Meaning of “How’s It Going to Be” by Third Eye Blind

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

For those just stopping by: “How’s It Going to Be” by Third Eye Blind digs deep into the facets of relationships, specifically exploring the end of one. The songwriter paints a picture of disintegration, focusing on the void that remains when connection is lost. It reflects the mixture of confusion, sorrow, and acceptance that swirls around broken bonds.

The song navigates through a narrative of emptiness and isolation and is likely about the inevitable emotional struggle linked with separation. It’s believed to be inspired by the lead singer’s own tumultuous relationships, offering a snapshot into his inner turmoil and reflections on detachment.

Read on to unravel the intricate layers of “How’s It Going to Be”.

“How’s It Going to Be” Lyrics Meaning

The song chronologically unfolds the emotions and scenes encapsulating a dwindling relationship. It starts with the realization of reaching a breakpoint, illustrated by “I’m only pretty sure that I can’t take anymore,” expressing doubt and reluctance to face the inevitable.

The phrase “Before you take a swing, I wonder what are we fightin’ for,” is a stark reflection of the hollowness and the futility of holding on. The question on ‘fightin’ portrays the persistent conflict, and the word ‘swing’ signifies the abruptness and the harshness with which relationships decline.

The artist wonders about the impending solitude, and with lines like “I wonder how it’s going to be, When you don’t know me,” the contemplation of being forgotten is evident. It’s an exploration of the silent abyss that replaces once joy-filled interactions, a vacuum depicted by “Where we used to laugh, There’s a shouting match.”

The song portrays the profound silence post-separation through “A silence I can’t ignore,” and this silence is contrasted with the memories of past intimacy, exemplified by “the hammock by the Doorway we spent time in swings empty.”

This silence, the unknown, and the realization that the bond has transformed into nothingness is the core of the song. The artist is unsure of the future, the ‘how’ in “How’s it going to be” encapsulating the uncertainties, the vulnerabilities associated with losing a connection.

The continual echo of “When you don’t know me anymore” resonates with the haunting feeling of becoming a stranger to someone who once knew you intimately. It’s a journey from shared laughter to shared silence, an intricate dance between connection and detachment.

The phrase “The soft dive of oblivion” vividly portrays the desire to lose oneself, to taste the salt of another’s skin, signifying a longing for closeness and intimacy, yet being aware of the engulfing oblivion awaiting.

Why Was “How’s It Going to Be” Written?

Diving into the background of why “How’s It Going to Be” was written, it is plausible to connect the emotional texture of the song to the lead singer, Stephan Jenkins’s life and his relationships. The song seems to be a soulful reflection of his personal experiences and struggles with detachment and reconnection.

The intricate lyrics and the deeply imbued emotions in the song give glimpses of the mental and emotional state Jenkins was in while penning down this song. The piece is not merely about relationship endings but is a delicate exploration of the human condition and the profound impacts of relational bonds and their subsequent disintegration.

Jenkins might have been in a state of contemplative solitude, delving deep into the notions of existence, identity, and connection. The song acts as a mirror reflecting his internal battles with acceptance and the longing for the past, portraying his journey through the labyrinth of emotions.

In conclusion, “How’s It Going to Be” is more than a song about breakups; it’s a philosophical and emotional odyssey exploring the realms of human connection, the echoes of absence, and the inevitable dance with oblivion.