Meaning of “Green Green Grass” by George Ezra

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Green Green Grass” by George Ezra seems to revolve around a thrilling narrative of passion and rebellion, depicting two lovers on a daring escape. The song paints vivid imagery of a fiery woman, portrayed as cunning and wild. The songwriter conveys the transient and adventurous nature of life and relationships, urging to celebrate life, even in death. The recurring phrases “green, green grass” and “blue, blue sky” symbolize freedom and unconventionality. It’s a vibrant and lively exploration of living on the edge, echoing the wild, free spirit of love and life.

Dive into the intense emotion and hidden stories beneath the lively tunes of “Green Green Grass.” Discover the tales of rebellious love, unbridled passion, and the pursuit of freedom as you unravel the profound layers of George Ezra’s songwriting.

“Green Green Grass” Lyrics Meaning

The song begins with vivid imagery: a woman moving “like lightning,” counting to three before turning out all the lights. The unfolding narrative seems to depict a fast-paced and high-stakes scenario—reminiscent of a heist, an apt metaphor for a forbidden or daring love. The intensity of this opening sets the tone, hinting at the themes of danger and rebellion throughout the song.

The chorus introduces the repeating elements of “green, green grass” and “blue, blue sky,” elements representing unbound freedom and the vastness of possibility, possibly suggesting an escape to a place where the characters can truly be themselves, unrestrained by societal norms. These lines also convey a sense of celebration of life, even at its end, with a reference to throwing a party on the day of one’s death.

The lines “Loaded up when the sun comes down / Getaway car for two young lovers” paint a picture of youthful lovers embarking on an exhilarating journey, escaping their old lives, maybe chasing unfulfilled desires and unconventional dreams. These lines amplify the adventurous spirit and the defiance against the norm.

The lyrics describe the girl as “much more than just another apple thief,” referring to her as a “genius.” This could suggest she is not just a partner in crime but also the mastermind behind their adventurous journey. The mention of “Adam and Eve” taps into themes of original sin and temptation, intensifying the notion of rebellion and the pursuit of forbidden desires.

The song carries an undertone of living freely and boldly, refusing to be bound by the world’s expectations. It sends a powerful message of seizing the day, embracing the passions and desires that make life worth living.

Why Was “Green Green Grass” Written?

To truly grasp the essence of “Green Green Grass,” it’s crucial to delve into the mind of George Ezra at the time he penned down this song. The lyrics seem to reflect a mindset deeply enthralled by the concepts of freedom, rebellion, and the exhilaration that comes with pursuing uncharted territories of life and relationships.

George Ezra could have been exploring his own feelings of desiring to break free from conventions or possibly, reflecting on a period in his life where he felt stifled and yearned for liberation. The song’s vivid imagery and intense emotion suggest a personal struggle with societal constraints and a deep-seated desire to live authentically.

The song’s message may be a representation of Ezra’s contemplations on life, passion, and the eternal human yearning for liberation and authentic existence. It seems to encourage listeners to embrace their true selves, to live boldly and freely, and to celebrate life in all its vibrant chaos.