Meaning of “Gravity” by EDEN

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Gravity” by EDEN dives deep into the emotional complexities of love, relationships, and identity. It explores the pull of desires against the weight of expectations and life’s harsh realities. The songwriter navigates feelings of longing, regret, and a constant inner battle with his own shortcomings. The song is a reflection on a relationship gone sour, but it’s also about self-awareness and the journey to find balance—emotionally and mentally.

It’s about a broken relationship and the struggle to defy the “gravity” of one’s flaws to rise above it all.

Dive into the emotional depths of “Gravity” by EDEN, and discover why this song is more than just a tale of lost love. It’s a journey through self-discovery, battling one’s demons, and understanding the complexities of human emotions.

“Gravity” Lyrics Meaning

At the beginning of the song, the artist confesses how the person he loves occupies his thoughts, saying, “I wanted you to be the last thing on my mind, I wanted you to be the reason I close my eyes.” However, the relationship turns sour as misunderstandings creep in. Phrases like “But everything I said, went unheard” signal a communication breakdown. EDEN also mentions how both parties are equally to blame for their relationship’s “downfall.”

The lines “you say I drink and I smoke, and I talk too much” reflect the judgments and accusations often thrown in relationships. The artist indicates that these criticisms can be both truthful and hurtful, emphasizing how they eventually played a part in their separation.

The chorus, “But you can leave if you really want to, And you can run if you feel you have to,” speaks of emotional freedom. It’s an acknowledgment that sometimes love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship, especially when one person feels trapped or unhappy.

The song also touches on the emotional labor involved in overthinking. “So, I’ve been thinking that I think too much,” encapsulates the artist’s mental state—overwhelmed by thoughts, unable to find peace.

The most impactful part is the concept of “gravity” itself. “Cause I used to defy gravity, Defy gravity, Goodbyes keep dragging me down.” Here, gravity symbolizes the emotional weight or force that pulls him down, making it difficult to defy the natural order of things—just like how it’s hard to defy physical gravity. It’s a powerful metaphor for his emotional state, where he feels stuck, unable to rise above his problems or leave behind a love that’s become toxic.

The song ultimately serves as an emotional release for the artist, a confession of his struggles, revealing a complex layering of feelings that range from love and regret to self-doubt.

Why Was “Gravity” Written?

“Gravity” came from a deeply introspective place in EDEN’s life. The artist is known for delving into the complexities of human emotions, and this song is no exception. Written at a time when he was exploring the facets of love and relationships, the song captures the essence of what it means to struggle internally.

It offers a snapshot of EDEN’s mind at that period—filled with conflict, longing, and the weight of self-awareness. “Gravity” is more than just a song about love gone wrong; it’s about the constant fight against the emotional ‘gravity’ that pulls us back when we aim to rise.