Meaning of “I Am the Antichrist to You” by Kishi Bashi

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“I Am the Antichrist to You” by Kishi Bashi explores the complexities of love and identity. It uses metaphors like ‘antichrist’ and ‘fallen from the sky’ to show how love can be both divine and destructive. The song hints at a doomed relationship where the singer knows he’s bad news but is still irresistibly drawn to his lover. Ultimately, the song raises questions about the nature of love, the inner conflicts it brings, and the moral consequences of being someone’s ‘antichrist.’

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“I Am the Antichrist to You” Lyrics Meaning

Kishi Bashi starts off asking, “Who are you? Who am I to you?” This sets the stage for an existential crisis of sorts, which becomes even more poignant with the next line, “I am the antichrist to you.” Being called the ‘antichrist’ implies he’s the exact opposite of what his lover needs—destructive rather than nurturing.

The singer admits to “falling from the sky with grace into your arms race,” hinting that their relationship is an ongoing conflict or competition. Their love isn’t calm and peaceful; it’s intense and fraught with tension.

“Lucid lovers me and you, a deal of matchless value,” suggests that despite their toxic dynamics, they’re still uniquely suited for each other. However, the lines “I was always quick to admit defeat, empty statements of bones and meat,” indicate that the singer is aware of his flaws and limitations.

“And my heart it shook with fear, I’m a coward behind a shield and spear” confesses his vulnerability. He might seem strong and defiant but deep down, he’s afraid. When he says “Take this sword and throw it far, let it shine under the morning star,” he’s asking his lover to free him, and perhaps herself, from this toxic relationship.

The recurring lines “Who are you? Who am I to you? I am the antichrist to you, fallen from the sky with grace into your arms race” emphasize how this relationship is pulling them both down. The words “one for my heart and two for show, three tears for all the souls below” paint a picture of emotional struggle and the larger implications of their love.

“One day we made them into figurines, burned them all with all my favorite things,” offers a glimpse into the destructive nature of their love. Like a fire consuming everything in its path, their love is destructive, but also paradoxically precious.

Why Was “I Am the Antichrist to You” Written?

Kishi Bashi was navigating complex emotional terrain when he penned this song. It’s a vivid examination of a love relationship that is both compelling and potentially devastating. The singer is fully aware that he’s a toxic presence, hence the term ‘antichrist,’ but he’s also caught in the emotional whirlpool. The song captures this moral and emotional ambiguity in a haunting, poetic manner, leaving us pondering long after the last note has faded.