Meaning of “Firework” by SURL

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Firework” by SURL is a vibrant and energetic song that captures the thrilling and explosive moments of falling in love. The lyrics describe the intense emotions and physical sensations one feels when attracted to someone, using the metaphor of fireworks to depict the excitement and unpredictability of new love. It’s about the mesmerizing effect of someone’s presence and how it can disarm and captivate you completely.

The songwriters wanted to convey the joy and exhilaration of love, likening it to the dazzling display of fireworks in the sky. This comparison highlights the beauty, intensity, and fleeting nature of such moments. It’s not about a specific person but the universal experience of feeling deeply attracted to someone and the overwhelming emotions that come with it.

Why was this song written? It seems to capture the essence of youthful love and the desire to express the inexpressible feelings that come with such profound emotional experiences.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be utterly captivated by someone? “Firework” by SURL takes you on that rollercoaster ride of emotions, likening the sensation to a fireworks display. Dive in for a lyrical journey that’ll leave you feeling high and shouting your love from the rooftops.

“Firework” Lyrics Meaning

From the very start, “Firework” immerses you in a world of dangerous allure with its opening lines about eyes that stare dangerously and gestures that disarm. These visuals set a tone of enchantment and vulnerability, suggesting that love can be both enticing and perilous.

The pre-chorus introduces a sense of disbelief and wonder, “I feel like cloud, Floating gently, rub-a-dub.” This imagery of floating suggests the lightness and euphoria of being in love, while the repetition of “It doesn’t make sense, this can’t happen” captures the disbelief at the intensity of these feelings.

The chorus is where the fireworks truly begin. The exhilaration of love is described as flying, with a whole body tingling sensation that’s both thrilling and slightly overwhelming. The words “Bang-bang, it’s gonna pop, fireworks” perfectly capture the explosive, unpredictable nature of love, while “The heat goes up, open your mouth” might symbolize the breathlessness and awe that accompany these moments.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the dynamics of attraction, with “The infinite breath becomes an irregular rhythm” highlighting the physical responses to love, and “Dynamics’ crescendo ‘getting stronger'” suggesting the intensifying feelings. The use of musical metaphors, such as harmony and octaves, further enriches the song’s portrayal of love as a complex, multi-layered experience that’s both beautiful and intense.

The verse about studying and staying up all night if love were a subject captures the dedication and effort one is willing to put into understanding and being with the person they love. It’s a playful yet poignant acknowledgment of love’s complexity and the desire to immerse oneself fully in it.

The repeated declarations of love in the chorus serve as a powerful affirmation, emphasizing the depth and persistence of these feelings. It’s a celebration of love’s capacity to elevate and inspire, to make one feel alive and ecstatic.

Why Was “Firework” Written?

“Firework” seems to be born out of a desire to articulate the indescribable feelings that accompany falling in love. The songwriters, perhaps inspired by personal experiences or a general appreciation for the beauty of love, sought to capture the euphoria, intensity, and transformative power of these emotions.

The state of mind during its creation likely oscillated between exhilaration and introspection, aiming to encapsulate the essence of love’s highs and lows through vivid imagery and dynamic melodies. This song is a testament to the universal human experience of love, serving as a reminder of its incredible ability to ignite our hearts and lives with the brilliance of fireworks.