Meaning of “DISCIPLE” by The Warning

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“DISCIPLE” by The Warning is a potent concoction of rebellion and revelation. It’s a reflection of a world in chaos, a wake-up call to the nonbelievers. The song paints the sun as an antagonist, symbolizing life’s challenges and daily struggles. It portrays a sense of revolt against the system and the so-called “man,” urging to strip power from the influential and the dominant. The songwriter sends a powerful message of resistance and awakening, while also exploring themes of love and hate and their transient nature. The motive seems to instigate a break from societal shackles, to question, to defy, and to awaken to the truths of life. It is a call to become a disciple in the making and to embrace one’s vices and the modern crisis.

Delve into “DISCIPLE” by The Warning and uncover the raw and stirring messages entwined in its lyrics.

“DISCIPLE” Lyrics Meaning

The song starts with the image of the sun as the enemy, potentially symbolizing life’s relentless pressures and the daily grind. The first line immediately challenges our perception, offering a perspective shift. The world isn’t ending, it’s starting anew. However, nonbelievers prefer to remain in denial, pretending, hiding behind their routines, and away from the face of their vices. Here, the sun’s antagonistic role might also be a metaphor for truths that many prefer to avoid, the unadulterated reality that is often harsh and unwelcome.

The chorus echoes a powerful sentiment of rebellion, “Kill the system, Kill the man, Strip the power from their hands.” It’s a potent call to question authority, to resist and to challenge the prevailing systems of control. It’s about causing disruption in the established orders and empowering the individual. The reference to “eyes will bleed as you stare at the screen” conveys the straining relationship with technology and media, how it holds one captive in a space, possibly of ignorance or misinformation.

The protagonist seems to embrace this state of being a ‘disciple in the making,’ embodying the values of resistance and enlightenment. The desire is to share this awakened state of consciousness, to enlighten the world that life isn’t borrowed time, it is transient and one must live it fully, aware of their realities and vices.

The juxtaposition of love and hate in the lyrics “Swimming with the fishes ’til they drown, Love is just another excuse we rely on” suggests the transient nature of emotions. Love is palpable but often hidden in the sound, and hate becomes a companion when love fades away. This transient and shifting nature of emotions hints at the fleeting aspects of life, reinforcing the idea of embracing one’s existence in its entirety.

The song is a reflection of the contemporary crisis of faith, belief, and existence. It intertwines notions of rebellion, enlightenment, love, and hate to create a powerful narrative, urging listeners to awaken, question, and become disciples in this chaotic, ever-evolving world.

Why Was “DISCIPLE” Written?

Understanding the background of why “DISCIPLE” was written offers a deeper connection to the song’s core message. The writer seems to be in a state of unrest and rebellion, witnessing the world around them filled with nonbelievers, ignorance, and an overwhelming presence of controlled narratives. The recurring themes of awakening and revolt suggest a deeper yearning to break free from societal constraints and to enlighten others to do the same.

The song portrays a battle between accepting and confronting one’s vices, the internal struggle against the relentless pressures symbolized by the sun, and the desire to enlighten others. It’s a raw exploration of existence, societal structures, and the human condition, interweaving powerful messages of rebellion and awakening. The creation of this song could have been an outlet for the songwriter, a way to express their discontent with the societal norms and the prevailing systems, making “DISCIPLE” a powerful anthem of resistance and revelation.