Meaning of “It Has Begun” by STARSET

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“It Has Begun” by STARSET is a powerful anthem about overcoming adversity and carving out one’s destiny. The song is not about a specific person but symbolizes a universal struggle against the odds. It speaks to the resilience and determination in facing challenges head-on. The message is clear: it’s about rising above circumstances, even when they seem insurmountable. The song’s essence lies in the notion of fighting for one’s place in the world and not being deterred by obstacles. The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and revolution, suggesting a pivotal moment of change and awakening.

Dive into the intense world of STARSET’s “It Has Begun” and explore the depths of its message about courage, change, and defiance. Unravel the song’s powerful call to action and what it means to take control of one’s destiny.

“It Has Begun” Lyrics Meaning

“Even a well lit place, can hide salvation / A map to a one man maze that never sees the sun” – The song starts with a paradoxical image, suggesting that even in clarity, there can be hidden paths and unknown challenges. It sets the tone for a journey of self-discovery and struggle against obscured trials.

“Where the lost are the heroes / And the thieves are left to drown” – This line inverts traditional roles, portraying the marginalized or ‘lost’ as the true heroes. It’s a commentary on societal norms and the valorization of those who fight against the tide.

“But everyone knows by now / Fairy tales are not found / They’re written in the walls” – Here, the song dismisses the notion of predestined happy endings, implying that one must create their own destiny. The ‘walls’ could symbolize the barriers and confines within which individuals must forge their path.

“As we walk in a straight line / Down in the dirt with a landslide approaching” – These lyrics evoke a sense of imminent danger and a journey fraught with obstacles. The ‘straight line’ could represent a determined, unwavering path forward, even as chaos looms.

“But nothing could ever stop us / From stealing our own place in the sun” – A declaration of defiance and determination. It embodies the spirit of fighting for one’s rightful place, regardless of the challenges faced.

“We will face the odds against us / And run into the fear we run from” – This line emphasizes facing one’s fears and challenges head-on. It’s about confronting what we typically avoid, a necessary step in overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

“Into the dark below / Evading shadows / Blind in a rabbit’s hole” – These lines paint a picture of descending into the unknown, evading dangers that lurk in the darkness. The ‘rabbit’s hole’ suggests a journey that is complex and unpredictable.

“We fall beneath the earth / And watch the shell come unraveled” – This could symbolize a breaking point or a moment of transformation. It’s about reaching the depths and then witnessing a metamorphosis or a shedding of limitations.

“As the seed begins to rise / Embracing its starlit fate as we wait in the night” – The imagery of a seed rising signifies growth and rebirth. It’s about embracing one’s potential and destiny, even amidst darkness and uncertainty.

In essence, “It Has Begun” is a call to action, a rallying cry for personal revolution and the pursuit of one’s destiny. It’s about breaking free from constraints, facing fears, and boldly claiming one’s place in the world.

Why Was “It Has Begun” Written?

The creation of “It Has Begun” seems to be rooted in a desire to inspire and empower. The state of mind of the songwriter likely was one of introspection and motivation, aiming to evoke a sense of resilience and self-determination in the listener. This song appears to be a reflection on the struggles inherent in the human experience and the triumphant spirit required to overcome them.

The lyrics suggest a profound understanding of the challenges we face in life and a deep belief in the human capacity to rise above them. The song, therefore, serves not just as a piece of art, but as a beacon of hope and encouragement, urging listeners to take charge of their lives and fearlessly pursue their aspirations.