarred her.

“She’s falling but she doesn’t think he’ll catch her, ‘Cause her last relationship was a disaster”

This paints a vivid picture. The woman has been hurt before. The mention of her ex’s neglect and cheating further amplifies her hesitancy in the present.

“Shoulda’ ended it before it started, All she ever got was broken hearted”

Here, the lyrics reflect regret, emphasizing how the pain from her past relationship still affects her.

The shift to:

“Now she’s all alone and starting over, Now she’s got baggage on her shoulder”

captures the aftermath of the break-up, but also her determination to move forward, albeit with emotional baggage.

The chorus keeps reverberating the idea that, even with her fears, moving on and falling in love might just be alright. It’s as if Russ is trying to convince her (or maybe himself) that taking this leap of faith isn’t a bad thing.

In the lines:

“Despite her past she can’t help the attraction, He tells her that he’s nothing like the last one”

we see her new partner’s reassuring presence. He knows her fears and seeks to alleviate them, promising not to repeat the mistakes of her ex.


“Every now and then she goes off though, Beating on his chest like a bongo”

This highlights her emotional outbursts stemming from her past traumas. Yet, her partner understands her pain, proving his commitment and patience.

The beauty of this song lies in the layers. While it vividly narrates the story of a woman hurt in love, it also showcases the unwavering support of her new partner, emphasizing that genuine love understands and heals.

Why Was “Losin Control” Written?

Russ, in “Losin Control”, seems to touch on the universal theme of love, trust, and the process of healing. From the lyrics, it’s clear he’s empathetic to the scars that a broken relationship can leave.

One could speculate that he or someone close to him might have experienced a similar situation, giving him the insight to pen down such raw emotions. The song feels personal, like a mirror reflecting the complicated intricacies of human relationships.

Artists often pull from their experiences or those of others to create resonating pieces, and “Losin Control” might just be a reflection of Russ’s encounters with love, betrayal, healing, and hope.