Meaning of “Just Pretend” by Bad Omens

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Just Pretend” by Bad Omens is a powerful and emotional song expressing an internal struggle, possibly about a turbulent relationship. It seems to tell the story of someone willing to endure and wait, hopeful for a resolution. The chorus reveals an enduring pain and a profound connection, indicating a sense of unrequited love or a relationship that’s hanging by a thread. The repetition of “will you wait me out or will you drown me out” seems to plead for patience and understanding, with the undercurrent of a struggle with personal sins and battles.

It’s an ode to enduring pain, enduring love, a longing for acceptance and mutual understanding.

Curious about the layers of meaning and emotion wrapped in the haunting lyrics of “Just Pretend” by Bad Omens? Delve deep with me as we unravel the intricate threads of this powerful piece and discover what drives the emotional intensity of the song!

“Just Pretend” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with a fearless acknowledgment of an impending battle against personal sins. “I’m not afraid of the war you’ve come to wage against my sins,” gives a glimpse into an internal or external conflict, suggesting a journey of self-discovery or confrontation. The protagonist isn’t okay, but is putting on a façade, “I can try my best to just pretend,” hinting at the attempts to mask the true emotional state.

The recurring questions, “So will you wait me out or will you drown me out?” echo the sentiment of seeking understanding and patience from the other person. It’s as if the protagonist is in a place of despair and longing, perhaps indicative of a strained relationship. The repeated “I can wait for you at the bottom,” underscores a sense of self-sacrifice, a willingness to endure, possibly waiting for the other person to join in mutual pain or understanding.

“I know the pain that you hide behind the smile on your face,” reveals a mutual understanding of each other’s pain, adding depth to the assumed relationship dynamics. It’s almost like a silent dance of pain where both partners are aware but are putting on a brave face, pretending everything is okay.

“We’ll try again, When we’re not so different, We will make amends, Till then I’ll just pretend,” suggests a hope for resolution and mutual growth. It’s a promise of a future where differences are resolved, and the relationship can flourish anew.

The song’s intense emotionality and relatable lyrics make it a powerful exploration of love, pain, hope, and resilience. The repetition and the haunting melody emphasize the strong feelings of yearning and the enduring human spirit, in the face of relationship struggles and internal battles.

Why Was “Just Pretend” Written?

This song seems to reflect a deeply emotional state of the songwriter, possibly stemming from a place of relational strife or internal conflict. It’s a manifestation of the emotions one goes through when in a strained, possibly unfulfilling relationship, yet still clinging onto hope and the willingness to make amends.

The lyrics appear to be a cathartic release, a way to express the mix of emotions, struggles with personal sins and flaws, and the powerful human ability to endure and hope. It’s likely the writer was grappling with feelings of unrequited love or a relationship that was on the verge of breaking, which brought forth the powerful, relatable emotions we see in the song.

Overall, “Just Pretend” by Bad Omens, with its multifaceted layers, encapsulates the essence of human relationships and the emotional rollercoaster they often bring, making it a relatable anthem for many.