Meaning of “Earned It” by LLIANI

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Earned It” by LLIANI is a vibrant and sensual song that celebrates mutual desire and the thrill of a passionate connection. The lyrics revolve around the theme of earning each other’s affection and the excitement that comes with it. It’s about acknowledging the value of what both partners bring to the table in a relationship.

The song is an anthem of empowerment and confidence, both in oneself and in the partner. It emphasizes the idea that love and physical attraction should be something that is deserved and earned, not just given away. The message here is clear: both partners are valuable, and their connection is something special and worth celebrating.

Ready to dive into the sultry and empowering world of LLIANI’s “Earned It”? Join us as we explore the bold and passionate lyrics that make this song a celebration of love and desire.

“Earned It” Lyrics Meaning

In “Earned It,” LLIANI opens with a declaration of worth: “As far as me, you earned it. As far as love, you earned it.” This introduction sets the stage for a song about recognizing and appreciating the value in a romantic relationship. It’s not just about physical attraction; it’s about seeing and acknowledging the worth in one’s partner.

The chorus, “You earned it, you earned it, You worth it, you deserve it,” is a powerful affirmation. It’s about mutual respect and admiration, a celebration of both giving and receiving love. The song rejects the idea of love and physical affection being handed out freely or without thought. Instead, it’s about a deeper, more meaningful connection.

The lyrics “Closed doors for you and me” hint at the intimacy and exclusivity of the relationship. It’s a private world where both partners have earned the right to be with each other. This line emphasizes the special bond and the privacy of their connection.

In the pre-chorus, “Hold it down for the night, Clothes off even when you arrive,” the song takes a turn towards the more sensual aspect. It’s about the anticipation and excitement of being with someone you’re deeply attracted to. The phrase “Come fall in love for tonight” suggests a passionate, in-the-moment kind of love, something intense and all-consuming.

The hook, “Run into the car, ’Bout to get involved, All them clothes off, Get drunk, love involved,” portrays a scene of uninhibited passion and spontaneity. It’s about letting go, getting lost in each other, and experiencing love in its most raw and exciting form.

Lines like “As far as pssy, you earned it, As far as dck, oh, I know I earned it” are bold and unapologetic. They speak to a confident and equal exchange of desire. This is not just about physical pleasure; it’s about a mutual and consensual celebration of each other’s bodies.

Towards the end, the repetition of “Boy, you earned that, Boy, come bite that” adds a playful and teasing element. It’s a flirtatious invitation, a call to enjoy the rewards of their mutual attraction and effort.

Why Was “Earned It” Written?

“Earned It” likely emerged from a desire to express a strong sense of self-worth and mutual respect in a romantic context. The songwriter might have been in a state of self-confidence and empowerment, looking to convey a message that celebrates both physical and emotional connection in a relationship.

The song’s tone suggests a feeling of liberation and joy in one’s sexuality and romantic desires. It’s a celebration of love as a two-way street, where both partners are seen as equals who bring value and earn each other’s affection.