Meaning of “Cure For Me” by AURORA

Written By Michael Miller

Michael is a music teacher and professional cellist. He loves uncovering the deeper meaning of popular songs.

“Cure For Me” by AURORA revolves around self-acceptance and embracing one’s true self. AURORA conveys that she doesn’t need validation or a “cure” from others to feel complete or worthy. The song touches upon the themes of independence, resilience, and the journey of self-discovery. It’s a powerful anthem reminding listeners that they shouldn’t seek external validation or allow others to dictate their worth.

Keep reading to discover the layered meanings and the inspiration behind this powerful track!

“Cure For Me” Lyrics Meaning

AURORA begins with, “I run from the liars, the fuel on the fire”, indicating her quest for authenticity and running from those who perpetuate deceit or negativity. “I know I created myself” signifies her acknowledgment of her unique identity, flaws, and all. She’s self-aware and doesn’t shy away from her imperfections.

“I know I can’t fight the sad days and bad nights, But I never asked for your help” is a testament to her strength. While she recognizes her vulnerabilities, she’s clear that she never sought external validation or a solution to “fix” her.

“You got hurt, No, we don’t belong together” hints at a relationship where the other person might have felt she needed change or adaptation. Yet, AURORA reaffirms her stance with, “But I don’t need a cure for me”. This chorus repetition is powerful, emphasizing her unwavering belief in herself.

The line “I don’t like the tension, the misapprehensions, About our nature in love” reflects societal pressures or misunderstandings about love and relationships. AURORA hints that societal norms and expectations often create unnecessary tension.

“Glorious teachers are no use for creatures, Who knows how to play with the gods” signifies her belief that traditional teachings might not be beneficial for those who are in touch with their true selves or higher powers. The song continually circles back to the idea of not needing a “cure,” a declaration of her self-worth and acceptance.

Why Was “Cure For Me” Written?

AURORA, like many artists, often draws inspiration from personal experiences and observations. While the exact circumstances surrounding the song’s inception aren’t explicitly detailed, one can infer that at some point in her life, AURORA faced external pressures or judgments. These could have stemmed from relationships, society, or self-doubt.

The song likely emerged as a response to these feelings and serves as a reminder that everyone should embrace their true self, quirks and all. The notion that one doesn’t need external validation or a “cure” to be accepted is both liberating and empowering. Through “Cure For Me”, AURORA encourages listeners to find strength within and stay true to themselves, regardless of outside noise.