Meaning of “Gilded Lily” by Cults

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

This song dives deep into the feeling of emotional exhaustion. It’s a reflection on giving so much of oneself in a relationship and questioning whether it’s enough. The central theme revolves around the struggle of loving someone while battling self-doubt and insecurity. It’s like asking, “Haven’t I given enough?” over and over, but still feeling insufficient. The songwriter channels this emotional fatigue into questioning one’s own worth in relationships.

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“Gilded Lily” Lyrics Meaning

“Started not to doubt it, just wrap my head around it.” This line nails that moment when you’ve been in a relationship long enough to start questioning its dynamics. The character feels like they’ve been running in circles, trying to meet someone’s expectations, but it never feels enough.

“Haven’t I given enough, given enough?” is repeated like a mantra throughout the song. This repetition conveys a desperate call for validation. It’s as if the character has been bending over backward for their partner and is now tired, emotionally drained, and needs to hear that they’ve done enough.

“Always the fool with the slowest heart, but I know you’ll take me with you.” This line seems to imply that despite being emotionally slow or guarded, the person still feels that they are loved or wanted by their partner. However, it’s evident that this assurance isn’t enough to quiet the nagging self-doubts that keep resurfacing.

“We’ll live in spaces between walls. Every city’s got a graveyard.” Here, the character talks about the emotional spaces they share, perhaps symbolizing the emotional distance that sometimes exists in relationships. Every city has a “graveyard” which could signify that every relationship has its unresolved issues or “dead ends.”

“Go and stretch out my arms, as long as they need to be. Turn off all alarms and lie to me.” This part is particularly poignant. It’s like a call for peace, even if that peace is built on a lie. It’s the emotional vulnerability laid bare, asking for a respite from the constant insecurity.

Why Was “Gilded Lily” Written?

So what was going through the songwriter’s mind when they penned down these lines? While I can’t speak for them, the atmosphere of the song suggests a point in life where emotional exhaustion has set in. The lyricist seems to be wrestling with the complexities of love and commitment. This song can easily resonate with anyone who has ever been in a relationship and has had those moments of feeling emotionally stretched thin. In short, “Gilded Lily” serves as a sort of emotional release, capturing the essence of what it’s like to keep giving in a relationship and still question whether you’re giving enough.