Meaning of “Honey Pain” by Koe Wetzel

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Honey Pain” by Koe Wetzel dives deep into the paradoxical relationship between pain and relief, using the recurring motif of rain. It speaks about the cycle of numbing pain, only to long for it again. The song is a poignant portrayal of heartbreak, regrets, and the journey of coping. It seems the writer is addressing a past lover, expressing their mutual pain and longing since parting ways. The message is clear: pain can be inescapable, but just like rain, it has its ebbs and flows.

Dive into the depths of “Honey Pain” with me as we explore its intricate lyrics.

“Honey Pain” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with a plea: “Take away my pain, honey.” The speaker is asking someone, presumably a past lover, to alleviate their suffering. The imagery of rain is used to symbolize the relentless pain and sorrow that seems endless.

However, in the following lines, we see the contradictory act of drinking to numb the pain, but doing so to the point of yearning for the very pain they tried to escape: “I drink away my pain, honey / Until I’m begging for the rain.” This points towards the cyclical nature of coping mechanisms that temporarily numb pain but lead to even more profound feelings of emptiness and longing.

“Wipe away those tears, honey” suggests the speaker’s desire to comfort the other person, admitting that their departure caused pain. However, this is coupled with a reassurance: “Swear that you’ll be fine, honey.” It implies a sense of mutual pain, where both parties suffer but continue forward, each hoping the other will find peace.

The stanza “I don’t wanna ask forgiveness…Even if I wanna be” sheds light on the speaker’s internal struggle. They grapple with pride and regret, knowing they’ve caused heartbreak but are trapped in a life where expressing regret might seem weak.

The song wraps up by reiterating the plea from the beginning. This full-circle moment underlines the recurring theme: a continuous, almost desperate search for relief from pain, but paradoxically longing for it when it’s gone.

Why Was “Honey Pain” Written?

Diving into the psyche of the songwriter at the time of penning this track, it’s apparent there’s an intimate relationship with pain, both self-inflicted and from external sources. The lyrics strongly suggest a past relationship, one that ended on terms neither party was satisfied with. The writer was possibly in a state of reflection, trying to make sense of past actions and the emotional aftermath.

The repetitive invocation to “take away my pain” hints at a period of intense emotional turmoil for Wetzel, where perhaps he was searching for ways to cope, be it through distractions or substances. The raw emotion and vulnerability showcased in the song indicates a deep introspection and a longing to communicate unresolved feelings with someone from the past.