Meaning of “Found” by Jacob Banks

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

Jacob Banks’ “Found” delves deep into the discovery of profound love and the subsequent internal conflict it stirs. The song sheds light on the intense emotions tied to love, the challenges of navigating its newfound territory, and the insecurities and vulnerabilities it brings to the surface. Written with palpable passion, Banks paints a vivid image of the euphoric highs and the questioning lows of love.

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“Found” Lyrics Meaning

“Mmh, mmh

Mmh, mmh”

Here, the soft hums act as an intimate invitation into Banks’ raw emotions and set the tone for the journey we’re about to embark upon.

“Now what do I do with this love I found?

What do I put in the hole inside the ground?”

Banks speaks to the intensity of new love and its overwhelming nature. The “hole inside the ground” symbolizes a void or emptiness, possibly hinting at previous heartbreak or loneliness that this newfound love now fills.

“Oh, I’m falling higher

Flying deeper

Oh, the love I found”

These contrasting terms “falling higher” and “flying deeper” emphasize the dichotomous feelings love evokes; soaring joy and deep vulnerability.

“What do I do with the smile trapped in my mouth?

How do I prove there’s a ghost this time around?”

He touches on the joy love brings, juxtaposed with the fear of it being fleeting or unreal. The “ghost” alludes to past experiences, suggesting that he may have been burned before and is wary of going through it again.

“Say the word and I’ll burn it all

Play the chord and I’ll bleed some more”

Banks showcases the lengths he’d go to for love. The idea of “burn it all” suggests complete surrender, and the willingness to make sacrifices.

“We ain’t getting younger

Age’s just a number”

This line communicates the urgency of the moment, suggesting that time is fleeting, but also that age doesn’t define the depth or authenticity of feelings.

“Maybe clouds won’t break my fall

Maybe it will be enough

Time’s getting older

The light’s getting closer”

The lyrics hint at the uncertainty in love and the hope that this time it will be different, that it will sustain and bring happiness. The “light” here might be symbolic of the clarity or understanding he’s reaching as he processes his feelings.

“So what do I do with this love I saved for you?

What do I move to the space I held for two?”

These poignant lines underline the idea of having kept aside a special place in one’s heart, waiting for the right person to fill it.

Why Was “Found” Written?

Jacob Banks, known for his deeply personal and emotional songwriting, crafted “Found” during a time of reflection and introspection. While there’s no public record of a specific event that inspired the track, it’s clear that the song comes from a place of genuine emotion and experience. The nuanced lyrics suggest that Banks is grappling with the complexities of love, intertwining hope and caution, past pains, and future dreams. It’s a song that many can relate to, as it captures the universal feelings of longing, vulnerability, and the roller-coaster journey that is love.