Meaning of “Every Night Every Morning” by Maddie & Tae

Written By Michael Miller

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“Every Night Every Morning” by Maddie & Tae is a heartfelt song about enduring love and the reassurance it brings. The lyrics convey a deep connection between two people who find comfort in each other’s presence. The songwriter, in this case, wants to emphasize the enduring nature of their love, one that remains strong every night and every morning. It’s a song about appreciating the little things in a relationship and finding solace in the simple moments.

Discover the hidden meaning behind Maddie & Tae’s touching song, “Every Night Every Morning.” Dive into the lyrics and unravel the heartfelt message they convey. Explore the reasons behind why this song was written and how it captures the essence of enduring love.

“Every Night Every Morning” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of “Every Night Every Morning” paint a vivid picture of a loving and committed relationship. The song begins with a conversation between two people, with one partner asking about the other’s day, showing genuine concern. This sets the tone for the song, emphasizing the importance of communication and care in their relationship.

Lines like “Are you thinkin’ whiskey or Cabernet” suggest that they enjoy each other’s company and share simple pleasures. It’s about those everyday choices that bond them together. The reference to “getting drunk on a weekday” signifies their willingness to break from routine for the sake of their love.

The lines “But I swear I love you ain’t just from the buzz” reveal that their love isn’t merely a product of intoxication or fleeting moments. It’s a genuine, deep-seated emotion that goes beyond temporary highs.

The repetition of “Every night and every morning” in the chorus underscores the constancy of their love. They fall for each other again and again, even when they might not realize it. The lyrics also project a future together, imagining themselves in 50 years, rocking in chairs, highlighting the timeless nature of their love.

Overall, the song’s lyrics convey a message of enduring love, appreciating the simple moments, and finding reassurance in each other’s presence.

Why Was “Every Night Every Morning” Written?

To understand why “Every Night Every Morning” was written, we can look at the emotions it conveys. The songwriter was likely in a state of deep love and appreciation for their partner when they penned this song. They wanted to capture the feeling of a relationship where love remains constant, even in the midst of everyday life.

This song serves as a celebration of love, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the moments spent together. It’s a reminder that love doesn’t have to be grand gestures; it can thrive in the everyday interactions and the shared experiences of a couple.

In essence, “Every Night Every Morning” was written to express the enduring nature of love, the comfort found in each other’s presence, and the assurance that their bond will withstand the test of time. It’s a beautiful ode to lasting love and the joy of falling for someone over and over again.

As we delve deeper into the song’s meaning, we’ll uncover more layers of emotion and sentiment that make “Every Night Every Morning” a touching and relatable piece of music. So, if you’re intrigued by the hidden depths of this song, keep reading for a closer look at its lyrics and the emotions they convey.