Meaning of “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

The song is like a soulful journey through love and life, like sailing into the unknown. Van Morrison sets the vibe with oceanic metaphors to describe a love that’s both comforting and mysterious. It’s a call to embrace the uncertainties, the ‘mystic,’ if you will, in both love and life. “Into the Mystic” is about letting go and just feeling—whether it’s the sea, the sky, or the person you love. Morrison wrote this song to capture that elusive, intangible something that we all feel but can’t quite put our finger on.

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“Into the Mystic” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with “We were born before the wind, also younger than the sun,” creating this sense of timelessness and eternal connection. The lyrics suggest that the relationship, like the wind and sun, has been around since time began. There’s something comforting in that idea, right?

The chorus: “Hark now, hear the sailors cry, smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.” Here, Morrison is telling us to engage all our senses, to fully experience the world around us. It’s not just about sailing on water; it’s about navigating the ups and downs of life and love.

The fog horn in the lyrics is a metaphorical call to home and love. When Morrison sings, “Yeah, when that fog horn blows, I will be coming home,” he’s saying no matter what happens, he’ll always find his way back to what matters most: the love that grounds him.

“I wanna rock your gypsy soul, just like way back in the days of old,” is a nod to a more carefree time—maybe childhood or the early days of a relationship. It reminds us of simpler times when love was new, untamed, and adventurous. It’s an invitation to rekindle that primal fire in a mature relationship.

The song ends by saying it’s “Too late to stop now.” This is a declaration. There’s no turning back from this voyage, both in love and in life. The ‘mystic’ is not to be feared but to be embraced.

Why Was “Into the Mystic” Written?

Van Morrison was in a transformative period when he wrote this song, part of his 1970 album “Moondance.” He was gaining recognition but also delving into deeper, more introspective spaces in his music. “Into the Mystic” reflects this. It’s a philosophical yet deeply personal song that explores the complexities of love and the human experience. Van Morrison once described the song as “one of those kind of songs where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” indicating it was a therapeutic exercise for him. That inner exploration is shared with us, allowing us to also see that light, guiding us ‘into the mystic.’