Meaning of “Heart to Heart” by Mac DeMarco

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Heart to Heart” by Mac DeMarco is a nostalgic journey. It’s like flipping through a photo album of a relationship, tracing the good times and the bad. The song talks about the ebbs and flows of a connection between two people—whether it’s love, friendship, or something else. Mac DeMarco is painting a picture of a relationship that’s had its ups and downs but remained rooted in a mutual understanding: “heart to heart.” The repetitive chant of “heart to heart” hammers in the idea that the essence of any relationship is that deep, core connection. It’s about how life’s twists and turns can take people away from each other, but the emotional connection remains unshaken.

Ready for a deep dive into the world of Mac DeMarco’s lyrical genius? Keep reading. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

“Heart to Heart” Lyrics Meaning

The song kicks off with “To all the days we were together, To all the time we were apart, Of each other’s lives, Heart to heart.” It’s like a toast to a relationship that has weathered different seasons. Notice how he acknowledges the time “together” and “apart.” It suggests a realistic view of relationships; they’re not always smooth sailing. There’s beauty in both togetherness and separateness, and they have played a role in shaping each other’s lives, as he emphasizes with “Heart to heart.”

The line, “So I had a late arrival, So we never saw the start, Of each other’s lives, Heart to heart,” dives into a regretful sentiment. The “late arrival” could be literal or metaphorical, like coming late into each other’s lives or realizing the importance of the relationship later than one would like. But despite this late arrival, the connection remains—”heart to heart.”

Now, let’s talk about “Know it seems so quick and easy, Sentimentally assumed, Walking parallels, Heart to heart.” DeMarco is calling out how relationships may seem straightforward from the outside or even to the people in them. But he cautions that it’s “sentimentally assumed,” meaning we might be looking at the relationship through rose-colored glasses. “Walking parallels” suggests the two individuals are walking their separate paths but remain emotionally aligned, heart to heart.

Finally, the chorus, with its repetitive “Heart to heart,” serves as the backbone of the song. It’s a hypnotic chant that seems almost like a mantra for the relationship. It’s repeated, just like the ups and downs, the coming togethers and driftings apart in relationships. The point is, whatever happens, the “heart to heart” connection remains.

Why Was “Heart to Heart” Written?

Mac DeMarco is known for his introspective songs, often touching on the emotional complexities of life. When he penned “Heart to Heart,” he seemed to be in a contemplative state, reflecting on the nature of relationships. This song doesn’t point to a particular relationship; rather, it serves as an ode to all kinds of human connections that survive the test of time and circumstances. DeMarco reminds us that no matter how complicated life gets, if a relationship is built on a genuine “heart to heart” foundation, it’s resilient. In short, the song is like a mature, nuanced love letter to meaningful connections.